Yay! My favorite pairing in the whole wide world! Darkshipping ftw! This will be a two-shot, so no action in this chapter ;)

Pairing: Darkshipping (Yami Yugi/Yami Bakura)

Warnings: Cussing, OOCness

I will never own Yu-Gi-Oh. Makes my inner fan-girl very sad :(

"You're such an idiot."

"Shut the hell up or I'll gouge your eyes out."

A deep chuckle came after the threat. "Alright, you're right; I shouldn't be kicking you while you're down…especially since I know you came all the way here just to see me."

"Oh for the love of Ra…"

The multi-colored haired speaker chuckled again before speaking. "What's the matter tomb robber, my suggestion hit close to home?"

The other person, white hair sopping wet and sprinkled with snow, bristled. "Not a chance pharaoh. Hell is much more pleasant than looking at your face."

The former pharaoh merely smirked. He had been studying the near-frozen thief that had stumbled into the Game Shop for quite sometime now. He could tell the spirit of the Millennium Ring was upset that he had been caught out in the rain but was even more upset that it was Yami that was in his presence.

The amethyst-eyed yami blinked, narrowing his eyes shortly after when he saw the brown-eyed spirit's shoulders quivering and knew he was probably freezing. Reaching over the couch, he pulled a blanket off and moved around to place it on the shivering body.

As soon as he came in close proximity of the thief, a low growl sounded from the other's throat. "Get away from me."

Rolling his eyes Yami spoke. "Come on now tomb robber. I can tell your cold with all that shivering. Just put it on."

Brown eyes narrowed dangerously. "I said to get away."

The former pharaoh narrowed his eyes in return. The other yami didn't scare him much anymore, much to said tomb robber's anger. However, the yami could be intimidating if he wanted to.

"Well I say put it on. That's an order, Bakura."

Usually, Bakura would have been even angrier that the stupid pharaoh would dare order him around, but the numbing cold was setting in on his senses. Plus, he seemed a little surprised that the former pharaoh had actually called him by his name and let out a gradual sigh of irritation. "Fine."

Yami's face twisted into a smirk of triumph as he watched the soaked thief snatch the blanket away and drape it over himself, wrapping it tighter around himself when he found how warm it was.

"So, did you get lost tonight, or do you enjoy romping around in the freezing cold?"

"Ha-ha, your humor is quite amusing."

The ex-pharaoh dropped the playful act when he saw that the darker yami was not fighting back with his usual spite. In fact, his brown eyes did look a little dull…

"Tomb robber? What's wrong?" Yami asked, cocking his head to the side, confusion in his amethyst orbs.

A cold glare met his confused one. "None of your business."

"Then why did I find you pounding on my door at three in the morning?"

Bakura growled. "I may not like you pharaoh, but even I'm not that stupid to stay in the snow all night."

"Granted, but why me? Why not say…Marik and Malik?"

The thief scoffed before speaking again. "Are you blind pharaoh? It's snowing outside. Any longer and I would have caught hyp…hypo-hypetherniam…"

"Hypothermia" Yami corrected, a small chuckle erupting from his lips at the look he was getting.

"You don't have to right about everything."

"No, but it's oh so fun to see you wrong for once." Yami countered, his half-lidded eyes filled with mischief.

Bakura merely growled in response before pulling the thin blanket more tightly around his still shivering body, eyes weakly closing. The ex-pharaoh seemed to notice this.

"Well you are right about one thing; any longer outside, you probably would have collapsed." Once the amethyst-eyed yami got up and made his way towards the white-haired yami for a second time, he was pleased that the tomb robber did not snarl or fight back when he placed his slender hands on equally slender shoulders. The stubborn bastard probably used up all his energy…

"Come on now Bakura, I'll make sure you don't get sick."

The thief's tired brown eyes met his. Yami knew that Bakura wanted to fight but couldn't. He took advantage of the situation and, as gently as he could, lifted the darker yami up and steadied him, the swaying concerning him slightly.

"Can you walk?"

Bakura glared weakly at him. "Of course I can walk; I'm not a helpless child." The ex-pharaoh smirked once he heard the normal berating tone in his enemy's strained and tired voice.

"Glad to see that attitude of yours hasn't changed."

Grabbing the lean arm in a gentle but firm grip, he lead the yami upstairs, cautiously watching to make sure Bakura didn't trip and hurt himself. Once they made it up to the bedroom, Yami placed the thief down on the bed and turned to look for dry clothing.

Finding some dry sweats Yugi had given him for cold nights, he nodded to himself and turned back to Bakura…

…only to find he was asleep.

The former pharaoh blinked. Bakura seemed to have found his bed rather comfortable and decided to sleep on it. Yami growled.

Moving forward to wake the thief up, he finally noticed that the shivering seemed to stop. Bakura's body was snuggled deep into the blankets, his breathing low and raspy.

Yami considered calling Ryou, no doubt the doe-eyed hikari was probably worried about his darker half. However, doing that may mean waking Bakura up and the ex-pharaoh really didn't want to deal with the tomb robber once he was rudely awoken and sick.

He really needed to be warmed up though. Yami remembered once when Yugi had gotten sick from the snow, he had insisted on taking a warm shower and changing into warm clothing instead of merely collapsing on the bed. He said if he was still in wet clothing, he would get even sicker than he already was.

Oh Ra…a sick Bakura? Sicker than he was now?

"Tomb robber, wake up!"

A low groan of protest sounded from the white-haired thief before a clouded brown eye opened slowly.

"What…the hell…do you want?"

Yami wasn't intimidated. "You have to wash in warm water and put on some dry clothing. Aibou says that if someone sleeps in wet clothing, they'll get sicker."

"I don't give a bloody damn. I wanna sleep so if you would kindly shut up, I can get to doing that."

Bakura closed his eyes again and snuggled deeper into blankets, hoping he could drift off before the pharaoh could start talking again.

A squeak of surprise erupted from his dry throat when a pair of arms roughly dragged him up and half-carried, half-dragged him towards the bathroom.

"Holy Ra! Pharaoh what the hell are you doing?"

Yami growled as the spirit started to squirm like made in his grasp. "Tomb Robber! Stop it! You need to warm up!"

Bakura, seeing that he had a good chance of escaping, withered even more in the ex-pharaoh's grasp. "I don't need anything from you!" Taking a chance, one of the white-haired yami's knees thrust up and made contact with Yami's chest. Once the grip on his torso was slackened, he took off, racing as fast as he could out of the Game Shop.

Recovering quickly from the blow, the former pharaoh let out a few curses in Egyptian when he heard the bell to the front door jingle.

Baka tomb robber.

Bakura finally stopped running, mostly because he was finding it incredibly hard to breathe normally. Looking back, he was a little relieved he was a safe distance from the shop.

"What the hell was that all about?"

Usually, an physical contact with the ex-pharaoh disgusted him immensely. However, this time, shivers went up his spine as he remembered Yami's strong grasp on his lithe muscles.

He blamed the sickness.

Bakura started to shiver again. In his haste to leave the accursed cave of the pharaoh, he had forgotten to grab his jacket. Not that it probably would have helped, seeing as the thing was cold and went. Snow started to fall and melt on the bare skin of his arms and he hugged himself, trying desperately to save whatever warmth he had left.

Why the hell was the weather so damn cold? It never snowed in Egypt…

"Bakura! Get back here, you baka!"

The brown-eyes thief turned back to see a rather annoyed looking yami chasing after him. Growling low in his throat, he broke into a run again, not really caring where he was going.

Once he looked around, he saw he was in the main park of Domino City, a place Ryou took him all the time. At this point in time, the information seemed useless to him. He didn't stop running until he heard the pharaoh cry in a tone he had never heard him use. Stopping and turning around, he saw the yami's amethyst eyes were wide with shock and he raised an eyebrow.

"Pharaoh, what the bloody hell is the matter with you?"

"Don't move."

Puzzled, Bakura looked around him. What was the pharaoh afraid of? There wouldn't be anyone out here tonight, would there? Who would want to be out in this God forsaken weather?


Yami was slowly inching his way towards him, keeping both of his feet firmly on the snow-covered ground. "Just don't move at all."

The thief blinked again but before he could open his mouth, he heard a sickening crack. Startled, he looked around again. Was something watching them? Then, he heard it again, only much louder this time, coming from beneath him. Looking down slowly, his brown eyes widened when he saw that he was standing on ice…

…and the ice was cracking.

Looking at the pharaoh, he could tell the other yami was frightened. Never before had he seen such fear in the bright orbs.

"P-Pharaoh?" He would later curse himself for stuttering in front of his greatest enemy.

"Bakura, please don't move. If you do, it'll crack even more." Yami said, trying to slowly make his way to the white-haired thief. He had heard of situations like this before. He had even seen it on the…what was it…television? Yes, the television. Icy water was under that thin ice and if Bakura fell through it…

Swallowing, Bakura continued to stare at the cracked ice in a weird fearfully fascination. What would happen if he fell through it? Would he be able to pull himself back on the ice?

"Tomb robber, I want you to walk towards me but keep your feet on the ground. Move very slowly."

Bakura growled. "And what if I don't?"

As if to answer his question, another loud snap sounded and a crack wound its way in-between the tomb robber's legs. A startled grunt leaving his lips, he sighed inwardly. Why was the pharaoh always right?

Taking a moment before moving, Bakura made sure he moved very slowly, sliding his feet across the ice. Yami watched with tense anticipation, jumping slightly when one or two softer cracks sounded but did not get in the spirit's way.

Soon, the thief was at least 12 yards away from the pharaoh, keeping his brown eyes on the fragile ice.

"That's it…nice and slow…"

"Shut up, I'm losing my focus."

However, before he was even 10 yards away from solid ground, a loud snap startled both of them, a deep crack tearing its way in front of Bakura. Taken aback, the tomb robber took a step back and soon, more cracks made their way around Bakura's form.

Yami held his breath, as did the thief. They waited, hoping that the ice was still strong enough to hold the white-haired yami's weight. When a few moments passed and nothing happened, Bakura started to walk again, sliding his foot carefully.

However, the ice simply was no longer strong enough and it broke under the thief. Bakura cried out in surprise as he fell through the ice, disappearing under for a few seconds.

"Bakura!" Yami cried out, now afraid for the tomb robber's survival. When the yami finally resurfaced, he let out a small sigh of relief. However, that relief soon turned to fear when he knew that one; the water the thief was in was below freezing and two; Bakura was panicking.

"P-P-Pharaoh!" the white-haired yami screeched, coughing and sputtering, his form shaking in the water. The water was slowly numbing his body and he felt his energy start to leave him.

"Thief! Try and pull yourself up! You can't stay in the water!" Yami said, wanting desperately to run over and help the yami from his predicament.

"N-N-No s-s-shit baka p-p-pharaoh."

Bakura tried to lift himself out with the little energy he had but as soon as he put weight on the thin ice, it broke, leaving the thief stuck without something to hold on to in the middle of the icy water. Flailing his arms, he tried to stay afloat, but the pull of the water was just too great. He was drowning.

"P-Pharaoh!" the drowning yami cried out before he was completely submerged underwater, the black water icy calm. Yami could only stare in fear. The place Bakura was a minute ago was now empty, not even a ripple tearing across the water.

What scared the pharaoh more was that after a few heartbeats of waiting, Bakura did not reappear.