Chapter 30

The next day classes started and Artemis woke up with a yawn. Merlin she had slept well. Turning around she found Lucius still asleep and gently kissed his cheak to wake him up.

"Morning love, how did you sleep?" she asked softly.

"Slept very well you?" He asked.

"Like a baby but we have classes now." She whispered and he gave a sigh before getting up.

Swiftly they both took showers before getting dressed. Artemis dressed in a pair of white jeans with a purple tank top and white off the shoulder t-shirt. Done with that she put a pair of grey suede boots on and tied her hair. Today wouldn't be a physical leasson since she would be explaining everything to her students. Once Lucius was dressed they left for the Great Hall. Arriving Artemis noticed Irene Dursley sitting alone at Gryffindor table while looking at Slytherin with sadness. Frowning she told Lucius to go up to the staff table and went towards the young girl.

"Hey there." She greeted causing the little red head to jump and turn to see her.

"Um hello." She whispered looking slightly fearful.

"No need to be afraid kid, my names Artemis Potter, I'll be teaching Physical Education, you're Irene Dursley right?" She asked and the girl gave a nod. "Well Miss Dursley care to tell me why you're looking at Slytherin table with longing, arn't you proud of being a Gryffindor?"

"Oh yes, I am proud it's just my best friend was sorted into Slytherin and I'm afraid she won't speak to me anymore." Irene whispered causing Artemis' eyes to widen. The girl looked very sad and Artemis looking over at Slytherin to see that another girl was looking at Gryffindor table with sadness.

"Is that your friend?" She asked and Irene looked up and gave a nod.

"Yes that's her, Athena Morales." Irene whispered.

"Okay did any of the Gryffindors tell you that you couldn't be friends with a Slytherin?" She asked.

"Yes one girl in my year said that no Gryffindors were friends with Slytherins because it was against everything us Gryffindors were." Irene answered causing Artemis to growl.

"That is not true, I used to be a Gryffindor but I'm friends with a Slytherin and engaged to another. Don't listen to who ever told you that. Stand by your friends and stand strong. You heard the hat last night, it is best to stand strong and united then to stand alone and let our kingdom crumble." Artemis stated and Irene smiled up at her with thanks. "I do have a question for you Miss Dursley, do you know by chance who your parents are?"

"Um no, I mean I was raised in an Orphanage. I was told that my parents had brought me there saying that they wouldn't have another freak in their house." She answered causing Artemis to wince.

"Would you be at all willing to take a blood test to see who they are?" She asked and Irene looked at her confused. She didn't know why this Professor was so interested in her but still she decided to agree.

"Alright I have you're class last today so after class I'll lead you to the infirmary. I'm sure Madam Pomfrey will be all to happy to help us." Artemis said causing Irene to smile. "Now why don't you go over and speak to your friend. If Slytherins give you any trouble, go to Draco Malfoy. He's a friend of mine and will help you both just tell him I sent you."

"Thank you Profesor." Irene said and with a nod Artemis stood from Gryffindor and went to the staff table where she setteled in beside Lucius and Severus.

At Gryffindor she watched as Irene stood and walked over to Slytherin. Miss Morales seemed very happy to have her friend come over and made room for her. The other Slytherins didn't protest and both girls were soon chatting together and even with the others of their year. With a nod to herself Artemis started to eat her food.

"Well done." Severus murmured causing her to smile.


Before more students could walk in Artemis finished her breakfeast and decided to make her way to her class room. Dumbledore had assigned her one and the Quidditch pitch. For now though she would be speaking with her students. Arriving she looked at it and let a sneer form on her face. It was so, so normal. Shaking her head she took her wand and started to change the room. Before long it was in a perfect state and she sat on her desk before the class. Looking at her schedule she found that her first class was sixth year Gryffindor and Slytherins.

"This is going to be fun." She whispered as the first few students started to filter into her class. Of course the first students were Gryffindors who took seats then Slytherins.

When all the students had arrived and the bell rang she took her board and looked it over she gave a nod before putting it down.

"Alright you people, welcome to your first Physical Education Class. My name is Artemis Potter and yes I used to be Harry Potter." She stated and she noticed that some Gryffindors were smirking, probably thinking that they would be getting special treatment. "Now I will clear up a few things about this class. You might want to know that I am not here to be your friends, I will not make special treatment for anybody even if I was a Gryffindor. I don't care if you hate me. You know why because I will be making your life a living hell in this class." Artemis stated her voice cheerful and bright. Draco gulped, Artemis was right this class would be a living hell. "Now for the first two weeks it will be in class but after that its going to purr physical so we will be outside."

"But Professor what are we going to learn there?" One student asked.

"You won't learn anything other then in these two weeks of classes. You'll be learning a lot about your bodies and I expect your full attention during class." She stated.

"What happens if it's raining?" A student asked causing her to laugh.

"A ward had been placed over the Quidditch pitch to stop the rain during our classes. You will still be running during the rain." She answered.

"But that's not fair!"

"Suck it up, life isn't fair!" She snarled and with that she started to hand out the books they would be using. Considering there were no books in the magical world about the body she had to got them in the muggle world. They were charmed so that the students would be able to leave school with them.

Thankfully the muggle borns were at least familiar to the body considering they had Physical Education classes in their muggle schools. For an hour though Artemis explained as much as she could about the body. When the bell rang she gave them their homework. The rest of the day past in a similar maner and now she was in her last class with her fifth year Slytherin and Gryffindors. She was happy to note that Irene was sitting with her friend and not only that but she was not the only one. It seemed like most of the students were mixed about and speaking to each other. Since there was only five minutes to class she had given them those five minutes to speak to each other. When the bell rang though Irene stayed behind and Artemis gave her a smile.

"Professor can I ask you something?" She asked as they were making their way to the infirmary.

"Of course what is it?"

"Why are you so interested in who my parents are?" She asked curiosity getting the better of her.

"Ah." Artemis whispered while looking up at the ceiling as they walked. "You see Miss Dursley I was raised by a family called the Dursley Family."

That of course caused the girl's eyes to grow wide in shock and hope.

"I'm afraid though that they are not what most people are like. I will explain more if my suspicions are correct, okay?" She asked and Irene gave a nod of her head.

Arriving in the hospital wing the duo were soon met by Madam Pomfrey.

"Artemis Potter please do not tell me you are injured on your first day here?" The woman asked causing Artemis to laugh.

"No I'm not Madam Pomfrey, I am here because Miss Dursley here is in need of a parental test." She said and the woman gave a nod before ushering the girl to a bed.

"Well dear this won't take long and it won't hurt that much. All I need you to do is press your finger on the pin letting some of your blood fall onto the parchment." Madam Pomfrey stated and Irene did as told.

Slowly the blood was sucked into the parchment and then writing started to appear.

Name: Irene Petunia Dursley

Parents: Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley

Sibblings: Dudley Dursley

Class: Witch

Relatives: Lily Potter (decisted), Artemis Potter (cosine)

Artemis read the parchment and let a sigh leave her lips. How could they do this, how could they willingly give their daughter away just because she was a witch.

"Professor I don't understand are we related?" Irene asked and Artemis looked to Madam Pomfrey who gave a nod and left them alone. Gently she sat down on the bed beside Irene.

"We are related. You're parents are my aunt and uncle. It is sad to know that they would give you up simply because you are a witch. I had no memory of your mother being pregnant with you but I suppose that is because I was hidden away most of the time. You see Irene, your parents well they don't like magic. They hate anything abnormal. In a sense I am happy you were sent to an orphanage because you wouldn't have had to deal with what I had to." Artemis whispered causing Irene to frown.

"What did they do?" She asked.

"You know what abuse is right?"


"I was abused Irene, I was abused not only physically but mentally as well. I do not wish that on anybody. You're parents hate magic and everything to do with magic. That lead them to what they did to the both of us." Artemis murmured and for a moment there was silence.

"I'm glad then. I'm glad they sent me to the Orphanage." Irene whispered causing Artemis to smile slightly. "What about my brother?"

"He is a bully. I'm sorry Irene but – Merlin I hate informing you off this it's not something a family member should have to learn." Artemis whispered.

"You are my family, you aren't like that though." Irene said causing Artemis to smile softly.

"I suppose so." Artemis agreed before ruffling the girls hair.

"You won't be going there anyway Irene. You have nothing to worry about." Artemis commented causing Irene to laugh.

Late that night Artemis arrived in the Headmasters office to inform him of what she had learned. The man had been greatly saddened by the news that a family would willingly leave their child at an orphanage just because they were magical. Artemis had wished they would have done that to her. Dumping her at an orphanage would have been better then keeping her.

"Thank you Artemis, now how was your first day as a Professor?" He asked causing her to grin.

"It went well but at this point I think they are underestimating my class." She stated causing the Headmaster to chuckle.

"I suppose that will be changing soon." he remarked and she gave a wicked grin before bidding him farewell and leaving.