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Chapter Three

Overnight I tried to remain occupied but it did nothing to make the time pass faster. I just found myself continually checking my pocket watch until it was time to leave to pick up Bella. Carlisle and Esme just smiled as they watched me leave.

On the drive over I was feeling a sense of excitement and anticipation that I had never felt before. I stepped out of the carriage and looked up the front of the Cheney's home. A flash of movement caught my eye, as well as a glimpse of dark brown eyes. Apparently Bella had been watching for my arrival. That knowledge made me smile as I climbed the stairs.

Once inside their manservant told me that Miss Swan would be down in a few minutes. As I stood waiting Angela emerged from the library, greeting me with a warm smile.

"Mr. Cullen, it is a pleasure to see you again so soon."

"Likewise Lady Cheney. Are you joining us today?" I knew that now my intentions were clear, she would allow us the private time I had requested.

Angela shook her head. "No unfortunately household business will force me to remain behind. Besides, I know you have important things to discuss with my cousin, correct?" Angela subtly raised an eyebrow at me.

"I have very important things to discuss with her. And an even more pressing question I must have answered."

"She better tell me you asked it when she arrives home. That is if I cannot already read the news on her face." Angela smiled at me as she thought to herself about Bella and how excited she was for our meeting today. I caught flashes of Bella last night after Ben had returned home and told her my request. Clearly Bella was happy, and happier than Angela had ever seen her. I loved seeing Bella like that, even just through Angela's memories.

"Angela, are you threatening Mr. Cullen?" Bella's melodic voice pulled my eyes to where she was descending the stairs. She wore a dress that was a lovely spring green with delicate lace edging. "Do not be rude."

"Bella, I was just clarifying Mr. Cullen's plans since I am allowing him to escort you privately today."

Bella rolled her eyes just a little and I heard Angela stifle a laugh. "Well we both know Mr. Cullen will take excellent care of me, won't you sir?" She turned and gave me a radiant smile.

"A pleasure to see you again Miss Swan. To answer your question, absolutely." I took her hand in mine and kissed the back of it. Bella's cheeks flushed pink and she smiled.

Angela gave Bella a quick hug. "Have a wonderful time, wherever you are going."

I offered my arm to Bella and she took it, wrapping her fingers around my forearm. I helped her into the carriage and then settled in the seat directly across from her. The driver signaled the horses and I observed the eager look on Bella's face as she watched the scenery starting to pass by. Finally she looked over at me and a moment of shyness crossed her face.

I decided to open up conversation up on easy topics. "Did you sleep well Bella?" It was nice to be in private where I could revert to using her first name.

Bella nodded. "I slept very well thank you. Although I woke up earlier than usual because I was excited for today…to see you again."

That last little bit made my breath catch. "I am so pleased you agreed to accompany me on this little adventure. I was very happy knowing I was seeing you again today as well."

"I do have some more questions for you." Bella glanced up at me through her eyelashes, folding and unfolding her hands. "As long as you do not mind my curiosity?"

"Not at all. Once we arrive you may proceed to ask me as many questions as your heart desires."

The carriage stopped at the opera house and I assisted Bella as she stepped out of the coach. She slipped a little and my hand grasped around her waist to steady her. Bella blushed a bit at the sudden close contact. "As I told you before, I am a bit clumsy. Thank you." She looked up to see where we were and her mouth fell open.

"I arranged some private exploration time for you today. If that is agreeable with you of course?"

Bella turned to me, her eyes shining. "It is amazing. Thank you so much Edward. I cannot believe you did this for me."

Taking my arm again Bella stayed by my side as we entered the opera house. "I will do whatever it takes to make you smile Bella. I love seeing your smile." Bella was quiet, but her hand squeezed my arm briefly.

We wandered into the auditorium. Bella's eyes were trained up at the ceiling taking in the chandeliers and décor adorning it. Suddenly she spun around, "May we go up to where you were sitting the other night Edward?"

"Certainly." I led Bella upstairs to our balcony seats. She gazed across the way, staring at where she had been sitting.

"You could hear me when I was all the way over there?" Her voice was soft and low.

"Yes." Bella stared over at her balcony for a few minutes before she sat down in one of the red velvet chairs. I moved to sit facing her and gave her a reassuring smile. "You have more questions."

Bella removed her white gloves slowly and then gave me a little smile. "Is it safe to ask here?"

She was still protecting me, remembering what I had told her about the secrecy involved in this lifestyle. "We are all alone Bella. I ensured no one else would be here, so yes it is safe."

Bella set her gloves on the neighboring chair and removed her hat, placing it with them. "I did a great deal of thinking last night and this morning. There are a couple myths we did not discuss."

I grinned at her, intrigued. "With the sheer number of them it would be certain we overlooked a few. Which ones were you wondering about?"

Bella blushed again. "Do you turn into anything, such as….." She paused and glanced at me nervously.

"A bat perhaps?" I chuckled and Bella visibly relaxed. "No I do not transform into any other type of creature."

"Why is it you do not have fangs?" Bella watched me closely for my reaction.

"I do not know a precise reason other than Vampires do not have them. However my teeth are exceedingly sharp." I couldn't help but give her a little grin.

"Oh. How sharp?" Her unfettered curiosity never ceased to amuse me.

I had to think a moment about that, since I had never had to answer that question before. "Hmm. Razor sharp. How do you think we are able to hunt the animals we do?"

"I do not know what animals you hunt," Bella laughed at me.

"Good point. Deer, elk, mountain lions, bears….."

"Bears?" Bella's eyes were enormous.

"We are extremely strong and fast Bella." I was still astounded Bella was sitting across from me the more details were disclosed, even though she had seemed to accept what I was long ago.

Bella leaned back a bit in her chair and considered all that I had just told her. "So if I were to, have you change me….."

I reached over and took her warm hand in mine. "You would be as strong and as fast as I am. Actually a little more than I for the first year."

Bella wrapped her other hand over the top of mine, surrounding it in heat. "If you do not have fangs, how are you able to change people? I thought you needed fangs to do that."

It was an intelligent question. "When you become a vampire all your bodily fluid is replaced with a venomous liquid. When we bite someone, the venom enters the bloodstream and begins the transformation."

Bella looked calm as she listened, "Makes sense."

I laughed hard when she said that. "Bella, nothing we are discussing should make sense in relation to the real world."

Bella shrugged. "I have never really been part of the real world Edward. I think I have been waiting to meet you, because I was truly meant to be in your world."

I listened to the calm assurance behind Bella's words and had to ask, "What are you saying Bella?"

Bella nodded, "I guess we have arrived to my surprise now." She paused and took a deep breath, "I want to be with you forever Edward, if you will have me that is."

I leaned in and Bella's eyes locked in on mine. We stared at each other for a few seconds, our mouths only a couple inches apart. I closed the distance between us, brushing my lips over hers and then shifted out of my chair to kneel in front of her.

"Bella Swan, would you do me the honor of giving me your hand in marriage. I want nothing more than to be able to love you forever, and never leave your side."

Bella's eyes teared up slightly. "I will Edward."

I gave her a huge smile and handed her my handkerchief to dab her eyes. I pulled the ring out I had placed in my pocket before I left the house. When I took her left hand in mine Bella knew instantly what I was about to do. She gave me a nod and a smile of encouragement when I looked at her questioningly. The ring slipped easily onto her finger, fitting there as if it had been made for her specifically.

Bella whispered, "It is beautiful." I stood up slowly and gently pulled her up from her chair.

"So are you." Bella blushed as I expected she would. She smiled up at me and then moved so that her body was pressed up to mine. I wrapped my arms around her waist and she leaned her head against my chest. We stood there several minutes holding one another. Never had I imagined I would find myself in this position within my existence.

"Shall we have a look at the stage?" Bella pulled back and nodded. Hand in hand we wandered downstairs and in the entrance for the stage. Bella moved between the set pieces for the upcoming production. I stood back and just enjoyed the sight of her fascination as she explored.

"Do you know what they are performing here next Edward?" Bella looked up at the backdrop of green hills and trees.

"Yes actually I do. They will be performing the ballet Sleeping Beauty."

Bella wandered over to the large bed that was center stage. "That explains the bed then." She ran her hand over the headboard as she walked behind it.

"It certainly does. I think the production is supposed to start in a month. Would you like to see it when it opens?" I moved to where Bella was a few moments earlier behind the headboard. I leaned on it and watched her as she slid her fingers along the satin coverlet of the bed.

"I would love to." Bella smiled up at me. "I wonder if there will be any differences between the story and the production like there was with Cinderella?"

I could tell she wanted to sit on the bed so I gestured towards it. "You may sit on it, it is quite alright." Bella blushed a little and then sat on the edge of the bedside. "What was different?"

Bella was looking up at the canopy that hung over the bed. "Hmm? Oh why Cinderella did not lose her slipper. She lost a bracelet instead." She looked at me as I brought a chair over next to the side of the bed and sat down close to her.

"Well Bella, the reason for the difference is quite simple," I picked up her foot and held it in my hand, running my finger over the top of her shoe.

"And it has to do with my shoe?" She gave me a little smile.

"Not entirely." I slipped her shoe off and heard Bella's sharp intake of breath above me. I looked up at her as I held her small warm foot where we could both see it.

"The sight of a woman's naked foot is thought to be...arousing." I peered up at her and watched her eyes dilate.

"Really?" She whispered.

I ran my fingers up the arch of her foot, feeling a slight shiver go through her. "Really. And I have to agree." That was when Bella's heart rate shot up to match her increased breathing.


Slowly I brought her other foot up and removed her other shoe. "For me? Or in general?" My voice was getting lower the longer I held her feet in my hands.

Bella swallowed as I gently rubbed her feet. "For you."

I turned her foot slightly so she could see the arch. "This area here," I ran my finger down it and back up, "reminds me of curves on other parts of your body." I looked up at her through my eyelashes. "Parts that I have not had the privilege of seeing yet, but I have attempted to imagine."

"Such as…." Bella's voice was husky and I found myself longing to be able to do more than just touch her feet.

Looking down I formulated my answer carefully. "Your neck where it meets your shoulder, your waist, your legs…." I met her eyes again, amazed at how much darker they had become. "Your breasts." I was not sure where the nerve to say those words had materialized from, but it was too late to pull them back.

Bella stared at me silently. The air between us had become charged with electricity and the pull between us had intensified. "Edward…."

"Yes love." I stopped rubbing her feet and just let them rest on my thighs.

"I want…..I mean….." She blushed again and I found the fact that she was becoming suddenly flustered endearing and I wanted to wrap her up in my arms and never let her go.

"What is it Bella? You can tell me anything." I reached up and took her hands in mine. "You are to be my wife. I hope you feel that you may tell me anything, ask me for whatever you need or want. I would move heaven and earth for you."

Bella smiled and sat up a little straighter. "I need you to kiss me."

I groaned lightly. Bella raised an eyebrow at me, all shyness vanishing. I knew if I kissed her right now I would not be able to stop there. Bella sensed my hesitation and I could see the delight in a potential challenge in her eyes. "Let us pretend it is the ballet." Bella shifted backwards and removed her feet from my lap. Shifting she lay down on the bed, her hands folded on her stomach. "I am Sleeping Beauty, and you are my prince. You must wake me with a kiss." She smiled and then closed her eyes.

I sat there for a moment, torn between desire for her and my dwindling sense of decorum.

"Do not keep a princess waiting Edward. That is very unchivalrous."

Standing up I shifted the chair away from the bed. I looked down at her laid out before me. Even fully clothed I could visualize what was hidden from me. I sat on the edge of the bed, noting the little twitch of a smile on Bella's face when she felt me next to her. Slowly I leaned down so that my lips were just above hers. I brushed them over hers before I captured them in a soft kiss. Every part of me was fighting for more, but I managed to force myself to sit up.

Bella smiled and gave a little yawn as she opened her eyes. "Oh my. Who are you?"

"Your prince. I have just woken you from an enchantment."

"Really? My goodness." Bella batted her eyelashes at me. "My prince, would you kiss me again please, to make sure I am truly awake?"

"I fear that would be unwise." My voice was husky with the need to possess Bella completely. The power of the feeling astounded me.

Bella whispered, "Why is that?"

I stroked the side of her face before I cupped her cheek with my hand. "Because I will not be able to stop at a kiss."

Bella sat up slowly until she was upright next to me. "I am your fiancée Edward. There is no reason you have to stop at any point."

"Bella…." I took an unnecessary breath. "You do not know what I truly want right now. We are not married yet."

Bella tilted her head and began untwining her braided hair. Curls cascaded down around her shoulders. "Are you going to change your mind about marrying me Edward?"

"No, of course not." I shook my head vehemently.

Bella combed her fingers through her hair until it was flowing loose. "I know what you really want, I am not that naïve."

If I had been able to blush, I would have. To know that my carnal desires were so blatantly obvious to her. "I did not mean to suggest…." Bella silenced me by putting one finger over my lips.

"Edward, as you said, I am to be your wife. There is nothing I want to hide from you. There is nothing I do not want to share with you. I am yours."

"As I am yours."

"Then my husband to be, what is stopping you? Because I also know what it is I truly want right now. I want you to make me yours completely."

I reached out and ran my fingers through her chocolate curls. "Are you sure Bella? I need you to be absolutely certain."

Bella quietly reached up and unbuttoned the first few buttons under her chin. She took my hand in hers and placed it there. "I am certain."

I slid my hand behind her neck and pulled her into me. The moment our lips met Bella wrapped her arms around my neck and relaxed into me. I groaned feeling the curves I had just been discussing brushing against me. My fingers played through her hair as she opened her mouth further to my kiss. I flicked my tongue on her lower lip and she gasped.

Sitting back I stood briefly and took my coat off, laying it across the back of the chair. Bella started to resume unfastening her dress but I put my hand over hers, "Wait, I want to do that."

Bella rose from the bed to stand in front of me. Her fingers reached up and started to unknot my tie. "Well it's only fair I get the opportunity to do some of this then is it not?"

"Very fair love." Bella removed my tie and set it with my coat. Diligently she set about unbuttoning my shirt while I removed my cuff links. She had a little furrow between her eyebrows as her hands worked down my front. I smiled and ran my thumb over it. Bella paused and looked up, smiling back at me.

"What is it?"

"You are taking the unbuttoning of my shirt so seriously….do you always concentrate so intently on that sort of task?"

Bella grinned and giggled. "Only if I am taking off my fiancé's shirt for the very first time."

I slipped the shirt off and Bella's eyes widened for a second. I took a deep breath and let her stare, hoping my pale skin was not revolting to her. She took a step closer and laid one hand flat on my chest, followed by her other. Slowly she ran them up over my collarbones, across my shoulders, and down my arms. "You are beautiful Edward," she whispered.

Only Bella would describe me that way, but I knew she meant it. "Thank you." I reached up and slowly unfastened her top. As it parted I could see the corset she wore beneath it and I felt another rush of arousal. Our eyes met and Bella nodded when I started to remove the fabric, encouraging me.

I was not prepared for what lie underneath. I had imagined it, but what my brain had conjured came nowhere near what I was seeing now. We were not even completely undressed yet, and already I was completely enthralled. With one finger I traced over the top of her corset, knowing I was mere moments from seeing what was under it. Bella smiled, her cheeks flushing a little. "I will need your assistance with removing this Edward." She turned around and presented me with the laced up back of the corset.

"Happily my dear." I untied the bow and slid my fingers up underneath the laces, loosening each section as I made my way to the top.

"That is loose enough." Bella reached and grabbed the top edge of the garment, "Will you help me pull it off over my head."

Silently I grasped where she had been holding and tugged up, removing it easily. I set it aside and stared for a moment at the bare expanse of skin in front of me. Moving closer I positioned myself a few inches behind Bella. I ran one finger from the nape of her neck down her spine and back up again. "You have the most exquisite back I have ever seen." Bella shivered but leaned her head back into my chest. I could just glimpse the curve of one breast and the tip of a rosy nipple from where I was. "Turn around for me, please." I heard Bella swallow, no doubt to settle her nerves. Turning she had folded her arms across her chest. Her long hair was draped down over her shoulders. "Oh this will not do at all."

Bella looked worried, "What will not do Edward?"

I cupped her face in my hand. "You hiding from me." I tilted her face up to look at me. My other hand swept her hair back on each side. "I do not wish for you to ever feel shy with me. I want to see all of you Bella," I grasped one of her wrists gently. "It is an honor to me. Please?"

The trust I saw in the brown depths of Bella's eyes blossomed. Giving me a loving smile she dropped her arms to her sides. I continued to stroke her face, fighting the instantaneous urge to look down. I finally let my eyes drop slowly down to gaze at what I had been waiting to see for an eternity. "Bella, you are so….." I could not find the words so I just looked back up at her. She blushed a little, realizing how she was affecting me. I brushed my lips over hers, giving her a gentle kiss. "You are perfect," I whispered.

"Hardly," she whispered back.

"Do not argue with me. You are perfect." I leaned my forehead against hers and we stared at each other.

"Perfect for you," she conceded.

"Well that is a start. We are going to have to discuss your perception of yourself more later. Right now I really want to touch you. May I Bella?"

Bella nodded, "Please."

My fingers trailed down from her cheek, but my eyes stayed on hers. I followed the curve of her neck to the midline and went straight down. I lingered a moment in the middle of her breasts before I caressed along the underside of one. Bella shivered and closed her eyes. "Are my fingers too cold?"

"No, not too cold." She took a shaky breath. "They feel good." Her hands reached out to brace against my chest.

I continued my exploration of the soft skin along the side of her breast and paused at the top. Softly I wrapped my hand over her breast, feeling her nipple harden against my palm. Bella let out a little moan so I took my other hand and surrounded her other breast. "Still good?"

Bella looked up at me, and the level of desire that had developed in her deep brown eyes staggered me. I had barely touched her. I know my own arousal was multiplying every second her skin was in contact with mine. To see she was responding the same way helped me relax just a little.

I leaned into her neck and placed a soft kiss underneath her ear. Having Bella's rapid breathing right next to my ear, punctuated by the occasional little moan, was like adding fuel to the fire. I wondered if it was possible for a woman to be a natural aphrodisiac on her own. Her nails gripped my chest as I continued to nuzzle her neck and finger her hardening nipples.

"Edward….." I felt her kiss me in the center of my chest where my heart used to beat. I felt a shock of heat and wondered briefly if she had the power to start my heart again. Bella began planting kisses across my chest, her fingers tentatively starting to explore my skin. When she slid them around to my back I groaned and pulled her body into mine.

The sensation of her soft, warm breasts against my unyielding chest was like nothing I had ever imagined I would feel. We moaned simultaneously. Bella tilted her head up to look at me. "I feel like this is something out of a dream," she murmured.

I kissed her forehead, temple, corner of her mouth, before I kissed her lips. "I would have to agree with that whole heartedly." My hands strayed down to span her waist. Bella silently turned. Looking over her shoulder she smiled shyly.

"If you do not mind, I could use some more assistance."

My hands had remained on her waist. "I would be only too glad to offer you my services." I found the buttons that held her skirt closed. My fingers, normally so steady, shook a little as I unfastened them. Once there were enough buttons open the skirt slipped from my hands and fell to the floor. Bella stepped out of it and I retrieved it to lay with our other clothing.

I stood gazing at Bella transfixed. There were basically two layers left, not including her stockings, before she would be standing before me nude. Bella looked back at me again. "Do continue Edward, until there is nothing left for you to assist me with."

I smiled at her as I stroked the back of my hand down her spine once. I untied the bow at the top of her petticoats, loosening the laces that held it closed. I allowed it to fall and now the only thing between me and Bella was her thin cotton undergarments. I gripped her hips, running my thumbs underneath the edge of the fabric for a moment before I slid them down her legs. Bella was trembling ever so slightly. Her heart sounded like it might fly out of her chest at any moment. Kneeling behind her, I removed her stockings one by one, and then set all her undergarments on the chair.

Bella stood with her back to me, her head bowed slightly, and I could sense her feeling of vulnerability at being completely exposed before me. Without a word I walked up behind Bella and simply wrapped my arms around her. She pressed back into me, leaning her head back against my chest. "Breathtaking is not an adequate word love, to describe you." I began kissing her neck again, my hands slowly traversing across the skin of her abdomen as I kept her held back to me.

My lips traveled along her shoulder, my tongue flicking out occasionally to taste her. The first time she felt it Bella arched into me, rubbing against me, her fingers gripped my forearms. Her round bottom was against my erection, so that there was no hiding the affect Bella had on me. When I sucked her earlobe in my mouth Bella's knees buckled a little.

"Easy love," I whispered, holding her up. I turned her around and let my eyes roam down the length of her body for the first time. I was positive that there was no more ideal figure of a woman than the one that stood before me. Bella's dark hair contrasted with the palette of colors that made up her body. Creamy, white skin with pink at her cheeks, lips, and her nipples. Further down there was what I was positive was heaven incarnate on earth. My fingers wanted to do nothing more then seek out the warm center of Bella through the patch of dark curls.

"Edward?" I looked up to see Bella blushing at the intensity with which I was looking her over.

"Sorry darling, I am unable to keep my eyes off you." I took one of her hands and kissed the back of it.

"Well then we should be on more equal footing, do you not agree?" Bella eyed my trousers and then took a step closer. "Remember I did have that curiosity about your…skin?"

I raised an eyebrow at her. "I do believe that is a reasonable request. And yes, I do recall your inquiry as to my skin." I glanced around and saw a patch of sunlight on the stage to our left. "Come." I tugged gently and led her over to that area. Bella moved into the beam of light and watched as I unfastened my pants and removed them. I watched her eyes closely as she gave me the same head to toe appraisal that I had bestowed on her. I saw nothing but love and anticipation when she looked up at me and held out her hand.

After a deep breath I stepped forward and took her hand as sunlight fell down over me. Bella gasped as she looked me over again, one finger tracing over my skin from my shoulder down to my hip. The stage was awash with the pinpoints of light reflected from my skin. She smiled and looked up at me. "Amazing."

I chuckled, "Well I am relieved you think so." Bella turned her attention to my erection and gave it serious consideration for the first time. I found myself watching her expression, trying to assess her thoughts since her mind would not allow me in. Her fingers were hovering over my hips. Finally I could take the suspense no longer and I cleared my throat. Bella startled and her cheeks colored again.

Looking across the stage Bella bit her lip. "Sorry Edward. I did not mean to stare or make you uncomfortable."

I walked backwards towards the bed smiling at her as I led her with me. "You did not make me uncomfortable Bella." My legs hit the edge of the bed and I put one finger under her chin so she had to look up at me. "I just wanted to see your eyes so I may see how you are feeling. I may have certain extrasensory talents, but I cannot read your emotions from the top of your head." I kissed the end of her nose. "No matter how beautiful the top of your head is."

Bella giggled a little and the brief moment of awkwardness vanished. I turned us and threw the blanket back. Bella sat down on the bed and slide back, watching me watch her. She lay back against the pillows and patted the bed next to her. "Will you join me my future husband?"

I just smiled and crawled in after her. I pulled the blanket up and moved so that we were lying face to face. Bella brought her fingers up and ran them back and forth along my jaw before she started running them through my hair. "I have thought about this a great deal."

"Thought about what Bella?" I wrapped one arm over her waist and Bella moved over until our bodies were barely touching.

"Putting my fingers in your hair. Does it bother you?"

I closed my eyes as her fingernails sent tingles throughout my scalp. "No, it feels surprisingly good."

We shifted into one another and Bella slid one leg between mine. As she fit into me, her breasts against my chest, her hip against my arousal, I let out a little groan. It felt like we were created specifically for one another. Our eyes met and the intense electrical charge from earlier renewed. The ferocity of the pull between us was palpable. Bella's eyes dilated as she sensed the shift as well, her lips parting slightly. The scent of arousal from Bella was magnifying. It was driving me mad to bury myself in her and never come up.

"I have to kiss you Bella." She just nodded as I wrapped my hand behind her neck and brought her mouth to mine. The moment our lips touched Bella moaned and slid her arms around my sides. Our mouths moved together slowly at first, but when I felt Bella's tongue flick my lower lip, I began to lose the last shreds of gentlemanly control I had. Bella felt the increased ferocity in my kiss and repeated the action. I growled a little and pulled back to look at her. "You are setting me on fire Bella."

"It only seems fair," she panted. "That is what you are doing to me." My lips sought out the soft skin of her neck, sliding down between her breasts. Bella gasped and arched up into me, seeking more contact. I rolled her onto her back and looked up at her. I hovered above one breast, watching her. "Please Edward….."

I surrounded her nipple with my mouth and sucked a little. Bella's fingers gripped my shoulders. "Oh my…"

"More?" I flicked her nipple with the tip of my cold tongue and she let out a little cry.

"Please, more Edward."

I alternated between her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples. Bella writhed beneath me, rubbing up against my arousal occasionally. Every time she did I felt the knot of heat within me grow.

My hand spanned her belly and slowly I brought it down until it was between her legs. Bella opened her thighs to allow me more access. Finally I was able to touch what I had been longing to, and nothing prepared me for how it made me feel. Bella was so hot, her tissue almost swollen, and unbelievably wet. I stroked her slowly with one finger, exploring her folds, finding that bundle of nerves I knew was there. As I rubbed it Bella's hips bucked up into my hand as she cried out, "Edward!"

"Bella… feel so incredible." I kissed across her pelvis before sitting up a little so I could watch how her body reacted to my touch. Her cheeks were flushed as she panted above me. I increased the pressure of my fingers and Bella groaned. Unable to resist any longer I slowly slid one finger inside her. She was tight initially, but her body stretched allowing me to add another.

One of Bella's hands strayed down and she ran her palm up my shaft. My head fell forward onto her with a groan. "Bella, do that again….." She obliged, this time surrounding me with her fingers as she stroked up and down.

"Edward?" Her tone was hesitant so I looked up, seeing the same level of desire burning in her eyes that I was sure was in mine.

"You have no idea how good your hand feels on me." Bella smiled and gripped me a little harder. I groaned as I pulled my fingers from within her. When I took them in my mouth and sucked them clean, Bella looked momentarily shocked. "You taste better than I dreamt."

Bella released me and sat up, crushing her lips against mine. I was not sure if she would be bothered by the fact that I wanted to taste her, let alone the fact I did it in front of her. Apparently that was not the case. She nipped a little at my lower lip and before I could stop myself I had her back on her back, my weight pressing her body into the mattress. I took a deep breath to try to gather a little of my control back. "I should have told you, no teeth." Bella blushed a little. I leaned down and whispered in her ear, "At least, not until you are turned. And I enjoy feeling your fingernails on my back." I grinned down at her and she grinned back.

"Edward, please do not make me wait any longer." Bella tightened her arms when I tried to pull my weight off her a little bit. "No, stay close…..I need to feel you."

Bella's legs parted a little further and I settled in between them. I was pressed up against her wetness and it took all my restraint not to thrust in. "I am going to go slow Bella. You must tell me if I cause you any discomfort."

Bella nodded. "I promise. I love you Edward."

"I love you too." I slowly advanced, pressing in, trying to give her body time to adjust and stretch. She gasped a little and wrapped her calves around my thighs, drawing me in more. I felt like every nerve in my body had been sensitized. Never in all my years did I ever think I would have the opportunity to experience this kind of pleasure, with a woman I loved with all my heart.

We both moaned as our hips met and I was completely inside her. I paused, gazing down at her. Bella rubbed her hands over my back and smiled up at me, letting me know she was fine. We started moving slowly, enjoying the feeling of connection and intimacy between us. Our eyes stayed locked as I moved a little harder against her. Bella rolled her hips up into mine, keeping tempo with me.

I kissed her softly, our lips caressing gently as our bodies moved harder against one another. Bella's little sounds of pleasure were muffled by my mouth. Pulling my mouth from her was a struggle, but I wanted to hear her.

"Edward…having you… me….so good…" I felt her fingernails start to dig into my shoulders. She was close to her release already, which was fortunate because so was I.

"Bella, you have me….always." I drove a little harder into her and Bella pulled me down tighter into her.

"What is….more, Edward…I…." Bella was gasping and she arched back. I put a little more strength behind my thrusts while I leaned down and sucked one nipple into my mouth again.

Bella lost it, her body tightening hard and fast around me as ecstasy shot through her. "Edward!" Watching her rock against me as the feelings consumed her was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. My climax followed hers, sending waves of exquisite sensation over me as I released into her.

"Bella, my love!" My body collapsed down into hers and I rolled us slightly so that I was not crushing her. Bella was warm and damp with sweat, her arms and legs clinging onto me. As awareness returned I could hear the pounding of her heart and how she tried to slow her breathing. Her body was completely relaxed into mine and I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment.

After a few minutes where all that could be heard was our breathing, I asked, "Are you alright Bella?"

"Mmm. Understatement." She snuggled her head underneath my chin and I felt her kiss the center of my chest. "You?"

"I have never been better in my life, ever." I trailed my fingers up and down her spine lazily as we moved so that she could drape over me. Finally she raised her head so that she could see me. She blushed and gave me a little smile. I chuckled and smiled back. "Why are you blushing now my love?"

"Um, I did not mean to be quite that….vocal. It was not proper." Bella bit her lower lip and watched me.

"Bella, I do not want proper. I want you to be vocal. I want to hear you. Every little sigh, every moan, every time you cry out my name, the feelings you bring out in me are indescribable." I brushed her tousled hair back over her shoulder. "I loved hearing you."

"Okay." Bella smiled again and lay her head back down on my chest so that she could look up at me. I tried to slide the blanket between her and my chilled skin but she would not allow it. Eventually she unwillingly confessed she was becoming a little cold. I had to admit that I needed to be taking her home.

As I stood behind Bella, lacing her back into her corset, I realized how this was an activity that soon I would be able to participate in daily if I desired. It was almost as sensual to redress Bella as it was to undress her. "I think I would like to always be the one to help you dress love. Although it is proper for a lady of your station have a personal maid, we have very little staff, for obvious reasons. So I hope you will find it acceptable that I be the one to dress you." I turned Bella and smiled at her. "I will guarantee that I will be the only one to undress you."

Bella giggled and reached up to button my shirt. "I am most particular with who dresses me. However, there will be privileges allowed to you as my husband. Plus I would prefer that you be the one to dress me. And I definitely am set on you being the only one to undress me, ever." Bella looked up at me demurely before winking at me.

Once we were both completely clothed again, Bella re-braided her hair. I watched her fingers nimbly work through her hair until it was in a neat plait. Bella helped me remake the bed on the stage, both of us fighting laughter as we looked at each other. As we departed the opera house Bella leaned into my shoulder with a sigh of contentment.

I had the carriage driver keep the horses to a walk so we could take our time returning to the Cheney's. "You realize I would like to keep our engagement as short as propriety will allow right?"

Bella was pressed into my side. "Of course. I would marry you tomorrow if it would not set all the tongues wagging."

I chuckled. "Well we will be married as soon as possible, because I do not think that I will be able to stand being apart from you now. It was a trial before, and now it seems veritably impossible."

Bella nodded. "I understand because I feel the same way."

I turned Bella a little so she was able to look at me. I wrapped my arms around her waist. "Married soon, and then turned whenever you are ready. Forever with you is all I desire. Is it still all you desire?"

"It is more than I could have ever dreamt for. You are my forever Edward." Bella sighed as I pulled her into my chest.

"As you are mine beloved."

Six Months Later

"Edward! Give me that back." Bella stood in the middle of our bedroom, her hands on her hips as she did her best to glare at me. "Do not forget that I am stronger than you, and I am not afraid to remind you of that fact."

I grinned at her as I dangled the hair ribbon she had been about to tie in her hair. "Did you stop to consider my wife that may be exactly why I took it?"

Bella's crimson eyes sparkled with the golden flecks that were becoming more prominent every day. I heard her growl a little as she circled towards me. We had moved temporarily to a house in the French countryside, isolated from the city, after our wedding. It had provided us with the time for Bella's transformation, and her adjustment to life as a vampire. Eventually we would return to town. Carlisle was already preparing to spread a story that an illness had led to the alteration in Bella's eye color. Rules of polite society would prevent anyone questioning the validity of Carlisle's word due to his status and knowledge as a doctor.

Her change was one of the smoothest ones I had ever seen. Even Carlisle, who had walked the Earth longer than I could not recall a better one. Bella had somehow avoided the bloodlust that was usually the major struggle for a new vampire. However her lust for me was another story. I did not mind the fact that we both were completely undisciplined when it came to that. Our preoccupation with spending much of our time unclothed was the main reason Carlisle and Esme wisely, and happily, returned back in the city once Bella was safely changed.

I winked at Bella and waved the ribbon at her again. Suddenly I was on my back in the middle of the floor, Bella sitting across my chest, her skirts almost covering me completely. I laughed as I continued to try to keep the ribbon away from her attempts to grasp it.

"Edward Anthony Cullen!" Bella made another swipe for the ribbon. I quickly grabbed her wrists and pulled her down on top of me, wrapping the ribbon around them. She could break out easily but that was not the point. I rolled so that she was beneath me and held her hands above her head. Bella's voice became husky as she looked up at me, her eyes darkening. "Edward…"

I leaned into kiss her, grateful as always that we had forever to share our lives and show our love for one another. I could only imagine what lay ahead on our road together.

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