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Rose's hand struck the glass as she felt the pleasure inside her build, and become more powerful with every movement. Her breathing was heavy and uneven, causing her chest to rise and fall as she gasped at the waves of pleasure and love that she felt radiate within her. She held onto him with her other arm tightly; needing to cling to him, feel him, while his arms were wrapped around her just as tight, reassuring and protecting.

Jack, he was the only thing she could think as the strong waves of pleasure took over her body and mind. He was all she could think, and wanted to think of as she moved with him, she could feel so much love coming from him, nothing else in the world mattered, he was everything.

She opened her eyes again after recovering from the huge powerful sensations that gripped her, and focused her eyes on jack's body in the dim light, first his arms, and then her eyes found his chest, watching his body move against her as she felt pleasure build, rush, explode and be released, and then rise again within her.

Feeling the sensations rise strongly and rush throughout her body she looked at his face as she breathed heavily, trembling at the sight of him making love to her, his eyes closed in concentration and pleasure he felt, not only by the pleasure he was receiving, but what he was giving her, and just by feeling her body tremble or her gasp at his touch and movement made his heart soar at knowing that he could make her feel so loved, and cared for and safe, that's all he wanted for himself, just to love her, and make her feel loved.

The sight of jack and the movement of their bodies overcame her and she moaned and gaped throwing her head back, closing her eyes, breathing and gasping heavily as she felt heat rush in her private area as she could feel jack moving inside her.

While the sensation was still strong throughout her body she felt Jacks forehead press against her. She breathed out again, feeling so exilhirated and loved just by this contact and opened her eyes again, they travelled across his face slowly until they met his eyes, gazing down at her.

His eyes said a thousand things without him having to speak, are you alright, I'm here forever, I won't ever hurt you, I'll do anything for you, I love you. She knew this instantly and looked into his eyes and across his face as they moved together slowly. Just looking into each other's eyes made the sensation they were both feeling stronger and deeper, and roses' breathing, just as jacks did became more irregular and heavier.

She looked up at him, across his features and then into his eyes. Her mouth made a quick half smile which lead into a kiss as Jack lent his lips onto rose's. The kiss started off deeply, and became more passionate still, causing them to moan gently when they felt passion within them rise.

As the kiss deepened rose felt heat pool again and she rose her hips up deeper than she had been and opened her legs slightly more, causing jack to moan in the surprise and pleasure and penetrated her deeper and stronger than he had been. Rose was sure that she couldn't possibly feel the pleasure become higher than it already was but just by jack's first deeper movement in her she gasped and cried out, throwing her head back against the seats, feeling the immense waves wash over her body. Jack looked down towards her instantly, making sure that she was okay, that he hadn't hurt her or go beyond what she could take.

When their eyes met and he knew she was okay he moved deeply and strongly. She could feel him going deeper within her, and she moved her hips to him as deeply. They grip they had on each other tightened, as their movements became faster and deeper, and they found themselves moaning into each other as they kissed passionately.

All of roses' senses became heightened, jacks lips on hers, how his skin felt, the smell of him and the car, how he held her and the ever more strengthening sensation that was rising powerfully as he penetrated her deeply.

She breathed heavily and irregular, gasping at the pleasure her senses were receiving, she felt the pleasure within her build and grow as she moved faster and deeper with the man she loved, she felt his arms and body tighten around her as his breathing became gasps as hers was now,

She felt herself shiver and goose bumps rise on her body as the pleasure within her heightened to its peak and she gasped and moaned loudly, feeling passion come to her in huge waves that she had never felt before. Her hand moved higher up the glass, knowing what was about to happen and yet still not daring to believe that it was true, thinking that she couldn't take it the waves that had been rising suddenly shattered and burst, rushing throughout her body, making her heart and mind shatter as she felt the great amount of pleasure and love hit her.

She cried out and moaned in breaths as jack still moved in her as she climaxed, making the pleasure even more intense. His body tensed and he felt his pleasure rise even more through hearing her moans and gasps and he felt his pleasure peak and explode just as she cried out his name and he collapsed onto her, as he moaned out her name and breathed heavily into her shoulder. He felt her cool hand rest onto his back after gliding down the window, as they lay there, breathless, and never wanting to let go of each other.