A/N-In season 8, there was a episode called 'A Faraway cry', about a old friend of Caroline's writing her and asking her for some help in a small mining makeshift town. A woman named Nora helped Doc Baker in the episode and this story is about her and a certain somebody in the cast. Please R and R.

Nora stepped off the stagecoach, alone and scared. She had never gone anyplace without her late husband but since his death, she's done a lot of things she hasn't done. She had to go to work and there wasn't a lot of jobs for women but she had in her hands this clipping from the newspaper that was advertising for a nurse in the town of Walnut Grove.

She had never heard of Walnut Grove, she and her husband came here from a tiny town in Montana when they had heard of the Gold strike and if they had only known that it was going to cost him his life!

But Nora had straighten her shoulders, wiped her tears away and went walking about the town. It was a quaint town but she was looking for the doctor's office, she finally saw a sign by the post office and she thought she saw the name and recognized it...Doctor Hiram Baker. But it couldn't be, could it? Doc Baker was the only doctor she ever assisted for, back in the mining camp where her husband had died, she was the only one there who could help.

All she could do now was go knock on the door.

Doctor Baker was eating a hearty lunch over at 'Caroline's', Fried chicken and mashed potatoes with green beans and some good cooling down lemonade for a hot summer's day such as they were having in 1888. Laura comes in holding some notebooks and other books and she sees the doctor and she goes over to his table and she asks:

"Is the chicken good today doctor?"

He looks up and smiles and gets up and hugs her then says:

"Anything that Hester Sue cooks is good"

Laura says:

"Well, please sit down and finish eating, please"

He does and Nellie comes over and Laura says:

"I'll have what the doctor is having Nellie"

She shakes her head and goes to the kitchen and Laura asks:

"How's business doctor?"

He sighs and takes a sip of lemonade then says:

"Laura, I reckon you and your family is about the only ones in Walnut Grove who hasn't come to my office"

She smiles and sits down and says:

"It's too bad doctor Ladoux couldn't work out"

Doc Baker shakes his head then says:

"He just felt he couldn't over come the prejudices in this town"

Laura shakes her head then asks the doctor:

"So what are you going to do?"

He tells her:

"Well, I'm not going to advertise for a new partner, No, too many unexpected problems in that but , I did advertise for a nurse"

Her face brightens up and she says:

'A nurse! That will be terrific for Walnut Grove!"

He takes another bite of his chicken breast then says:

"I hope so"

Nellie then comes with Laura's lunch, puts it down then asks:

"What would you like to drink Laura?"

Laura smiles then says:

"Just some lemonade please"

Nellie turns to leave then doctor Baker says:

"I better go, I told Mrs. Foster to tell anybody who comes that I'm over here but I don't want to stay gone too long"

Laura says:

"Well, it was good talking to you doctor"

He picks up his hat and black bag then says:

"It was a pleasure Laura, bye"

He leaves and Nellie brings out some lemonade to Laura.

Nora starts to knock on the doctor's door but then Mrs. Foster says:

"The doctor isn't in. He's over at the restaurant having lunch"

Nora says:

"Thank you"

Nora goes over to the bridge and looks out at the water . Then a few minutes later, Doctor Baker comes walking up and he says:


She turns and looks at him. As she smiles and they hug and he says:

"Land sakes! What are you doing here?"

She nervously clears her throat then says:

"Well, I'm here to see if I can get the job"

She holds the newspaper clipping . He asks:

"You, Nora?"

She shakes her head and he signals for them to go into his office . Then once inside, she says:

"I did go to nursing school but when I graduated, I got married . You were really the first doctor I ever worked for but if you don't think…."

He says:

"I would be happy to have you Nora….you can start in a few days"

She smiles and hugs him.

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