All I can say is... wow...

Lately I've not been feeling myself at all, some bad things have happened and I've just not been in the mood to write...but I just saw a review from AmazingWingedGirl. Thank you so much, I had no idea people were still interested in this, because I haven't updated in so long, and I thought this story was forgotten about, clearly I was wrong!

Thank you AmazingWingedGirl, you've made my day, and made feel inspired to keep writing this story! Thank you for saying you like my writing style, it means a lot :) Of course thank you so very much to everyone who reviews, this story wouldn't exist on here if no one read it :P

So my updates my take a while, but I won't give up!

BTW- I'm going to change my username by Friday 8th April, just to let you all know.