Disclaimer: The Disney Company has full rights to Tarzan. I only created the characters that you've never heard of before.

A/N: Hey guys. Recently I've gotten into the movie 'Tarzan' and this just kind of filtered in to my brain. :)


May 23rd, 1872, An island off the coast of South Africa

I'm Dr. James A. Campbell, age 22, graduate of Oxford, and I am currently on a mission to find a 'Gorilla gorilla beringei', also known as a 'Mountain Gorilla'. But as my next couple month's entry's into this journal will show, I am not after just any ordinary gorilla that happens to cross my path. I am looking for the legendary, albino gorilla that is said to wander these mountains. A rare beast indeed, and I plan to study it in the wild, then capture it to bring it back with me to England.

For years now I have believed that such a creature actually existed, though my colleagues have only seen fit to ridicule me about my beliefs. I will show them who has the real abilities for what it takes to be an adventurer and explorer into the dark depths of the world!

Currently I'm onboard the SS Charleston and we're nearing the famed mountains of the 'Nfumu Ngui' (what the locals refer to the gorilla as).

With journal in hand, my mother (an ex-nurse of the royal army, who insisted upon coming to make sure no illness would harm me) by my side, and a team of zoo catchers camping on the beach for the next few months awaiting my signal, I embark into the wilds of this South African island.

I am Dr. James A. Campbell and I won't let anything stop me from finishing my research.


A/N: Well then, Mr. Campbell... let's see if you can walk the walk.