Harry leaned against the same tree where he had first called this first three chosen to him. He had been 6 years this day since then and many things had changed. After the talk with his Mama, they had taken Harry back to his relatives. While they wished to take him with them, they knew that if they did they would have the entire wizarding world after them. It was better to work from the shadows.

Remus bought a house in the next town, far enough were no one would be suspicious and near enough that he could see Harry. The house had three bedrooms, with a pool and an entrainment room. The Master was Remus' and Sirius' Room. The other Severus' and the last was Harry's.

They would come get him after school for a few hours and during the weekends. At first the Dursley's had protested, not because they wanted him there but because of what Dumbledore had told them. Apparently living there not only protected him from Death Eaters, but them as well. As long as Harry lived in the house, they would be safe. It toke Harry saying that he would tell the police how they treated him to get them to keep quiet, but they gave in. So for the past 6 years, Harry spent as much time as he could with his chosen.

The first thing they did was try to find a way to prove Sirius innocent. The best way was to find Peter, but that was unlikely to happen. After all he had been hiding for 5 years at the time. The only other way was to somehow get Sirius a trial. None of them knew how to do that. They could go to Dumbledore but he had had his chance and had done nothing for Sirius. After much thought, Severus had mentioned Lucius Malfoy. They had been close as teens and Lucius valued Family over everything. Seeing as he was married to a Black and his son had Black blood in him, he was honor bound to help Sirius, as he was the Head of the Black Family.

At first Lucius was a little wary but after a meeting Harry, he agreed. The meeting had been very interesting.

Lucius looked at the house in front of him. It was two stories, a pale blue, had a dark green fence; there were flowers everywhere, as well as a vegetable garden. All in all, it was a pretty nice house. Nothing like Malfoy Manor but It had a charm to it that not even a cold Hearted Malfoy could resist.

He was shook from his investigation by a hand on his shoulder. He looked over and saw Severus watching him with a slight smug look on his face. As if he knew what he was thinking.

Lucius sneered in response, and then headed to the front door. Before he could even get there, the door was opened by Harry Potter and he was not what Lucius Expected.

He had expected a carbon copy of James Potter with a few things from Lily Potter. But what he saw was nothing like his expectations. This Angel – he could never call him something so mundane as a boy – had long raven hair with auburn streaks that hung to the middle of his back, Bright emerald eyes that had a ring of sapphire Gray around his pupil, a petite body.

"It is nice to meet you, Lucius Malfoy. I am Harry Potter." When he spoke Lucius felt as if he could relax and never feel worried again. It was discouraging, how much this child could affect him.

But just having meet him, Lucius, felt an inner peace that he had never felt before. He felt like he had come home.

After that meeting, Lucius had agreed to help; though convincing him to accept Harry has his Master was still something that was under construction. Unlike Sirius and Remus, who had beast to help them accept or Severus, who knew Harry; Lucius did not have either.

While he was at ease in Harry's presence, He had family to think about and Harry could not guarantee that his son and wife would be one of his chosen. So until that happened Lucius had refused to accept. (Even though that, Harry knew, nearly killed Lucius one the inside)

Trying to Sirius a trial on the other hand had been disgustingly easy, something that farther destroyed their image of Dumbledore and the Ministry. All Lucius had to do was let it slip to Fudge that he had looked into Sirius Black's trial, to see what he's sentence was, only to find that he had never been put to trial. Fudge in a panic, afraid that if the public found out about it he would be voted out, went to straight to Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, to make sure that it was true. Madame Bones looked into it and found it to be true. After that all Sirius had to do was to get himself found, which he did, he was given a trial right after being found, and was to the shock of the Ministry to be innocent.

Sirius was then awarded a million Galleons as well as a public apology by the ministry in every wizarding and muggle (AN:Remember he was on the muggle news) newspaper. Sirius, being Sirius, made sure to milk it for all its worth. Something that Remus shook his head at.

Harry was brought out of his thoughts, by the sounds of his name being called. Looking up he saw Remus and Sirius walking up to him. Harry stood to greet them, hugging both of them once they reached him.

"Hey Remi, Siri." Harry greeted, smiling at the changes to his chosen.

Sirius no longer looked like some kind of wraith, he was a healthy pale, his hair wavy and to his waist. He looked younger than his 30 something years, like he was in his early 20s. Remus, also looked much better, having new clothes did wonders for him, as well as having his pack back. They both looked gorgeous and confident.

Sirius picked harry up and placed him on his hip, startling Harry at the sudden change. Harry puffed out his cheeks in mock anger at being treated like a child, making Sirius let out a bark like laugh and Remus smile. Realizing that he was not going to be put down, Harry wrapped his arm around Sirius neck and rested his head on his shoulder.

"So were are we going?" Harry asked Remus.

"We're going to go get your Hogwarts supplies." Remus replied, moving his hand to move a lock of hair away from Harry's face. "Dumbledore gave us permission to take you" Sirius added, his voice sarcastic, as if the sentence was ridiculous, which in a way it was. Remus and Sirius never needed Dumbledore's permission for anything and never would, however they needed to make Dumbledore think that they did, so they played along as if they did.

You see after Sirius' trial, Sirius had wanted to get custody of Harry; However Dumbledore had blocked him, saying that Harry was safe and cared for. Now if Sirius really wanted to fight, he would win, seeing has he was Harry's legal guardian and being as he had never been convicted, he had always been Harry's guardian. But after Harry had told him to go along with Dumbledore and pretend that he understood, Sirius relented and acted as if he agreed with Dumbledore. While really he was spying for Harry and relaying everything back to him.

He was also able to get visitation for Remus and Himself, which Dumbledore was not able to deny without reason, which he had none, at least none that would make sense. So they would visit every weekend, unless they had a mission. Or at least that was what Dumbledore thought. The thing was that Dumbledore never thought to visit Harry himself, so while he thought that his pawns were going what he wanted them to, he made one big mistake by not always watching them. And that would be one of his biggest mistakes.

Harry walked into between Sirius and Remus toward the wizard bank, Gringotts, run by the Goblins. Once there, they walked to one of the Goblins.

"I wish to talk to Gornuk." Stated Sirius to the goblin in front of them, looking him straight in the eye, as he did.

The goblin looked down at them from over the counter, looking each of them in the eye, and then nodding to himself, turned and called for another Goblin.


Soon, after a younger looking Goblin, appeared.

"Yes, sir?" Answered the younger Goblin, Griphook.

"Escort these wizards to Gornuk" the older goblin ordered.

"Yes, Sir" Looking to the wizards, "This way, please" He said leading them down a few corridors, until they reached a door with Gornuk written on it.

"Here you are, sirs" said, Griphook, before leaving.

Watching the Goblin walk away, they turned to the door. Sirius reached out and knocked on the door. Hearing a gruff voice call them in, they walk in.

Inside the office, sat a Goblin before a dark wood desk, behind him were two file cabinets on each corner.

They say in the chairs in front of the desk, Harry sitting in between them.

"Hello, Gornuk" said Sirius.

"Hello, Lord Black. I presume you are here for young Mr. Potter's Inheritance?- Receiving a nod from Sirius, he continued- Very well, If you will, Mr. Potter, place both of your hands on the two clear orbs on my desk. You will feel a slight prick on the tip of your fingers and a slight draining of magic." Gornuk stated.

Harry slowly rose from his sit and stood in front of the two clear orbs. Placing his hands on the orbs, he felt a slight prick on his fingers and a very small drain of magic, just like Gornuk had said he would.

Raising his hands from the orbs, he saw that the orbs, which were clear seconds ago, now seemed to have a mist of different colors spinning aground in one of them and a small pool of blood in the other.

Backing away from the orbs, he sat back down between Sirius and Remus.

"In a moment we will have a list of Mr. Potter's inheritance and abilities." Seconds after Gornuk spoke a piece of parchment appeared before him. Looking over them, Gornuk seemed to go into shock after getting to the parchment.

"Gornuk? Is something wrong?' Asked Remus, speaking for the first time since they had come into Gringotts. His face worried, he had smelt the shock and fear/awe? from the Goblin.

Instead of answering, Gornuk handed the parchment to Harry. Sirius and Remus leaned in to see what was on them.


Name: Harry James Potter

Age: 11

Father: James Charles Potter (Deceased)

Mother: Lily Potter neé Evans (Deceased)

Godfather: Sirius Orion Black, Remus John Lupin

Godmother: Alice Longbottom

Current Guardian: Sirius Black

Extra Information: The last of the Potter family. Currently living his Aunt and Uncle from Mother's side of the family. All Financial Arrangements and Management are being made by Godfather, Sirius Black.

Abilities (AN: This is a very basic list of abilities that he has mastered, not all that he has. He has more abilities, they will be explained as he gains control over them):



Natural Animagus

Beast Speaker

Wind Elemental


Wandless magic


Heir to the Ancient and Noble House of Potter

Heir to the Ancient and Noble House of Black

Heir to the Ancient and Noble House of Prince

Heir to the Ancient House and Noble of Lupin

Heir to the Ancient House and Noble of Auras

[End Parchment]

Sirius was the first to speak up. "I can understand being the Heir to Potter, Black, and Prince. However I thought that Remus was unable to inherit anything because he's a werewolf. And what is the house of Auras?"

Gornuk, finally out of his shock, answered, "While by the law werewolves cannot inherit, if their offspring is human, they can inherit the title. And seeing as Mr. Lupin blood adopted Mr. Potter, along with Mr. Snape and yourself, and Mr. Lupins' parents are deceased, Mr. Potter is Heir to the Lupin family."

Sirius and Remus nodded. "And the Auras Family?" asked Remus.

Gornuk cleared his throat. "The Auras family is something of a myth. It is said that only those that are Chosen by magic are part of the Auras family. Only 6 people have ever been in the Auras family, including Mr. Potter. Only two are alive. Mr. Potter and one other."

"The Auras family is the family I created, my child. Auras is the name I use when I wish to walk among the creatures of this world. As my child you are the Heir" Harry heard his mama tell him.

"Who else has been in the family, Mama?" He asked.

"Merlin, Morgan le Fay, Salazar Slytherin, and Finally Helga Hufflepuff. I will tell you more, later. For now focus on Gornuk, He is about to give you the Heir Rings" Answered, his mama.

Harry focused his attention to the front were he saw four boxes appear in front of him. After hearing, Sirius tell him to open them. He walked up to the boxes, opening each and playing each ring on a chain that he received from Severus. Sirius had told him, during one of their lessons, that the heir would usual get their Heir ring when they turned seven and wear it around their necks on a chain. They would be able to wear the ring on their middle finger when they turned seventeen. Seeing as they were unable to get Harry's rings when he was seven because of Dumbledore, they had to wait until he turned eleven and started Hogwarts.

After putting the chain on his neck, he walked to the door where Sirius and Remus were waiting, already having said their goodbyes to Gornuk. But before he walked out, he turned to Gornuk and said words that shook him to the core.

"May my Mother Bless you and give you a healthy son"

With that Harry walked out, leaving a shocked Goblin behind him.

Leaving Gringotts, Remus pulled Harry and Sirius aside.

"Okay, Harry. What do you want to do first?" Ask Remus

Harry looked around, watching the different people, until he felt a pull. Without realizing it he slowly started to head toward the pull, before he knew it he ended up in front of the entrance to Knockturn Alley. Sirius and Remus, who had been following him since he started walking, stopped behind him. Remus reached out to stop Harry before he could enter.

Harry looked back, wondering why he was stopped.

"Harry, that's Knockturn Alley. Why are you going in there?" Asked Remus, trying to redirect him.

Shaking Remus, He started to enter the Alley, "I felt a pull from here. Something or one is calling me."

Sirius, who had been watching Harry, shook his head and simply followed after Harry. If there was one thing he had learn from being near Harry was that once he set his mind to something, no one or thing would stop him. And apparently his mind was set.

Remus stood, watching Harry and Sirius walk into Knockturn Alley. Sighing, he ran after his two companions. He could never win between those two.

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