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I. Hate. Needles.

An undead vampire who only wants to suck the life out of me? Bring it on! Getting blood taken? Hell no!

So this would explain my horrible mood after leaving my Doctors appointment. Dimitri had to hold me down so I would sit still enough to let the Doctor do his job. For doing so I labeled him a traitor.

I looked at him now from my place on the couch. He was about to leave to go pick up the kids. I opted out of going wanting to give him some alone time with them.

I don't know if I was being thoughtful because I wanted to give him bonding time with the twins or if I was being spiteful over him betraying me and wanted him to suffer by dealing with the twins himself.

I was happy with either reason so I thought nothing about it.

"Roza," he sighed and sat next to me. I scooted away from him and turned my head. "I was only trying to help, they have to take blood to make sure you and the baby are okay. You're lucky they let you out of there, you heard what Dr. Fox said. Most women in your condition usually stay in the hospital and are put on bed rest." He rubbed my shoulder.

"Oh yeah, and I'm sure if that's what the doctor decided you would probably help him strap me to the bed!" I was being childish I know, but I could help it. I really hate needles.

He laughed then kissed my cheek, despite my protests, and stood. "Oh Roza, I wouldn't strap you down. You could probably get though those. I would chain to the bed, and guard the door myself." He winked and walked to the door on his way to get the twins.

I scowled at the door for a second the sighed laying back down. I knew I was lucky Dr. Fox told us that my iron levels were rising but not as quickly as he would have liked. So I was subjected to more blood tests and another shot of iron that I was told would leave an ugly scar on my forearm.

The visit wasn't all bad. Dimitri and I found out I was 8 weeks along and in another 8 we would get to see what we were having. Other than the anemia the baby and I were perfectly fine. The whole time Dimitri wore the biggest grin I had ever seen, and once the doctor left kissed me with so much passion I almost wanted to go put a sock on the door.

I yawned unable to hide my tiredness, even though no one was there. I had to admit I was oddly sleep. I grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch and draped it over myself. I imagined Dimirti's smiling face and drifted off to sleep with a smile on mine.

My dream of the beach where Dimitri was rubbing sun tan lotion on my back quickly faded away, and morphed into another. I was facing a girl. Long black hair, slim figure but her face was not being shown to me.

"You have to stop it!" she pleaded with me.

"I'm trying," I said only my voice wasn't mine and I wasn't controlling this voice. "These things take time there are tons of formalities and papers to sign." I tried to place this new voice of mine but couldn't it was like I was in a fog.

"Fuck the formalities! We have to do something now! Or we're going to loose this battle, think of all the people this would hurt? Think about Rose and her children." The other voice said. Her voice too sounded familiar, but the more I tried to see her face the darker the shadows around her became.

"Don't talk about Rose, or her kids!" I was now shouting.

"She protects you from so much and you can't even protect her from this, you will be queen soon and your job is to protect people from stupidity like this!" Lissa. My voice was Lissa's I realized, but I still could figure out who the other voice was.

"I said to stop talking about her!" Lissa yelled again. This time she shut her eyes and paced a hand on her ever-growing baby bump to calm herself down. "Don't act like you care about her, because we both know you don't. And I will protect her and everyone else, but these things take time." Lissa tried to reach out and comfort the girl but she jerked away.

"We don't have time! And this would hurt him. You're right I don't give a damn about Rose, but I still care about him, and I will protect him, with or without your help."

"Don't worry we still have time, were still fighting this off. I have a few of the families confused not knowing whether to vote yes or no, we can still win this."

"No we can't! I'll just have to do this myself," with that the girl turned and left Lissa standing there I tried to look for her again but everything turned white and before I knew it I was back in my bikini, Dimitri rubbing oil on my skin once again, and my strange dream forgotten.

Just as dream Dimitri was untying my top about to have his way with my on the dream beach, I was awoken with a start. All the air was forced out of my lungs and I gasped trying to sit up quickly on the couch and suck some air into my lungs, but a form on my stomach was not letting this happen.

"Arina!" I heard Dimitri's loud voice boom. I looked down quickly and saw the little girl perched on my stomach, just before Dimitri ripped her off of me and helped me into a sitting position as I continued to wheeze and cough.

"Arina, we do not jump on mommy like that," Dimitri didn't yell this time seeing her guilty expression after he yelled the first time.

My little girl frowned and looked at me, "It was only a joke Mommy," she said her eyes full of tears. My wheezing had stopped and I pulled her to me, hugging her close. Andrei took this time to crawl into Dimitri's lap, "Mommy's sick." He said flatly.

"No, Andryusha. Mommy's not sick." Dimitri reassured our son.

I sighed, and Dimitri and I made eye contact, it was time to tell the kids about the baby.

I lifted Arina up and sat her in my lap, "Mommy isn't sick," I said softly, "Mommy's having a baby."

"Where?" Arina scanned the room looking for a baby that wasn't there.

Dimitri let out a little chuckle.

"No Princessa, the baby isn't here its in Mommy's tummy."

"Mommy! Why would you eat the baby?" Arina asked shocked.

"I didn't eat the baby silly!" I laughed tickling her side and kissing her head.

"How did the baby get in there?" Andrei finally spoke up.

I frowned looking at Dimitri for help.

"Well your mommy and I wanted another baby so we went to the doctor and he put the baby in there so it can grow." He explained flawlessly.

"Oh, that's what I thought." Andrei nodded like he knew this was what happened all along. I could contain my laughter that followed. How would he know that?

"When can the baby come out?" Arina asked looking at my stomach in thoughtfully. "I want to play with her." She stated.

"Her?" I repeated in question.

She nodded, " Yes, it is a girl right mommy?"

"Well we don't know yet, it'll be a little while before the doctor can tell us." I explained. I never thought I would have to answer such thoughtful questions.

Arina frowned, "Why wont the doctor tell you? Mommy, I do not like secrets," her bell like voice was colored with disapproval.

"Printsessa the doctor doesn't know yet. The baby is too small to tell, once it gets bigger than the doctor can tell us." Dimitri told her his voice calm. She nodded but I could tell this answer didn't fully please her and that there would be more questions at a later time.

"What the baby's name?" Andrei's asked still curled up in Dimitri's lap.

"Puppy!" Arina called out with a giggle. I only rolled my eyes at her; I don't understand this new puppy phase she was going through,

At that Dimitri stood up with a giggling Andrei in his arms. "Time for Dinner."

"Daddy bought pizza!" Andrei called out over Dimitri's shoulder.

My stomach growled at the thought of pizza and I pushed my self off of the couch and walked to the dinning room with my daughter.

"Ill get the plates I called out once I had Arina seated in her chair. Hungry I moved to the kitchen quickly grabbing plates and napkins from the cabinets and went back to the dinning room but as soon as I entered I had to stop and cover my nose. What was that smell?

"Rose..?" Dimitri asked cautiously.

"What is the smell Dimitri?" I asked my words slightly muffled by my hand. I think I might be sick.

"I don't know what you're talking about? There's not a smell…"He trailed off sniffing the air.

I took a small step forward and leaned down. Could it be the pizza? I sniffed and instantly regretted it. My stomach churned and it took all my will power not to blow chunks in front of my children. "It's the pizza!" I took a big step back now covering my mouth.

"Its just a normal pepperoni pizza. I don't understand," I could tell he was completely confused and so was I. To say I loved pizza was an understatement but at the moment I was about to loose my lunch if I got any closer to the offensive smell.

"Mommy, it's soooooo yummy!" Arina called out cheerfully taking a bite of her greasy slice. And that is what did it.

There was no way I was making it to the bathroom so I settled for the kitchen, heaving into the sink. I could feel Dimitri behind me rubbing my back lightly, but I couldn't put too much thought into his sweet gesture because another wave of nausea rolled past me and I again emptied my stomach.

After a while, though I wasn't sure exactly how long, I could feel Dimitri leave my side for a while. I didn't blame him I knew this wasn't a pretty sight… or smell.

Thinking of the smell triggered more dry heaving. At this point there was no longer anything left in my stomach but my nausea wouldn't relent.

I leaned heavily on the sink stretching my arm out on the counter next to it so I could lay my head down and still have my face pointed toward the sink, just incase.

"I put the kids to bed." Dimitri said entering the kitchen again. So that's why he left.

"Are they okay? I hope I didn't scare them." I worried weakly. I was exhausted, I had no clue how long I had been getting sick for but it as long enough for the kids to finish their plates and Dimitri to put them to bed.

"They're fine. I explained to them that the baby didn't like piz—" I groaned and put my hand up signaling him not to say the word. "Sorry," He apologized.

"It's okay. I think I'm all done." I raised my head slowly and began rinsing the sink out, making sure to breath through my mouth the whole time.

"Roza," Dimitri came up behind me and slid his arms around my waist, enveloping me in the delicious sent of his after shave and effectively calm my nervous. Whether this was his intention or not I was still grateful. I'm so glad the smell of his aftershave was still appealing to me. "I'll do this later, just leaving it, are you hungry?" he asked.

I just turned in his arms, pressing my face into his chest and shook my head no. "Then lets go to bed." He lead me to our room keeping his arm around my wait, which was good because my eyes were starting to shut and I knew it was only a matter of minutes before they closed completely and wouldn't open back up. I let Dimitri help me into bed not complaining about the fact the he was treating me like I was made of glass, because at this point I was beyond tired.

I closed my eyes and let myself slip into unconsciousness, but right before I was complete asleep I remembered my strange dream. What had it meant? Why was I dreaming of Lissa? And why did it feel so real? Unable to fight against my tiredness I fell asleep leaving all those questioned unanswered and forgotten.

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