A/N-The two songs that are used in this chapter are 'Beautiful Dreamer' by Stephan Foster,copy right 1894. I'm just using it. There is also 'Barabra Allen', that one I don't know who sings it or wrote it but I'm using part of it for the story, I hope you enjoy.

The Walnut Grove church was in a flutter like bees buzzing around flowers, Laura and Sarah were putting flowers on either side of the pulpit, Revered Alden was watching people put up various decorations up at the church, everybody was SO happy but then they hear,

' In Scarelet town, where I was born,

There was a fair maid dwellin',

Made every youth cry well-a-day'

Her name was Barbra Allen...'

They turn and see that it's Mrs. Olsen! Screeching...or rather singing! The good Revered rolls his eyes while Laura and Sarah snicker and shake their heads. Some people try to cover their ears...Jason and Jeb Carter quickly run out of the church while Wille and his wife stand embarressed at the doors of the church while his mother continues to sing,

'All in the merry month of May

When green buds they were swellin',

young Jeremy Grove on his death bed by

for love of Barbra Allen.

For death is printed on his face...'

Just then they hear 'Harriet!' Everybody turns to see Nels walking up to his wife and he asks in a low but firm voice, "Just what are you doing?" Harriet composes herself then says, "I was just giving Doctor Baker and his fiance a gift...a free gift!' Nels looks around at people with his face a slight beet red color then he says, "Well, you can just stop it! This isn't the time!" Her jaw drops open and she starts to protest when Caroline Ingalls speaks up and says, "After all Mrs. Olson, the wedding is about to start and Hester Sue is going to sing". Harriet smooths down her dress and nods her head silently and sits down and Nels mouths "Thank you" to Caroline and she smiles and sits down while Hester Sue walks up to the front and starts singing,

'Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me

starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee,

sounds of the rude world, heard in the day.

Lull'd by the moonlight, have passed away!

Beautiful dreamer, queen of my song,

List while I woo thee with soft melody:

Gone are the cares of life's busy trong,

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!

Beautiful dreamer, out on the sea

mermaids are chatting the wild lorie,

over the stream let vapors are borne,

waiting to fade at the bright coming morn.

Beautiful dreamer, beam on my heart,

E'en as the morn on the streamlet and sea;

then will all ovals of the sorrow depart,

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!

Hester Sue steps down and goes to sit down then the Revered comes out followed by Doc Baker and his brother Harrison. They all get in place then the Reverends wife begins to play the Wedding March and then appears Jean in beautiful matron of honor glory followed by

bride, Nora. Nora had on a beautiful wedding dress of the times. A simple dress with a hoop skirt and the veil is limerick gulpure lace with a 9 inch border of floral motifs. Doctor Hiram Baker was swelling with pride. Nora got up there and took her husband to be arm and they looked up at the revered as he began the service, "We are gathered here today..." Nora and Hiram both confided in each other that neither one of them really recalled the rest of the words of the revered, Hiram just smiled and said "I do" and so did Nora then a gentle kiss.

The reception was held outside since it was such a beautiful Spring day. Laughter and music were both freely flowing...Nora and Hiram were standing by each other and laughing right along with their guests when Caroline along with her daughter and son-in-law came up to congratulate them. She says, "Oh, I'm so happy for both of you!"

She and Nora hug and Nora says, "Thank you Caroline" Almanzo shakes Hiram's hand firmly and says, "Congratulations doctor" . Hiram smiles and says, "Thank you Almanzo"

Just then the revered and his wife comes up and he says, "Let me give you my congratulations again Hiram" The doctor and the revered shake hands and Nora hugs his wife and the revered says to Caroline, "Caroline, I'm so glad you were able to stay. I know you were supposed to go back last week" She shakes her head then says, "I know but when Charles found out it was the doctors wedding, he said I better stay since he wasn't able to be here!" They all laugh then the revered says, "Nora...I was cleaning out the church the other day before the ladies of Walnut Grove came and took over..." Everybody laughs then the Revered continues, "I found some papers that might be of int rest to you" She cocks her eyebrow and says, "Oh?" He reaches inside his black revered jacket and pulls out a old sheet of paper, hands it to Nora and she reads it and looks quizzically then he explains, "Those papers say that a man named Jess Lawson was in Walnut Grove about oh, a dozen or so years ago...I think that's when I was also preaching in another town so I don't really remember but apparently there was a terrible, terrible storm that with several trees that were surrounding the church at that time, broke every window in the building. The church didn't have any money for such at that time...still doesn't. But Mister Lawson was gracious enough to pay for every window that is in the building and even one that a later storm destroyed"

Nora's eyes light up and Mrs. and Mister Olson walk up as does Jasper and his lady friend and Nora says, "I remember now! Jess had sent a letter to the family telling us of his fortune in the gold mines..." She turns to her son and says to him, "I think that's where you got your inching to work in mines." Jasper smiles and looks at his lady friend then Nora continues and I barely remember him mentioning this town but he said the town took to him so that he just had to repay by buying those windows!"

Mrs. Olson says, "Oh, I remember also! I'll never forget that! We did so good on those windows!" Nels rolls his eyes then says, "Yes but you thought that would continue and ordered 5 extra winows...and we still got one in the storage room!" Everybody laughs and Harriet looks around then walks off then Caroline asks, "Doctor Baker?" Hiram looks at her and asks, "Yes, Caroline?" "Well, it's been so long since I heard you lead the calling of the square dance...well, could you?" Everybody says, "Oh please!" and Nora says, "Oh, come on Hiram! I never heard you!" He swells with pride then Revered Alden says, "Come on Hiram, you can't deny your lady" He says, "Well, come on!"

Everybody goes up to the place to dance. The music plays sweet and gaily.

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