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Blackstar wandered through the forest. It was the day after the battle which had taken many lives, including that of his beloved Hollyleaf. Blackstar... He looked up at the sound of his name. He realixed that he was near where Hollyleaf had died, and where he had burried her. I am here, Blackstar. Now he was becoming confused.

"Blackstar." He stared at a starry black she-cat with green eyes.

"Hollyleaf... You're here..."

"I will always be with you, Blackstar, even though I walk with StarClan now. I love you."

"Hollyleaf, please don't leave me. I need you here."

Hollyleaf began to walk away, signaling with her starry tail for him to follow. As she led the way through the brambles, Blackstar followed. They came to a small grassy patch, where six kits were curled up, mewling and squirming.

"Hollyleaf!" breathed Blackstar when he saw them.

"They are our kits, Blackstar. Raise them to be strong, brave, loyal ShadowClan warriors. I love you. I will always love you..." Hollyleaf faded away, but the six kits remained. Moonkit, Larkkit, Shadekit, Nightkit, Vinekit, and Hopekit... The names sounded in my head, and I knew each one instantly, as if Hollyleaf had told him each of their names. He brought the six kits back to camp.

Ivytalon snarled furiously. They had been defeated for now, but they would return. Her kits would grow strong and powerful, and one day rule the forest. She smiled at Darkfire. He had been promoted to a higher rank now, as her deputy. He would help her raise the kits to be fearless, loyal, strong cats who would gladly serve the Dark Forest. And one day, they would rule all the territories of the lake.

And that is the end. There is an odd satisfaction and sorrow that comes with the ending of a story. You get so caught up in it and the characters and everything, then when it ends... It's like a part of you gets so attatched that you just can't let go, but at the same time you want to so you can relax! It's hard to describe. Only one who has finished a story can truly understand it.

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