The Lightning Strike
by AHS


Painted in flames
All peeling thunder
Be the lightning in me
That strikes relentless

"Wake up… Brian, wake up."

Brian's eyes opened to pure blue… and he felt his heart start again. Too fast, but at least it had a reason to beat.


He touched soft blond and warm skin and wrapped around tightly, feeling his dick pressing against Justin's stomach… flat stomach.

Justin was already wondering at wetness around Brian's eyes and now wondered at the sudden panic and confusion in them.

"Jus- no, where's the-"

"Shh, it's okay." Justin kissed Brian softly, with safety and reality, brushing away remnants of tears. "It's okay, promise. Nightmare?" Justin wrapped the duvet around him. "You're shivering."

"I…" Brian sat up, looked around. They were in their bedroom at the house. He made Justin lie back so he could look him over, head to toe. Beautiful, worried eyes. Wedding ring. No blood. No baby. "You were… hurt," he choked out.

"Brian," Justin whispered, holding him, holding him, holding him as his breathing slowed, eased. "I'm not hurt. I'm here."

"You… both were."

No, there was a baby. Brian knew there was. He wasn't that confused.

Justin looked at him, so sadly, understanding. Then shook his head, happiness slowly replacing. "We're fine. I'm beyond fine, actually, because he is on his way!"

Brian's head was starting to clear. "He is?"

"I'm sorry, I let you sleep after the phone call because she said we had a while to wait, and you looked peaceful at the time. If I'd known, I would have woken you, but… Tessa's in labor!"

Tessa. Their surrogate. Brian finally felt himself fully back in the real world. And grinned. "Fuck yeah."

"We're parents, Brian. Holy shit."

"Eloquently said."

They just stared at each other a few moments, in joy and amazement. Then Justin jumped into gear. "Her sister's taking her to the hospital, but I said we'd meet them there right away. Come on, we've got to get ready!"

"It's bizarre, you know. You this awake at… fuck, 5:54 in the morning?"

"Kind of a special occasion! Shower, let's go!" Justin started to pull Brian into the bathroom, then stopped suddenly. "Wait. Shit, I'm… I got caught up, and I figured you wouldn't want to talk about your dream, but it seemed… bad."

"Not all of it."

Justin laid his palm against Brian's cheek. "So, are you really okay?"

Brian had been in hell just a few minutes earlier, but once his consciousness had caught up and Justin's arms were around him, it was a different story. He nodded, taking Justin's hand. "I'm good now. You kidding? I'm fucking incredible. Not only am I happy, I'm equipped to deal with said happiness. What do you think of that?"

"There is an awful lot happening today. Maybe we could do with a little last minute session? I could call Alex…"

"The only kind of session I need is in the shower with you. What could possibly be our last completely uninterrupted fuck session for the next eighteen years, and I plan to make it count."

"Brian, we have to get to the hospital!" Justin insisted, resolve wavering as Brian sucked on his neck and sank fingernails into the under curve of his ass. "Well… her contractions were still nine minutes apart…"

Brian laughed, pleased at getting his way, and thinking of how roomy the large shower would once again seem. "Love you, you know."

"I do know. I know everything." Justin kissed Brian quickly, pressing "loveyou" onto his lips.

"But I don't care how much I love you," Brian added a minute later, turning on the water. "No more of your Nick at Nite marathons. Fucking Bill Cosby."

Justin did a double take, giggled as he stepped under the spray. "What the hell did Bill Cosby do to offend you? Besides the ugly sweaters."

"That episode. You know the one. The… pregnant men."

Justin blinked, then went into hysterics. "Oh- my God," he gasped.

"Shut up before you drown."

"Sorry, um… Which one of us… was…?"

"YOU, obviously!"

"Why is that obvious?"

"Hmm, let me show you."

Their shower was stocked with lube but no condoms, never needed again, and halle-fucking-lujah. As Brian pushed inside Justin, bare, pure, he couldn't help but thank a higher power he only seemed to believe in when he was inside Justin (the truly fucking holy place) that he had Justin… that they lived in a world where "birth control" was not a necessary phrase, at least for them… where they could fuck like animals, thin and fabulous, through the whole damn nine months of pregnancy, even labor if they so chose (Justin wouldn't)… and, in the end, they still got to bring their baby home.

I want to see you
As you are now
Every single day
That I am living