It's been...centuries. And I feel HORRIBLE DX

And now for my pathetic explanation to why I have not been updating, why this here is not an update, and why I'm not sure of when I'll be able to update in the future. T.T

To tell you the truth, my family isn't, exactly...the richest family in the neighborhood. So, due to our insufficient funds, we all agreed so sacrifice...

The internet (currently, I'm typing this all up on my Godmother's computer, where we have celebrated the New Year).

But to be clear, I have not given up this story. While there may be no connection, there still is my laptop. And yes, I still am writing chapters. I just have no way(unless someone can advise a way?) of getting them up on FanFiction :(

Again...you have no idea how bad I feel D: (Actually, maybe you do...considering you're all the ones unable to read the story)

I don't know when we'll be getting our internet back. But, when we do...expect a whole lot of updates :D