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Chapter 1:

Poppy ran back to her room in a state of panic as she held the secrets about the family but was reassured slightly by the thought that she had stopped the fire. Walking back into her dorm she saw that all her friends were still in their beds but even if they were awake she knew that they would have snubbed her anyway.

Hours later Poppy was shaken awake by Kate shouting in her ear.

"Poppy! Poppy! Wake up we have to get out the buildings on fire quick get up!" dread went straight to Poppy's heart as she heard Kate say them words.

She kept her eyes closed for one moment hoping that it wasn't true and that she was just having a horrible nightmare,, but she could also feel the heat of the fire on her face and opening her eyes she saw that the room was glowing red .

"The ceilings on fire" shouted Drippy the fear clearly in her voice. Looking up Poppy saw flames licking the ceiling as they burned down from the roof.

Jumping out of bed she went to follow all of her friends out of the dorm and to safety but it was too late.

Drippy followed Kate out of the door then looked back to try hurry Poppy up but to her horror there was a great creaking sound from above and the ceiling in their dorm fell in on its self and onto Poppy

"POPPY" she screamed at the top of her voice making her way back into the debris filled room but matron walked by at that very point grabbed her arm and proceeded to drag her along the corridor and down the stairs saying at the same time.

"ARE YOU MAD CHILD WE HAVE TO GET OUT!" and ignoring the frantic spluttering of Drippy crying "b...b...but P...P...Poppy's still in their"

Freddie watched as Drippy was dragged out of the burning building by matron and looking at her more closely he saw that she was in a state of distress but dismissed it completely because they were all distressed right now.

Freddie watched as his mum read out the names of all the girls and was relived that all answered thus far on his mothers lift.

So he was starting to relax thinking they had all got out safely when he heard something that chilled him to the bone.

Kate took hold of Drippys shoulders looking her in the face and said to her calmly and slowly.

"Drippy what's wrong what happened why are you crying" Drippy sniffed and hundreds of more tears spilled down her face but she managed to choke out.

"P..P...Poppy was in the dorm the ceiling collapsed she's trapped" Freddie stood frozen to the spot then to reconfirm his fears he heard his mum shout out Poppy's name and no answer came and knowing that Drippy would not lie about something like this he ran full pelt back into the burning building shouting.