Hia! This is my first fan fic so please be nice! :D So before my story starts here is where my story takes off from.

This story takes place after shadow kissed. The cabin scene did happen, but the horrible cave scene was altered instead of Dimitri being turned, Rose runs back after him and saves him from the strigoi. While Dimitri was in the hospital Rose refused to leave his side until he woke up from his induced coma, not that her friends didn't come by along with her mom to try to pry her from Dimitri's side, but you know Roseā€¦

After sleeping for two weeks Dimitri finally wakes up, but to Roses surprise he asks her to leave and go to her class that have been resumed after the attack. Rose is confused but eventually, like Rose would leave without a fight, gives in and starts her classes.

Rose barley sees Dimitri while he's recovering, he insists she needs to be in her classes practicing and studying, but Rose knows there is more to it, but doesn't push it further. After a month passes from the Strigoi attack Dimitri finally resumes his practices with Rose again, but as Rose enters the gym Monday morning she finds Dimitri in his guardian white shirt and black dress pants, a little dressed up for practice? Rose instantly has a bad feeling knowing Dimitri is about to tell her something that she won't be happy about.

Dimitri tells Rose he is leaving the academy doing what he should have done in frostbite, not that those were his exact words, and taking Tasha's offer to be her guardian. Rose tries to protest, but Dimitri tells her he has to leave that he would be leaving in little under two hours. He leaves Rose alone and depressed in the gym and she does the only thing she can do in this situation, fight, she goes through three dummies, viciously attacking them one by one until arms wrap around her waist and pull her away. Adrian heard about Dimitri leaving and is there to comfort Rose. Shocking!...

For the next few weeks Rose stays in her room only leaving for class, Adrian bringing her meals, he is the only one who knows about her and Dimitri's relationship, so he is the only one she can talk to. Rose finally came out of her room and started talking to her hold friends but not everything was the same. Rose had been getting sick every day. She could tell Lissa was worried and was guilted into seeing a doctor.

The doctor told Rose she was pregnant, though she asked Rose told her that the father was a moroi who didn't want anything to do with her. Rose had to tell Kirova and Alberta, they agreed to let her graduate, and didn't press the subject of the baby's father, though Alberta guessed, even though impossible, it was Dimitri's. She Rose and Adrian were the only ones who know who the father is. Even though Alberta and Adrian try to convince Rose to tell Dimitri about the baby, but she refuses and close the subject off.

Rose graduated, top of her class, and became Lissa's guardian. (I'm assuming they graduate in June meaning the attack happened in May) Nine months later Rose had twins on February 22 (I just picked a random date), Arina Vasilisa B. Hathaway and Andrei Dima B. Hathaway. Rose, Lissa, Christian, and Adrian all live at royal court, Roses' mom, Janine, transferred to royal court to be close to Rose and her grandchildren.


Rose has not seen or heard from Dimitri since he left

Rose never found out who her real father is

It's mid-July

Lissa and Christian are getting married in a few weeks

And lastly court is on a human schedule for the sake of my sanity

I promise it's better than it sounds. I hope... Please review constructive criticism is welcome and wanted you can voice your thoughts or opinions about my story but

PLEASE NO FLAMERS! if its bad find a nice way to say it and don't continue to read it. Thank you I hope you do enjoy it. :D