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Title: Beloved

Author: Bittersweet Dream

Summary: He was born from Magic's Love to heal the magical world.

Warnings: SLASH, Powerful!Harry, Harry/Male Harem, Molly and Ginny bashing, Bad!Ministry, Grey!Harry, Chan, Slight Incest, Twincest( yes that needs its own warning), Adorable!Harry. And more to come.

Born of Magic's Love

Born to Heal his mother's wound

He shall be known yet unseen

The light will burn him

The Dark shall Love him

Forsaken at first

He shall be Beloved to those he marks

They shall call him the Master of Death

So shall Her heart be Born

Cassandra Ravenclaw, 4441 AD

Magic was a very curious thing. Some believed it to be a force, some a being, some simply didn't care. However unknown to them Magic was both a Force and A being. Magic was what made the sun and moon rise and fall, the seasons change, the water flow, and all beings live. Every being be they magical or mundane had some magic in them. The only true difference was that Magical beings had a closer bond with Magic, they were able to harness the magic around them and do things that the mundane could not. Not to say that the mundane couldn't do magic, they could but only under very extreme conditions. Have you ever hear of a child surviving a plane crash or a person who was close to dying suddenly being miraculously healed? That was magic.

Now like stated before magic was more than a simple force, it was a being. Though magic did not have a physical body, it had a soul. Now to understand this story you must understand that magic wasn't always around. Like everything else magic was created, magic was just the first to be created. Magic was created by the Goddess Nyx to govern and judge the world that Nyx had created. No one knows much about Nyx, only that after she created the universe she went into a deep sleep said to only return after the universe ended, however that is a tale for another time. But like I was saying Magic was created to govern the world by Nyx. To create magic Nyx toke a piece of her soul and infused it with the world. Unknown to Nyx she had ended up created another being, a copy of herself that evolved over time into its or Her own being.

Magic, like every being does at one point in their lives, started to wished for companionship, to have someone to talk to directly. So every once in a while she would allow a select few to be more connected to her then anyone else. These few were able to speak directly with her and to see her. For a while this was enough. However magic was created by Goddess, that is to say a female. And being that magic was created from her soul, Magic at the very less had the emotions of a female. And all females eventually have maternal feelings, magic being no less. At first her feelings were appeased by simply taking care of the world, later by her very few chosen, however slowly she began longing for a child of her own, a child that would truly be hers. At first Magic was at a complete lose at what to do, she did not have a physical body. She could of course create one for herself, but while she could create a body, It was a body that would never age and was unable to carry a child. For centuries she tried to find a way and through those years the soul of a child started to grow within her, slowly forming.

You see before the physical body of a child is born, first the soul is created combining the souls of its parents and ancestors to create a new soul, then once the soul was created, a spark of magic would happen and it would infuse the soul with the body. So to create a soul you did not need a physical body, but let it live you did.

As the soul slowly grew, magic searched for a couple that's soul were able to sustain her child. Finally she found couple that were powerful and compliable enough to sustain her child, also at the time they had just conceived. The soul of their child had just barely started to form and was little more than a piece of both parent's souls. Magic acted quickly as this might be her only chance. She infused the two pieces of the couple's souls and her child soul's, making both the couple and her the child's parents in every way.

Unbeknown to either parents at that very moment, the child born would later become Harry James Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived.

End Prologue.

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