This story is important to me because Hollyleaf was my favourite character, because she was absolutely amazing and awesome. In this story, Hollyleaf ends up returning to the clans in the middle of the war with the dark forest, and is redeemed in the eyes of Starclan.

Hollyleaf's Redemption

A dark black she cat walked through a forest. She looked around in amazement at the starry figures aroundher.

"Hello Hollyleaf. We've been waiting for you."

"Who are you, what is this place?"

"Have you already forgotten your warrior ancestors? Hollyleaf, this is Starclan, we are real, and have been watching out for you. We always have, and always will."

Hollyleaf stared in amazement. Starclan had not abandoned her? How could that possibly be? She had murdered Ashfur, told the secret of her birth, and yet here she was, speaking with her ancestors as if none of that had happened.

"But, how can this be? I turned my back on the warrior code!"

"We are giving you a chance to redeem yourself, Hollyleaf. Your former clan is in grave danger, and you must help them."

"Danger? What do you mean by danger? Is Shadowclan attacking? Thunderclan has always been able to stop them."

The beautiful tortoiseshell she cat who was speaking to her looked doubtfull.

"Maybe so, but it isn't just Thunderclan that is in danger. All the clans are, including Starclan! THe Dark Forest and it's followers are preparing to attack! It will soon be war!"

"The Dark Forest? War? What are you talking about?"

The Tortoiseshell quickly told Hollyleaf everything that had been discovered recently by her brothers, Jayfeather and Lionblaze. As she spoke, Hollyleaf's eyes grew wider and wider.

"No, this cannot be!" she cried after the Tortoiseshell had finished.

"I am afraid it is true." said the tortoiseshell. "Now what will you do, Hollyleaf? What is your decision?"

Holyleaf stood there with her eyes closed for a moment before finally speaking. Then she opened them, and said her answer.

"I will fight. For my clan."

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