Ladies and Gentlemen of this wonderful site, I present to you a knew story, one were Harry of course turns into a girl, I will tell you my reasons for this. I like gender benders, it is a fanfiction and so I shall do what ever I want with the characters as long as I do not take credit. Also I relate better to a girl Harry, I am after all a girl. Also I like to describe girl clothes. Perhaps one of this days I will do another boy Harry story like Blood and chocolate that is currently posted on this sight and has a boy Harry. Chapters are slow on coming but when they do come, they have dissent sized chapters.

Now onto other things, Harry Potter is not mine, I do not own it, I wish I did but I do not own it. Second of my English is not the good but it's not the worst either. I know plenty of people who are even worse then me. I try my best, I reread every chapter and I do Spell check. My most common mistakes are words that are words but not the right words, if that makes sense to you.

Now onto the Summary: Harry Potter age fifteen has not had the most ideal life. After all no child should go through a life of abuse and hate and come out being completely pure and innocent. The night of his birthday Harry Potter is kidnapped and brought to a different dimension then will teach him more then just magic, but the meaning of friendship, love and power. That Night Harry also comes onto his magical inheritance earlier then expected the changes are different to say the least.

Chapter 1

The sun had set over two hours ago yet only three of the four occupants of Number Four Privet Drive were asleep. One a young boy of fifteen, that night, law on the ground, back exposed to the cold air as it entered the room by his bedroom window. Blood flowed freely from his wounds on his back and even from the lightning bolt shaped scare on his forehead. This boy's name was Harry Potter and he was a wizard. Yes, a wizard most people thought he was a crazy criminally insane boy who attend a school for the criminally insane but that was not true. Harry Potter was one of the most well known people in the magical world a person who was known for many different things but one that everybody knew was of his defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort. Yet around the world many people were now thinking of him as an unstable, attention seeking boy who was also a lier. You see at the end of his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Lord Voldemort had been brought back to life yet the Minister of Magic was not accepting his proclamations and so declared him as a mentally unstable boy with attention seeking problems. Still nobody knew what the boy was really, who he really was and what he was capable of. Harry Potter wasn't really the shy, hero like person, no he was a very cunning and sarcastic person. All his years under the abusive ruff of the Dusley family, he had learned that to show your true colours to the world would bring something nobody really wanted and so he put up a face of a shy and nervous little boy who wished to save everybody.

Groaning, he pulled himself to his knees then dragged his shivering form to the wall were he rested against it, not caring that he got blood on the wall or that his wounds were still bleeding. Resting his head back he took a deep breath then let it out slowly. It had been a long night with an hour beating for his dis-respectfulness towards his betters. Mind you the people who considered themselves his betters were more then likely less worthy of his respect then a pig, no offence to the pig. Opening his eyes, he looked at the clock on his bedside table noticing the hour he grumbled then closed his eyes again.

Dragging himself to his feat after a few minutes he walked or for better words, stumbled over to his trunk and opened it. Pulling a bag out he walked over to his old, to small bed and sank down on the lumpy mattress. Opening the bag he dumped the contents onto the mattress then started to sort through it. During the school year, it had become tradition for him to make potions so that he would have a complete stock for the next summers injuries. Taking the cleaning potion out he put it on a hand clothes then started to clean his back as best he could. There was a slight burn when the potion touched his bleeding wounds but since had gotten used to the pain he did not wince. Looking into the mirror helped him and finally he finished cleaning his back. Going back to his bed he took the healing salve from his back and then went to the mirror again and started to spread it over the wounds making sure that every one of his wounds had a thick layer of salve on it. After that he returned to his bed took some bandages and started to wrap his back and torso. When he finished he put everything away and cleaned his hands with the damp clothes and then took the only potion on the bed, a pain reliever or enlist a modified version. He knew that the original version was supposed to be taken with a goblet of water but he had modified it so that it wouldn't need a goblet of water to take it. Finally he was done for the night and took some parchment out with a ball point pen. Thinking about it slightly, he started to write in his diary.

Day, 39, mouth, July,

Well, another day has gone by with another beating, I have to say this one was the easiest one I have gotten in a while. Of course what is really easy about getting abused by ones family. Sigh. I can't wait to get back to Hogwarts although I know this year will be hell because of Fudge and his damned idiocy. Perhaps Dumbledore will get me away from this hell hole before the end of the summer but by the looks of the letters my friends and godfather are sending me I doubt it. They really don't seem to care only he cares, it he can't even come for a visit as nobody would approve of what we were really doing on top of which the danger they were putting themselves in. Well, I suppose that's it to another day I shall write in you.

Closing the diary he put it away and then turned to his clock again. Ten minutes to midnight. Perfect.

Siting down on his bed he smiled suddenly a bright light appeared in front of him and a scroll fell out. Looking at it he decided to open it then started to read.

Dear Mr. Harry James Potter,

This scroll has been sent to you, to tell you that you shall be kidnapped at the strike of midnight. A white light will surround you and only the items that you write on this parchment will come with you. Please note that you cannot take more then four items with you. The names of each item will need to be written at the bottom of this parchment. No matter what you do, nothing can stop you from being kidnapped.

Shaking his head he took his ink pen and started to write what he would bring with a smirk.

All articles of clothing, All books, all potion supplies and wand.

Putting the quill down he was about to grab his things when suddenly he was surrounded by a white light and pain flared into his body making him gasp and fall to his knees. Then a purple light surrounded him and his things and he disappeared, setting of alarms in the Headmasters office.


Albus Dumbledore had been doing some paperwork when suddenly the alarms in his office went of making him jump. Looking around he found that it was the alarms around Harry that had gone of and he paled worried. Disappearing with Fawkes help, he arrived at Privet Drive to find nobody in the room. Only a trunk and a blood stained wall and a book on the boys writing desk. Doing a scan he found that Harry wasn't even in the house but that the blood on the walls was his. Going to the boys trunk he found that his books, clothes and invisibility cloak were missing. Going to the desk he found that it was the boys diary and took it with him along with the boys remaining things then disappeared to Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix.

After summoning everybody he sat down and started to flip through the diary all the while paling as he read. How, how could he have missed such things happening. How did he not notice that his student had been abused. Shaking his head he noticed that everybody was gathered and looking at him worried. Taking a deep breath he started to meeting.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy that you could all make it tonight." He said with a sigh. "I'm afraid the news I have is not good news, tonight as I was doing some paperwork alarms went of in my office. This alarms were directly placed on Harry." He said making most of the people gasp. "Harry Potter is missing and presumed injured as I found blood on the wall of his bedroom and a scan proved it to be his. Also his invisibility cloak was missing." He said.

"What do you mean injured?" SIrius Black shouted rising to his feat and slamming his hands down onto the table.

"Sirius sit down!" Molly Weasley shouted but the man turned to her with anger.

"Don't you dare tell me to sit down in my own house woman!" he shouted anger bowling up. "Furthermore, I have the right to shout as my godson is missing and thought injured. Have you no sense woman!" he shouted then turned to the Headmaster not really wanting to see the woman crying.

"Sirius..." the Headmaster said but Sirius stopped him.

"I will not be told wait to do in my own house, now explain to me now Dumbledore, why is my godson injured." He hissed.

"I am not sure how injured the boy might be but there was a considerable amount of blood on the floor and on the wall." He answered.

"It is just like Potter, always wanting the attention." Severus Snape sneered making SIrius growl.

"Don't you dare! Don't you dare bad mouth Harry in my own house Snape!" he hissed making the man sneer.

"That is enough, Severus you, Nymphadora and Minerva will go question the Dusleys if you must use a truth serum." He ordered.

"Of course Headmaster." The Potion master sneered rising to his feat and leaving with Remus Lupin and Minerva McGonagall fallowing.

"I need people to listen out for anything on Harry, nobody is to know he is missing especially not the Ministry." He ordered.


God, his head hurt, were the hell was he? Why was it so bright? Oh god his body hurt. Trying to move was impossible and on top of that he felt a heavier wait on his chest.

"What happened?" a female voice shouted, or enlist it was to him.

"We don't know ma'am, when he arrived he was glowing in a white light and whimpering, then suddenly boom he turned into a girl." Another voice shouted but this time only one thing stuck out to him. If they were talking about him, then that would mean that he had turned into a girl but that couldn't be possible, guys just don't turn into girls.

"Let us hope, Damien will have an answer for us after observing and testing his blood samples, if I remember currently he took a sample from the boys arm and from his scare correct." The female voice asked.

"Correct ma'am Professor Hawk knew of the boys scare and so wished to exam it but the only way he could do that was by a sample of the boys blood.

"Good once the boy wakes up call for me I shall explain everything to him then I shall asked him if he could tell Damien all about his scare so that the man can research as much as possible on it. I don't think Damien has had a project like this in years." The woman said.

"Of course Headmistress." The other voice said.

Suddenly darkness took over his mind once more and he fell sleep, the pain from his body subsiding so that it was only a dull thud but his mind was another matter, it was trying to figure out what the hell was happening even as the darkness took over. The last thought to run through his mind was that there was a strong possibly that he was ether insane, a prisoner or was actually a girl.

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