Dustfinger, My Love
by Sauron Gorthaur

When your soul stole away, my life stopped that day
at the sight of your face cold in death.
To feel your warm fire is my heart's desire;
I long to hear my name on your breath.
But my tears stain your breast, no heart beats in your chest,
Grey ashes where your fire once burned.
Your hair and eyes bright, now dimmed in my sight
from grief to despair my heart turned.
Ten years you were gone and you left me alone.
I'd only just embraced you again.
You've left me once more, gone through Death's gaping door;
Oh, how can I feel this much pain?

The story's come true; the fire-eater was you;
How could you have left for that boy?
What of your wife? Without you my life
is desolate, without hope or joy.
Dustfinger, my love, all I think of
is how shall I live without you?
Here you shall stay until my hair's grey,
sleeping while my tears flow anew.
As to sleep my mind slips, I feel your warm lips
and fingers caress my cold skin.
You hold me and kiss me and say that you miss me,
but I wake and you're gone once again.

Too long you've been dead. I lie here in bed,
shivering, with fresh tears in my eyes.
Your marten runs in: oh, give me peace, Gwin;
what reason does my heart have to rise?
Yet I rise to my feet, feel my weary heart beat;
The stars are like flowers above.
A form in the night with hair and eyes bright:
no, surely it can't be my love.


I see and hear you, but it cannot be true;
The dead do not come back again.
You hold me so tight, Dustfinger, you're right;
Your promise drives back the cold pain.
What price did you pay? How long will you stay?
I don't care, for what matters is this:
I'll always love you and treasure you, too.
And you close my mouth with a kiss.