Carlisle p.o.v.

( After he finishes spanking Rosalie)

As I left Rosalie's room I went to go visit my darling wife Esme in the living room. She looked up from the sketchpad that she was drawing in and put it aside when she saw me come in. " Hello, Carlisle." She greeted me timidly. I sat down on the couch and embraced her in a hug while pulling her onto my lap at the same time. " Is Bella alright I hope Rose didn't scare her off." I sighed at the sign off disrespect my daughter had shown. It was one thing for her to get in a fight with just the family there but it was unacceptable to do it in front of a guest, Who wanted to become a part of our family. The poor girl would probably have nightmares.

" She's fine, Edward brought her home, and later he's going to see a movie with Emmett and jasper." She looked down at the floor unable to look me in the eye. " I hope that you didn't go too hard on rose, I know that her reason was wrong but... I understand where she's coming from, She wants to help that girl, carlisle and that's a side of her that we barley see!" Her voice grew quiet when she spoke again." She had me to help cope through what those men did to her, Now who's going to help that girl at the hospital?"

Her eyes begged for me to understand. I put back a strand of her wavy Carmel colored hair behind her ear before kissing her on the cheek.

" Esme, your right, I'll go tell Rosalie that she can visit Lilly in a little while." I smiled and I leaned down to kiss her on the lips we started kissing passionately and I scooped her up into my arms and went into our bedroom shutting the door.

( About an hour later..)

" I think I'll go check up on Rose and Alice, See if there done hunting yet." I said to Esme and kissed her on the cheek before leaving. I quickly ran out the house and into the meadow behind the house, following Alice's sent I found her alone with a dead elk beside her. Rosalie was nowhere to be found " Where is your sister ?" I asked in a firm voice. Alice looked at me with a guilty expression on her face and then looked down at the grass. " I- I don't know." She replied quietly. I groaned " Mary Alice, do not lie to me. I'll only ask one more time. Where did Rosalie go ?" She bit down on her bottom lip not answering. " Don't think for a second that I wont punish you the same way I did to Rosalie, You haven't had a spanking in a long time but your asking for one now." I told her angrily. She gasped and looked at me surprised. "She went to the hospital." She replied sadly.

" Thank you." I ran in the other direction to get my car. As I got in I sped off quickly to the hospital. I couldn't believe that she would deliberately disobey me. I parked the car and stormed in ignoring the questioning glares I received from the staff.

I didn't need to follow Rosalie's sent to no where she was. As I saw her blond hair up in a bun and my white lab coat on I had to hold in a laugh. She really would have passed as a doctor than my teenage daughter to anyone else in forks. she reached for the doorknob and I placed my hand over hers. She turned around in annoyance but when she saw me her mouth dropped open in shock. " Rosalie I hope that you have a good reason for coming here." She continued to stare at me mutely before quietly speaking. " I-I'm sorry for disobeying you Carlisle, but I needed to come, I just want to talk to her for a couple of minutes please dad." She begged me and I sighed deeply and opened the door. " Go, You have 10 minutes Rosalie." A smile spread upon her lips as she hugged me tightly before going inside. I closed the door and leaned up against it wondering If this was the right decision to make.

Rose's p.o.v.

I crept inside and noticed that Lilly was wide awake despite how late it was reading a book. She looked up at me annoyed. " What are you another Doctor, Don't you guys have anything else to do?" I bit down on my lip, I could tell this was probably harder than I thought it would be. I would have to lie and make it as close to the truth as possible.

I walked up the the bad and sat on it giving a small smile. " No, My name is Rosalie and I'm not a doctor, My father is, he was with you earlier. I just came in here to talk to you is that alright?" Her eyes widened at what I had told her and then she looked at me angrily. " I don't need counseling if that's why you came here." I shook my head. " That's not why I'm here I just wanted to tell you something, if you'll listen." She seemed to be intrigued. " What is it?" She asked. " That your not the only one who's gone through what happened to you. I know that you're probably scared and feeling depressed and a whole bunch of other feelings, But you need to know that getting raped was not your fault." She stared up at me in shock. "H-How would you know that? You don't know a thing about me so don't try to pretend to know how I feel." She looked down at the sheet with tears plopping onto it.

" Belive me I know exactly what you feel like, A couple years ago I started going out with a very rich, popular guy named Royce. We went out for a long time and I really thought that I loved him." I paused before continuing to tell her about my past. " One night after I had just left my friend Vera's house I decided to walk home. It was dark out so I didn't recognize him at first but as I walked home I saw Royce and a couple of his friends they where drinking and Royce called me over to show me off to his friends. Him and his friends raped me, They left me there assuming I was dead." I looked up at the girl who was staring at me in shock. " But after a few years I found someone who really cared about me, Who didn't treat me like an object. I know that being a rape victim will be something you will never forget, and I still remeber it today. It's just that you shouldn't let it control your life. I know that you'll find happiness in the future. Trust me." I smiled and so did she. " Thank you." She whispered her voice cracking for all the crying she had done. I got up and hugged her while giving her a piece of paper with my phone number on it. " You can call me if you ever wan't to talk about anything. I have to go now." I looked over at the door where Carlisle stood impatiently. I paused before exiting her room. " Goodbie." I said softly closing the door. I glanced over at Carlisle expecting the worse.

"I'm proud of you Rosalie. I know that must have been hard for you." Carlisle came up to me and embraced me in a tight hug. I clung onto him and started sobbing." Daddy, I'm sorry for not listening to you, also for getting Alice to lie for me, I will fully accept my punishment when we go home." I had no doubt in my mind that when I came here, I would get another spanking, even before he caught me I knew that he would eventually find out, Alice could't keep a secret if her life depended on it.

He smiled at me and laughed. " Rose, I'm not going to spank you again I realized that it was wrong of me to forbid you from coming here. And I'm proud that you would stand up for something that you believed in. But you and Alice will have your cars taken away for the next week as punishment." He glanced over at me to see what my expression was. " Sounds perfect." I smiled to myself I'd take being grounded than a spanking any day.