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I really was never planning on this being more than a one shot, but then I got some more ideas. Sorry to make you wait so long for this. This isn't going to be a full blown second season fic and you'll kind of see why. Also this chapter is a flashback with a flashback in it.

Euphemia's memory was erased so she doesn't remember anything that happened in Area 11. The emperor also implanted Suzaku as her boyfriend. He just didn't think to implant that Suzaku was the love of her life instead of Lelouch since he made all his kids love each other. The emperor also made a few slight alterations to Euphie so she can fight off boys. Everybody else except for Suzaku has had their memories changed to believe that they are one big sort of happy family.

CC is sitting around alone. It has been close to a year since Lelouch was captured by Britannia. For some unknown reason the world had changed. Well no matter what Lelouch was her best chance to get her wish so he will need to be restored. She was working with what was left of the Black Knights. Because of the state of the world there was even less to work with now than originally.

Getting Lelouch alone was just a matter of planning. He continued his gambling. No matter how much you try to change someone some things can't be changed. She looked on. This time he was coming with that fake brother of his. They were being trailed by a small army. She really wished that Kallen had not been caught as well. Her knightmares skills would be helpful. CC decides to try this on another day. Lelouch has another game scheduled in a few days.

Lelouch is trying to find a way to ditch class and go off gambling. He decides to skip out on his physical education class. Of course the teachers chase after him, but the entire school is on his side. His brother, Rolo, is also chasing him. Rolo usually tags along with Lelouch.

"Look out below!"

Lelouch manages to jump out of the way; however, the pursuing teachers and Rolo are not so lucky. The falling Euphie crushes them. Euphie looks down at the carnage she caused.

"Oh my, did I do that. I feel I like I have done that before."

Lelouch brings his hand up to his face and shakes his head.

"Euphie, what are you doing here?"

Euphie stands up and hugs Lelouch.

"I missed you."

Just then Rivalz comes over in his motorcycle. Euphie kicks him off and takes his helmet.

"Come on, Lulu. Let's take this nerd's bike."

Euphie detaches the sidecar.

"Here put your arms around me and let's go."

Lelouch does as Euphie commands. There is very little that he enjoys more than having his head buried in Euphie's hair and having his arms around her.

"Lulu, let's run away together."

Lelouch has long contemplated this, but he needs to stay with Nunnally and Rolo even though sometimes Rolo acts like a tool. Once they arrive Lelouch uses several secret handshakes and code words to get inside the main casino. Today Lelouch is playing the Black King, a notorious gambler. Lelouch manages to defeat him, but the Black King does not take defeat kindly. Lelouch shakes his head.

"It appears as you side wasn't fit to survive."

"What to do now? If rumors of this spread I won't be able to show my face around."

"Don't worry I don't spread rumors."

"No I am referring to that cheap shot you pulled."

"Cheap shot."

Euphie looks down at the board. She thinks about how someone can cheat at chess. She notices two security guards heading towards Lelouch. Just then there are several explosions. Euphie nods and goes into attack mode.

"Euphie kick."

She kicks the Black King and grabs Lelouch.

"Come on, Lulu. Let's get out of here."

Euphie and Lelouch make a run for it. Lelouch can see several men following him in the distance. The two of them manage to sneak away through several corridors. A knightmare crashes down in front of them. The pilot comes out and much to their surprise it is a green haired girl. The green haired girl goes over and kisses Lelouch. This gets Euphie extremely jealous.

Within seconds all of Lelouch's memories return. He remembers being dragged in front of the emperor by Suzaku. He knows that the only reason he is still alive is because Euphie is still alive. Suzaku is covering Lelouch's left eye so that Lelouch cannot use his geass. As Suzaku holds him, Lelouch begins to think of different geass commands that he can cast on his father. He can't order him to die. He can hear his father droning on and on about some nonsense. More importantly he feels Suzaku relax just a bit. Lelouch takes the opportunity to bite Suzaku's hand and push him away. Lelouch looks his father in the eye.

"Why can't you be a good father?"

Suddenly Lelouch's geass takes control of Charles. Suzaku grabs Lelouch and makes sure that his eye is covered. But it is too late, the damage has been done.

"Kururugi, release my boy."

Suzaku slowly lets Lelouch go as Charles approaches Lelouch and hugs.

"You are so right, my son I have been a bad father. But I am ready to make it all better, Suzaku, go get Nunnally, Cornelia, Euphie and Schniezel. I have an idea."

Lelouch shudders at his father's idea. He looks over at CC and back at Euphie.

"CC, follow us out. I think we should be safe."

As they walk out, Lelouch ponders the state of the world with Odysseus as temporary emperor of Britannia. Everything seems so peaceful. In addition he has a little harem at school. It began a few weeks ago with Milly. Then Kallen and Shirley fell to his charms. CC walks ahead to make sure that the coast if clear. Euphie wraps herself around Lelouch's arm. This causes CC to smile. She wonders about the relationship between the two.

"Euphie, wait here I have to speak with CC."

Euphie nods a little and steps back.

CC looks at Lelouch.

"We still have our contract."

Lelouch licks his lips.

"Yes, we still have our contract."

CC walks away leaving Lelouch and Euphie.

"Hey Lulu, who was that?"

"My accomplice."

Euphie shrugs her shoulders. She assumes that means that that girl gets Lelouch his gambling matches. Lelouch sits down.

"Hey Lulu take me shopping."

"I would love to, Euphie, but I didn't win any money today."

"Sure you did," Euphie says as she holds up a briefcase full of money, "Let's go. I already want to know where I want to go."

As Lelouch recalls the events that led to him regaining his memory, he looks across the cave at CC. It has been several months since CC restored him. The world is a much more peaceful place.

"You're late."

CC grunts, "I am never late."

"Be quiet you witch. Now we just need to find way to get rid of VV."

Lelouch has already used his geass to handle Rolo.

"Just keep the Black Knights ready in case I need them."

CC nods, "Anything else."

Lelouch shakes his head.

"No, I better get back before the girls notice I am gone."

CC smiles at this. She wonders what Kallen's reaction would be once she regains her memories. She watches Lelouch scamper back to his harem. She wonders what else he has planned.

Author's note: They walk out because there is no Viceroy Calares looking for glory. I need to find a non cheesy way to capture VV or maybe it can be cheesy. Jeremiah will probably be making an appearance soon.