"And where are we heading now?" Patty asked a somewhat bored edge to her voice. However, that was normal under the current circumstances. After all, who in their right mind could stand a few days of driving? It was enough to drive one of those super serious never-smiling people off the edge and into a fall of confusion, ending in the crash of madness.

Charlene rolled her eyes, "It's a secret."

"If it's such a secret then why, do tell, are there signs saying where we are headed and where we currently are?" Giselle questioned a small sparkle in her eyes as she teased the older blonde.

"Children these days," Charlene muttered, shaking her head slowly from side to side.

Giselle got a somewhat scowling look on her face, "I'm not a child. I'm nearly fourteen."

"Oh, please, you're barely thirteen," Charlene responded, her lips falling into a smirk.

Patty watched the whole mini-conversation in amusement, hoping the summer never ended. It would be hard for many to believe, but Patty was beginning to think this was the best summer she had ever had.

So far, she had only spent her time having conversations and traveling from motel to motel, but she had enjoyed every minute of it. There were no people mad at her (for no good reason), there were no people trying to change her, and there were no people…that did not understand her.

She gave a small chuckle to her thoughts, earning a quizzical look from Giselle who had heard it.

"What is so funny, Patty?" Giselle asked, arching a pale eyebrow. Her tone held no anger, no annoyance, just that natural curiosity that was common with her.

Patty gave her a small smile, "Just thinking about what my summer would have been like back home."

"Oh? And what would it be like back home?" Giselle inquired, a smile gracing her own features. On this day, she had her hair down, framing her face in platinum. Her dress was a simple blue sundress, paler than cerulean but darker than cyan.

"Boring," Patty answered without hesitation. She had always found herself with nothing to do over the summer (besides read that is), well, except for last summer, but last summer was not {definitely not) her average summer.

Giselle nodded slowly in understanding, "Your town didn't seem all that large, and well, cities over here seem to have so much more than towns."

Patty began moving her own head up in down in agreement, building up the nerve to ask, "What was your summers like?"

Giselle sat silently for a few moments, eyes focused on the hands in her lap, lips pursed and eyebrows furrowed just the slightest bit. Patty wondered if she had upset her, after all, it was not the type of topic you should bring up. Patty was about to apologize when she heard Giselle's voice cut through the silence.

"The summers before I had been old enough to go to school were spent with mainly my family, although, some of my parents' friends would visit," Giselle began, seeming to searching her memories to provide Patty with an adequate answer. She continued, a small smile appearing on her face, "After school began I still spent part of it with my family, but, I also filled my time with asking to visit my friends, or asking for them to come visit.

Then came the summer of '39, which was spent rather the same way as previous summers, seeing as I wasn't old enough to be a part of the 'League of German Girls'."

Giselle paused, only to begin speaking once more before Patty had a chance to comment, "When I was old enough, I took part in the League of German Girls as was required. Though as the months wore on there was less and less we could do, for supplies were getting lesser and lesser." She sighed a small sigh, not too loud or too long, "And that is where my summers end, unless, of course, you count this one. Which has been filled with quite the bit of travel."

"Was your town big?" Patty questioned, getting into one of her 'inquisitive states'.

Giselle laughed, "Big? Definitely not. And it wasn't even truly a town. It was more of a village, where everyone knew each other." She smiled fondly at the thought of her hometown, eyes conveying that she thought about her home all the time.

Giselle had said Patty's town was what made her summers boring, but it seemed Giselle's town was just as small. Then again, Patty never had the company Giselle did.

"Was there much to do?" Patty inquired, her voice a little softer than before, and the edge of her curiosity dimmed.

Giselle nodded, a large smile taking over her face, "Well, Gottingen was always close by, so plenty of people and places to visit. Though, we each had a garden in Rosdorf, and we'd always be weeding and watering. Then there was a lot of space so, if you wanted to play some type of game it was quite easy."

Patty nodded, feeling a little like she did when she was back home. However, her town did not have all those things. Well, there were gardens and space, and there was Wynne City, but she wasn't needed to help in the Garden, the space wasn't good without others (and they went to that camp for the summer, though they probably wouldn't want to be outside where they could get dirty or something, and it was /her/ asking.), and no one she knew was gonna drive her to Wynne City.

"What did your parents do, as in an occupation?" Patty continued onward with her questions, hoping to get her mind off town comparisons.

Giselle thought for a minute, as if shifting through her mind to remember what exactly her parents did for a job, "My Vater was a mechanic, and if he hadn't been recruited…or if things aren't as bad as they say he's still a mechanic. Then, my Mutter was a secretary for Herr Doktor Ehrlichmann, who was Head of the Medical Department at the University of Gottingen. He was later recruited as a doctor for the Wermacht."

By the time Giselle had finished she had a few stray tears in her eyes. Of course, it had been at least a little insensitive to ask that. With all the things that could have gone wrong from the time Giselle had left to this current moment, with all the things that had already gone wrong.

"My family was very lucky," Giselle commented after a pause, her lips upturned the slightest bit at the corners, "We were a large family, at least, larger than most. Yet, we had more than most families."

The comment confused Patty, she didn't know much about life in other countries. She didn't know all that much about economies. Though, she had heard of the depression. Everyone had. And they had gone through it, though, Patty herself had never experienced it. If it had affected America, could it have affected other countries as well?

It fell into a relative silence after that, no one speaking. No one making a sound besides the occasional shuffle of feet or clothing. At any other time, with any other people Patty would have found this silence awkward. Another thing she had done wrong. But now, right here, it was just silence. People mulling over their own thoughts, minding their own business.

And so, Patty decided to cease her pondering of the types of silence, and brought back conversations from the past few days. Just yesterday she and Giselle had exchanged answers to simple, nonsense questions.

Favorite color. Giselle's was opal blue, while Patty's was a mixture between leaf green and sky gray.

Favorite place they had been. Giselle's was 'Köln', which she had later explained to Patty was the name for Cologne in Deutsch, in German. Patty's was Memphis, for visits there meant seeing her grandparents, which always brightened her week.

Favorite food. Patty preferred knishes and jelly, while Giselle had said she liked many types of wurst, fancied having sauerbraten and had a taste for strudel.

Favorite genre. Patty said she was interested in realistic fiction and mysteries, while Giselle admitted to loving romance and angst.

Favorite day of the week. Patty was a Saturday person, while Giselle was a Monday person.

Favorite instrument. For Patty it was the piano, and Giselle 'simply adored the viola'.

There had been many more things, well 'favorites', they had told each other, but it was impossible, utterly impossible, to recount them all at the same time. The day before they had given out basic information to each other.

Birthdates. Giselle was born on March Fifteenth, and Patty had been born on June 2nd. Giselle had made all three people in the car laugh by quoting a Shakespeare play, with "Et tu Brute?", making the 'ides of march' reference.

Family member names. However, it would take much to long to name all of them, even if she was thinking this to herself, and not saying it aloud.

Hometowns. Which were Jenkinsville and Rosdorf, respectively.

And, at a time when they were both feeling rather optimistic, their dreams.

Dream Occupations. Patty stuck with journalism, and Giselle had said she would like to be a teacher one day. However, she had yet to narrow down the subjects, smiling sheepishly as she said she 'enjoyed most of them'.

They had also discussed dream families, dream weddings, dream adventures, dream inventions. Though, it got a little embarrassing for Patty at the wedding part, due to the 'spouse' part of weddings. After all, how do you admit to someone that you have a crush on her cousin, who happens to be an adult while you are a ch-teenager?

They had shared jokes, and silly stories. They swapped names and personalities, trying to act as each other. Giselle had told Patty all these fairy tales, which she accredited some to be from the Brothers Grimm, some to be from her family, and some to be from her own imagination. At the end of that day, Patty could not help but feel a little homesick. Just the thought of fairy tales reminded Patty of Sharon. She smiled a bit at the thought of her sister, who had always seemed to be a radiant ball of sunshine.

They stayed far away from anything to serious though, except in a few times like now. This silence had occurred before, and Patty could tell it would occur again and again, 'cos there was always something that really made you /think/.

The most serious they had gotten without the silence was Giselle trying to teach Patty basic German phrases. It had ended with them both laughing, as Patty struggled to repeat the simple phrases. So, Giselle had decided to give her a piece of paper with German words that were close in pronounciation and spelling to their English translations. Engel. Grune. Blau. Hallo. Auto. Madchen. Ja. Vater. Wasser. Mutter. Appel. Wunderbar. Bruder. Mein. Hunde. Katze.

Patty felt her lips move upwards more and more as she repeated the words in her head, translating them to English. Angel. Green. Blue. Hello. Automobile. Girl. Yes. Father. Water. Mother. Apple. Wonderful. Brother. My. Dog. Cat.

She was drawn from her thoughts as Giselle nudged her arm softly with her elbow. Patty gazed out the window, taking in the darkening sky and the growing number of buildings. Either they had reached their destination, or they were stopping for the night. Either way, Patty had to admit Charlene had great timing.

She and Giselle exchanged a glance, silently conveying the question between each other. As the sky began to darken more and more, and the time went on, the speed of Charlene's driving became slower, and soon they were parked on the side of the street, next to a yellow house.

"We're here!" Charlene exclaimed happily, a smile taking over the slight fatigue and boredom her features had previously shown.

Giselle seemed to fight the urge to roll her eyes, "And where is 'here'?"

Charlene laughed, that teasing glint entering her eyes, "Oh, I thought you were looking at the road signs to know where we were?" With the final word, she sprung out the car door, waiting for the two girls to do the same.

They followed suit, Gisele grumbling something about 'Charlene' and cheekiness' as they did so. When they were all grouped together, Charlene lead the way to the door knocking louder than one usually would.

Giselle gave Patty a questioning look that spoke the words, "Is this our destination?" through a raised eyebrow and a small pursing of her lips.

At once, the door flung open, a voice calling out a greeting with a jolly tone, a pair of arms pulling Charlene into an embrace, "Lena! It has been so long, well, one year, but still that is long. Funny how some of the shortest of times feel like the longest, eh? How have you been? Is Memphis treating you well? How is your career going? Di- Oh, why, hello, hello! These must be the two companions you mentioned in your latest letter!"-The arms let go of Charlene and in turn embraced the two girls at the same time-"I'm Nicole!"

Patty barely comprehended anything the women said. She talked faster than a bird chirped. Patty could see her own confusion reflected on Giselle's face as they were both pulled into a hug. Who was this woman?

As the embrace ended and they were released, both girls found themselves taking a step back, not enjoying how crowded it had become. The woman, Nicole, had short, bobbed, dark brown hair and caramel brown eyes. Her eyebrows were thin and arched, and her eyeliner was done precisely in a way that made her eyes appear longer. She wore a pale beige blouse, and a long sage green skirt.

Patty tried to give her a smile, but her smile came out unsure. She held out her hand for the woman to shake, assuming it was the appropriate greeting, "I'm Patty."

She glanced towards her right; curious to see how Giselle would introduce herself. The girl in question had crossed her legs and curtsied, murmuring a few quick, soft words, "Küss die Hand."

Patty watched on in quiet observation watching as the ghost of a smile crossed the somewhat confused woman's face. It was obvious it was not expected, but the gesture was not thought of as rude (how could it be?), and albeit not as what many others would take it as.

Nicole winked at Charlene, "I can only begin to guess what you wanted to talk about." She gave them another warm-hearted smile, opening her door wider, and motioning with her left arm for them to come in, and, of course adding in a few words, "Well, come in, come in! It's obvious we have a lot of talking to do."

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