For the first time in a long time, Hermione was scared. She was magically bound to a bed, and without her wand. Sure, she could move around the king-sized bed, but she couldn't get off of it. She had tried many times. There was no magical wall, no shock, she just couldn't. So she was scared. She had just woken up in this situation. She was Head Girl for Merlin's sake! This shouldn't be happening!

Hermione was close to tears at this point. The more she thought about it, the more her eyes welled up. She was trapped, without her wand. She may as well be a guinea pig! She ran her fingers through her once-bushy hair. It now fell in soft curls to the small of her back. She was slender, with full breasts and fair, clear skin. She had big brown eyes with streaks of gold, surrounded by dark, thick lashes. Hermione had grown quite beautiful, and she was the only one who hadn't noticed.

But her looks were far from her mind now. She was in complete panic. It had been hours since she'd woken up, and nothing had changed. She sat with her knees drawn to her chest, hugging herself. She was on the corner of the bed, as far from the door as possible.

And suddenly, the door opened, and in walked the Head Boy. As Draco leaned against the door frame, he chuckled.

"Hello Hermione." Her heart beat soared, fear coursing through her veins. As Head Girl and Head Boy, Draco and Hermione had been sharing a dorm, and the whole time Draco had been eying her, and she had tried to avoid him as much as possible.

"Oh, don't look so frightened," Draco said as he approached the bed. "Am I that bad?" He asked, as he got on the bed and slowly made his way towards the frightened seventeen-year-old. Once again, Hermione tried to get off the bed, to get away, but she found she just couldn't.

"Don't bother," He said, giving his infamous smirk. "No one's getting in or out of this bed except me."

Hermione's throat tightened, and she could only manage a choked, "Why?"

"Why? Why?" Draco laughed. "Because you're mine. Can't you see we're meant to be? We'll be together forever."

And Hermione knew she couldn't do a thing about it.