I decided to take break writing more serious code geass fanfic so I wrote this sort of funny one. I got the idea for this story from a clip near the end of the first season. It's the one where VV and Nunnally are in front of the Sword of Akasha waiting for Lelouch and CC.

VV is just sitting with his elbows on his knees and his hands under his chin.

They look like they are waiting for their parents to pick them up after a soccer practice and their parents are very late.

The story takes place in a very different version of season 2. Where the emperor decides if you need something done well then do it yourself. Kallen and Nunnally are both at Ashford. Nunnally is not blind but still crippled. Hey it makes easier on our hero. Little sisters are great lookouts if you want to sneak off and have a romantic moment with your lady.

Disclaimer: I don't own code geass or its characters.

But I did write the story so enjoy.

Lelouch couldn't believe he had been roped into this. Lelouch looked over at Suzaku doing his math homework.

"Lelouch, I think I have it."

Lelouch looked over at Suzaku's work. He hadn't done that bad considering. Lelouch showed him what he did wrong and told him to continue.

"Suzaku just finish up and I'll be right back I'm going to get us some snacks."

At the thought of Lelouch leaving Suzaku seemed disturbed but when snacks came up he lightened up.

"Damn Milly and her silly ideas," thought Lelouch, "Everybody knew that Milly's after school tutoring program was some kind of dating service. At the very least he didn't end up with Shirley. He knew that was the plan from the beginning. But Lelouch's dad interfered when he heard about the program. Somehow Suzaku was an old family friend and so Lelouch was stuck tutoring him."

Kallen came out looking furious from her room. Lelouch waves at her. Lelouch can't decide if his parents like Kallen or not. Heck he wasn't sure if he liked Kallen, but compared to the other options. He looked into the room Kallen just left and notices Shirley staring at him. When Shirley realizes this, she falls from her seat. Lelouch shakes his head. Kallen laughs.

"That girl."


"Maybe you should do something about it. Because all she ever talks about is Lulu this and Lulu that."

Lelouch sighs.

"So you're saying she's no good at math but would ace advanced lulunomics."

Kallen laughs. Lelouch goes over to vending machine and motions to Kallen if she wants anything. She points t o something. Just then Milly walks over.

"Shouldn't you two be tutoring? Or is something else going on here."

"Of course madam president. I was just asking Kallen how her tutoring session in advanced lulunomics was going."

Kallen begins to giggle. Milly frowns.

"Lelouch, are we still going camping this weekend?"

"Yes madam president, as soon as we are done here."

"You're mom isn't going to be late again, is she?"

"I don't think so and my dad is coming to."

"Well it should be great. I have lots of fun planned."

Milly walks away. Suzaku comes running of the room. Lelouch looks at him. Suzaku stares at Lelouch and Kallen talking.

"Suzaku, don't tell me you're done already?" Lelouch asks knowing the number of mistakes he will have to correct.

Suzaku looks down and says, "No, I still working but um you said you were bringing snacks."

Lelouch hands Suzaku a bag of chips and a soda.

"I'll be in there in a few minutes Suzaku time is almost up."

Suzaku runs off having received his snacks. Kallen and Lelouch are alone again.

"I better go check on that girl. Who knows what kind of trouble she'll get into?"

Just then a crash is heard coming from the room Shirley is in. Kallen and Lelouch run to the room. They find Shirley under a pile of papers and desks and somehow she is stuck.

Kallen gasps.

"Shirley, what happened and where did the glue come from? There isn't any glue in this room."

Suzaku walks in from the other side of the room and yells. "Shirley, I found some glitter. Do you really think they're going to like this? Lelouch and Kallen don't seem like the kind of people that." Suzaku sees Kallen and Lelouch standing at the other door. He looks down and sees Shirley. "Shirley, what happened?"

Lelouch puts his hands over his face as him and Kallen go over to help Shirley. "Shouldn't you two be working on your math?"

Suzaku lowers his head. "Ya, but Shirley thought it would be a good idea if we made the two of you these cards. You know, to show our appreciation for your hard work in tutoring us."

Just then the bell rings. Milly voice comes over the intercom. "The time for after school activities has ended. Enjoy your weekend. And remember since Monday is Memorial Day, you won't hear my lovely voice until Tuesday goodbye."

Lelouch shakes his head. "I wish."

Suzaku was now kind of stuck to Shirley looked at Lelouch. "Did you say something, Lelouch?"

"No. lets hurry up. My parents will be here any minute."

After twenty minutes they got Shirley free and reorganized the room. They got there things and left to the student council clubhouse. All their things for the camping trip were there. They changed out of their school clothes. Lelouch could tell his brother and sister had already left because their stuff was gone. Lelouch liked his family arrangement because of Nunnally's disability they stayed at school, here in the clubhouse, and only went home on weekends and on a few occasions.

They walk out with their things. Lelouch looks around at his friends. For some reason Suzaku always seems to take the least amount of things. He is a guy, but you would think he was in the military or something. They walk to where Lelouch siblings, Rolo and Nunnally are. Standing by them is Rolo's friend VV. For some reason Lelouch doesn't like VV. Lelouch thinks that VV is after his sister. When they get there VV back away.

Nunnally see them arrive and smiles.

"Brother, where have you guys been?"

"Um, Nunnally. Shirley got stuck with something so we had to help."

Shirley blushes. Milly and Rivalz arrive. They look around.


"Yes Rivalz."

"Where's your mom?"

"I don't know. She said she would be here."


Thirty minutes later…


"Yes Rivalz."

"Your mom is late, again."

"I know, Rivalz."

At that moment the biggest car in human history turns the corner.

Nunnally exclaims, "There it is."

And there it was thought Lelouch, the Great Britannia from the Empire Motor Company. The thing was enormous. Lelouch always wondered if his dad loaned the car out to the military when they were at school because he didn't see what else they could do with such a large car. But it served its purpose here Of course as the car drew near Lelouch knew he had to do something. It always happened. See the car was an eleven passenger car, two in the front and three sections that fit three people. Of course you could also fit someone up front in the middle. Lelouch knew what would happen Milly would try and get him and Shirley together or Suzaku and Rivalz would want to sit by him to talk about school. Of course Rolo and Nunnally always wanted to sit by and they would spend the whole trip arguing over who loved Lelouch more. As the car neared them Lelouch slightly nodded to Nunnally who nodded back. They had worked it out earlier. Lelouch convinced Nunnally that he wanted to sit by Kallen. Nunnally thought is was romantic. Lelouch didn't mind Kallen; he just wanted to avoid the others. The car stops.

"You're late old man," Lelouch tells his dad.

"Respect your father," Lelouch's mother tells him.

You can hear Lelouch's dad grumbling about important meetings and Ragnorak.

"Just open the back."

Lelouch begins to out everybody's bags in the back of the car. Suzaku comes over.

"Do you need help, Lelouch?"

Inside Lelouch says yes but he knows Suzaku is too efficient for this plan to work.

"No I'm fine. But who packed the bricks."

They all laugh. Lelouch places a few bags in the last seat. Thank goodness for Nunnally's chair. Lelouch walks over to Nunnally. Just as he planned Nunnally didn't let anyone into the car. He places her in the vehicle.

"Suzaku could you help and put Nunnally's chair away."

"Um sure."

After Nunnally is secure in the car, he winks at her. Nunnally giggles. Lelouch reaches out and grabs Kallen's hand and takes her to the back of the car. When Milly sees this he pushes Shirley in behind them.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

Unfortunately for Milly, Lelouch's plan worked since there are only two empty seats in the back. Shirley is forced into the next row up. Rivalz does the smart thing and follows Milly. That leaves Suzaku and Rolo outside the car.

Lelouch calls out to Suzaku. "Don't let them sit together."

From the front you can hear Lelouch's dad say, "That's my boy. Takes after his old man when it comes to the ladies. Just grab 'em. That's always been my motto. Just grab 'em. It's what the ladies like."

His wife turns and looks at him. "Your highness."

"Um yes well. Suzaku do be a dear and sit between Rolo and Nunnally. They can be quite a pain together. Of course, if Lelouch hadn't made it obvious he wants to be alone with that girl in the back and we all know what Rivalz wants to do to Milly, well maybe I would have you switch seats. For now just sit between the two brats."

Kallen and Milly blush. Rivalz screams a protest. Shirley fumes. Nunnally giggles. Rolo looks like he wants to throw a fit.

"Daddy, Rolo is the brat."

"Am not your are."

You both reach over Suzaku and begin to fight.

Their dad turns around. "ENOUGH! You would think I was dealing with preschoolers. And these people want to take over the world."

"Your highness. I mean dear."

"Well okay. Can we please have some peace and quiet? When we get to the back you can kill each other for all I care or go off to the woods. Whatever."

His wife looks at him. Lelouch's dad looks over to Rolo's friend VV.

VV just shakes his head. Lelouch's dad just stares into the sky.

Kallen looks over to Lelouch. "Why does your mom keep calling your dad, your highness?"

"It's some role playing thing they're into. Thank goodness we stay at Ashford. You know for Rolo and Nunnally."

Kallen blushes. Shirley gasps. Milly giggles. Rivalz pretends he didn't hear anything. Suzaku silently mouths Lelouch. Nunnally and Rolo are silently fighting. Lelouch looks up at his parents, Charles Lamperouge and Villetta Nu Lamperouge. How did this two ever get together? Lelouch just shakes his head. In the front you can hear Lelouch's dad grumbling about never finding CC and what was it going to take.

"Dear, it's not like it's the end of the world."

"Woman, you don't talk about the Ragnorak Connection like that. It's these damn trips. Charles starts to cry. He regains his composure. They were all used to these outbreaks

"Let's go," Nunnally screams, "Brother do it. Do it."

Rolo shakes his head. "Oh please no."

Kallen look at Lelouch. "What are they talking about?"

Lelouch laughs his best evil scientist laugh.

"Lelouch Lamperouge commands you, move it old man."

Charles sighs and puts the car in drive. Off they go on another school trip.

Author's notes: Suzaku still remembers everything, but since the environment is laid back it relaxes him. Also about Kallen's character, I decided to have the emperor make Kallen more like the Black Knight Kallen rather then the Ashford Kallen. It just seems to me like the emperor likes his women feisty and would prefer them that way for his son.

I don't if I will continue this. I will have to map it out and find a place to put CC.

Of course having the emperor and VV this close to him, makes it easier for Lelouch to get rid of them.