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Alice sighed, taking out a tissue from her purse. She dabbed Bella's cheeks carefully. "Don't cry, Bella, you'll ruin your makeup. Rosalie actually did a pretty good job…But not as good as me, though." Bella sniffled, controlling her sobs. Bella pushed passed Alice, charging into the locker room, angrily.

"Why does something always have to go wrong?" she muttered irritably, not speaking to anyone in particular. The entire locker room froze when they saw her. They had obviously been talking about her. Bella froze, too, realizing they were all staring at her. She made eye contact with Lauren Mallory, who had appeared to be applying a coat of mascara onto what looked like false eyelashes. Next to her, Jessica Stanley was standing on her tip toes, gown in hand, whispering into her ear. Lauren raised an eyebrow at Bella, then turned back to the large mirror in her locker.

Bella trudged to the corner of the locker room, Alice trailing behind her. "What do they want, Alice?"

"They saw you and Rosalie kiss." Alice said quietly. Bella's head snapped up. She hadn't thought about what her classmates would think of her and Rosalie dating. It was bad enough when she was with Edward. He was Greek-god handsome, and she was just plain old Bella. But now she was with Rosalie, the most beautiful woman in the world. And she was gay. They were both gay. Bella knew this wouldn't go over well with the other students. Forks was a small town. The people here were pretty religious, and not exactly the most diverse, much less understanding. Back in Arizona, her old high school's Gay Straight Alliance was almost two hundred students strong. Here no one had ever even heard of such a thing.

Alice helped Bella into her gown. She was adjusting the human's cap for her as Jessica Stanley fast walked up to them. "Hey, Bella," she greeted, ignoring Alice. Bella motioned for the vampire to leave. She could handle Jessica.

"Hi." Bella replied, suddenly confident.

"Um, are you okay?"

"Of course I am." Bella wiped the tears from her eyes, turning on her heel.

"Wait!-" Jessica grabbed Bella by the arm. Bella stared at her expectantly. "I-I…Look, I know we haven't been the best of friends lately, but I'm really glad to have met you last year. And I know I haven't been a very good friend to you, but you were always nice to me so…Listen. Everyone saw you and Rosalie kiss just now. And I don't know how this kind of stuff worked at your old school, but over here -just watch out, okay? And if you need anything…I'm here." Jessica stumbled on her words, uncomfortably staring and the ground. She shifted her weight on her feet, then looked up at Bella.

"Thanks, Jess. I appreciate the warning and all, but I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself." After an awkward exchange of smiles, Jessica ran back to Lauren, who had been squinting in their direction, trying to read their lips. Bella rolled her eyes, then threw an arm around Alice as they made their way into the gymnasium.

The entire ceremony was a blur. Bella couldn't stop thinking about Rosalie and Carlisle, and their dramatic exit. And that kiss. When it was all over, and everyone was exiting the building, she was so caught up in looking for Rosalie that she had forgotten about Charlie. She nearly screamed when his strong, rough hand gripped her shoulder from behind.

"Looking for me?" he asked with a Cheshire cat grin. Bella nodded enthusiastically, not wanting to disappoint him. He gave her a one-armed hug; his other hand was holding his enormous video camera, as well as a gift. She raised an eyebrow at him.

"Is that-"

"For you!" he said, offering it to her. She smiled graciously, but pushed it back into his arms.

"I wanna wait till we get home," she said. "It's too crowded here."

"Alright, bud. Home it is." Bella chewed her lip nervously.

"Hey dad, have you seen Rosalie since you got here?"

"No. Why?" he cocked an eyebrow. "Something wrong?" Bella stood on her toes, scoping through the crowd. Suddenly, her phone buzzed against her thigh. Alice had told her to slip her cellphone under her tights so she wouldn't have to lug around a purse. She motioned for her dad to stay put, awkwardly excusing herself to the corner of the room. She faced the wall, hunched over herself trying not to flash anyone as she lifted the hem of her dress and blindly searched for her phone. One new text message. She unlocked the screen hurriedly, knowing it was from Rosalie.

I'll meet you at your house.

It was short. Blunt. This worried Bella. Something was definitely wrong. She rushed back to her dad, practically dragging him to the police cruiser.

"You okay, kiddo?" he asked confusedly.

"Yeah," she said, slowing her pace. "I'm just tired."

"Where's Rosalie?" Charlie wondered aloud.

"Oh. Um, she said she had a migraine or something, so Dr. Cullen drove her home." Charlie nodded, too uninterested to question her obvious lie.

Minutes later, Charlie pulled his cruiser into their driveway. Bella stumbled out of it, sprinting up to her room before he could even stop the car.

"Hey wait!" he called after her. "Don't you want to open your present?" Bella froze, halfway up the stairs, then ran back down. She quickly swiped the gift from his hands, ripping off the wrapping paper in one swift motion. She threw the lid of the small box onto the table, then stuck her hand inside. Her fingers brushed against cold metal. She removed her hand from the box, pulling out a heavy, shiny, steel multi-tool.

"You got me a Swiss army knife?" She raised an eyebrow at her dad incredulously. He shrugged, suddenly bashful. Then he let out a chortle, as if this was all some big inside joke Bella wasn't in on.

"I thought it might come in handy. In case…"

"In case what, dad?" Bella's tone was harsh. She knew what her father was implying.

"Look Bella, I just want you to be able to defend yourself when you need to. As much as I hate to bring it up, you know what happened with-"

"You think I'll need to use this? On Rosalie?!" Charlie stepped backwards, hands raised.

"That's not what I meant it as. I'm just looking out for you. I'm not saying I think she'll try anything. She's a nice girl, I know that. But what if you two are down town, and -heaven forbid- someone tries to snatch your purse? Rosalie won't intimidate them and fight them off like a man could. If worse comes to worst you have this. Look," he said, grabbing the multi-tool from her hand. Bella mentally scoffed at her father. He didn't know what he was talking about. Rosalie was a vampire. She could protect Bella just as well as any man ever could. Not that she needed protecting in the first place. "It's got a fire starter, and bottle opener, a corkscrew, and spoon, a fork. And…" with a flick of the wrist he expertly ejected the knife blade. "It's even engraved."

To Bella,

Like father like daughter.

Love, dad

She was suddenly embarrassed. Of course Charlie never had bad intentions. Like he said, he was merely "looking out for her." Where was the harm in that?

"Thanks, dad." Bella said quietly. "I hope I never have to use this," she joked.

"Me too, bud." He smiled, embracing her in a tight hug. When he let go, Bella suddenly remembered what was waiting for her upstairs. She took the steps two at a time, bounding into her room and locking the door behind her. She smiled as soon as she saw her. She was perched on the edge of her bed, looking out Bella's window. She must have watched them pull into the driveway. She'd been waiting for her. Her back was to Bella. She turned her head when she heard the human step closer towards the bed. They exchanged smiles, then a kiss.

"Is it bad?" Bella whispered. After a quick, very restrained make-out session, they'd settled on Bella's bed, safe under the covers, wrapped in each other's arms. Rosalie's head rested comfortably on Bella's shoulder.

"We aren't sure yet." Rosalie's voice was barely loud enough to hear. "I told Alice to keep an eye out… She had a vision. Someone had been in your room. Someone was going through your things. I came in here and I could smell his scent all over the place. Someone might be after you. Carlisle thinks they were testing Alice's ability. They were trying to see how close they could get to you before they were caught."

"And by someone you mean a… vampire."


"Is that why Alice was acting so strange today? She knew the whole time? She saw someone in my room? And she didn't say anything? What if Charlie had been home? What if something had happened?"

"She didn't see anyone in your room, dear." Rosalie said calmly. "All she knew is that someone was looking behind your bookshelf and shifted it so that it was very unstable. I fixed it, though, so no need to worry about it toppling over anymore."

"Alice had a vision of my bookshelf toppling over?"


"But I thought she only has visions of important things. It's just a bookshelf." Rosalie looked away from Bella. Part of her hoped Bella would catch on so she wouldn't need to explain, and the other part of her wished Bella would just remain clueless. Of course, the human always ended up being smarter than she gave her credit for.

"She saw it fall on me." Bella said softly. Rosalie nodded, still unwilling to make eye contact. The two girls stared up at the monstrous bookshelf. The shelving inserts buckled under piles of tattered books. The structure itself was made of solid oak. Even if Bella wasn't buried by the books first, surely the entire thing would just… "Oh."

Bella snuggled against Rosalie's back, wrapping her arms around her waist. "So, what about the intruder?" She whispered. Her hot breath tickled Rosalie's ear.

"Carlisle and the rest can handle him. As for you and me, I think we need to leave town for a bit."

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