Chapter 12:

"I can't believe you?" Molly said to her sister a couple of days later as Poppy helped her do her hair into an over one-shoulder style.

"How did you even get that note to him anyway?" Molly continued when Poppy didn't answer her sister just smiled knowingly and said.

"Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies" but Molly knew already Danielle was just as scheming as Poppy if she wanted to be.

"So he knows he's meeting a girl but he doesn't know it's you" Poppy said finishing Molly's hair and turning her to the mirror.

"It's Liam he'll not like me like that," Molly said blushing and looking at herself in a strapless blue summer dress.

"Well the way he was looking at you the other day was not the look of a friend and if I'm wrong I'll go right up to Ruby and kiss her Gucci heels" Poppy said hugging Molly before ushering her out of the door.

"Oh there so cute'" Poppy said from a café in the mall where she was sitting with Danielle on a table behind a large plant. Liam and Molly were sitting at another café on the opposite side both Liam and Molly blushing and holding hands.

"You don't know how long I have been waiting for them to realise they are perfect for each other" Danielle said taking her eye's away from the couple to take a sip from her hot chocolate.

" Come on lets leave them to it I need to go shopping anyway" Poppy said taking Danielle's hand and dragging her to the nearest clothes store.

"You are as bad as my sister for shopping but a lot less critical" Danielle said leaning back against the changing room wall in the time they had been shopping Poppy had learnt that Danielle lived in Jeans and t-shirts and refused to wear any form of dress or skirt or heels.

"Who's your sister then?" Poppy asked coming out in another outfit she had chosen.

"Rachel Hayes" Danielle said with a sneer of disgust.

"OMG Rachel Hayes who buys a new outfit for nearly every hour of the day" Poppy said in shock Rachel Hayes was one of the friends that abandoned her as soon as she found out about her telling Ruby off.

"I hate her all she ever does is get dad to give her more money and get mum to try and get me like her" Poppy felt so guilty now she used to do that to Molly as well and right in front of her was a similar situation.

"Why don't you ask for money from your dad?" Poppy asked not knowing what else to say.

"Because I don't want to do that I have a paper round and I try to safe a lot of my money up so that I don't have to life of my dad" Danielle said.

"That's great Danielle and I have to say you are much better then your sister" Poppy said hugging Danielle and then saying.

"Now we'll get you in a nice outfit and then go to the place where I know your sister will be who by the way stuffs her bras" Poppy said making Danielle squeal with laughter.

"Now hold your head up and strut in there and show your sister that you can look awesome in a style you feel comfortable in" Poppy said pushing Danielle into the diner where everyone she used to be friends with met to show off there outfits, boyfriends or celebrity party invite.

"Hey dude look at that girl" Roddy said nudging his equally dimwitted friend and nodding at the girl with brown hair who just walked in wearing red skinny jeans black boots and a black lace top.

"Babe what you looking at" Rachel said looking in the direction of the girl and felt her jaw hit the floor.

"Danielle, Danielle" Rachel said after stalking over to her sister who ignored her briefly before turning.

"Yes Rachel" Danielle said.

"What are you doing here?" Rachel asked.

"Well I'm having a drink" Danielle said feeling the last of her courage drain away as Rachel looked her up and down and scoffed.

"No your leaving paper girls don't come here" Danielle seemed to wilt again seeing Rachel who was taller with her heels and stick thin in a short summer dress while she was short and still had baby fat.

"Well this independent girl comes in here" Poppy said appearing out of nowhere and defending Danielle.

"Oh Poppy I heard you'd gone ugly" Rachel said stepping back slightly at the appearance of Poppy.

"Well you know what I'm embarrassed that I used to be like you and Danielle here is a great person and I'm glad she's my friend" Poppy said and then turning on her hells stalked out Danielle following behind.

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