Equivalent Exchange

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Kitsune-Teme: Well, It looks like a new story has popped into my head.

Towa: Try finishing the ones you already have.

Kitsune-Teme: Hey, I cant help it!

Kratos: The test results are back!

Towa: What test results?

Kratos: Well, remember when you told me to get my brain looked at?

Towa & Kitsune-Teme:*nod*

Kratos: I did and it turns out I have…ADOS…

Kitsune-Teme: And what does that stand for?

Kratos: It stands for Attention Deficit Oo, Shiny!

Kitsune-Teme: …

Towa: Its official, you suck at life.

Kratos: Uh… what does off-ish-hall-e mean?

Kitsune-Teme: Wow, just listening to him made part of my brain die.

Towa: Start the story before he opens his mouth again, I'll get the duck tape.

My head ached and darkness surrounded me. My mind was slowly returning to order. Name? My name is Naruto Uzumaki. Six years old, living in a village. The name, what was it? Wait, I hear it. Talking. Voices. Many voices talking at once. What are they saying? Law? What law? Everything gained? Value… lost? Paid. I've paid? For what? Gift? What gift? Are you giving me a gift? Have I paid for your gift? How? A door? I see it. Open it? Is that how I'll get my gift? OK... I can't do much else. It's heavy. It won't budge. Huh? Want? Want what? Power… is that my gift? If I open the door, then you'll give me power? How? It won't budge. Key? What key? Heart… My heart? Is the key my heart? No? What about my soul, is that it? Yes. I need to want this with my very soul. I can see it opening. More darkness… Why is there more darkness? Oh. Now... I can see all of you… I can see everything.

And everything can see me.

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