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The day Momoshiro got a raise in his daily allowance was the day Ryoma convinced him to a burger-eating race in the nearest WacDonalds from Seishun Gakuen. Being a devoted lover to both fine cuisine (in his standards) and competition (in his standards), it was nearly impossible for him to refuse.

"Fine, but you're gonna have to pay back the favor next week! Got it, ochibi?" Momo called to the boy hitching a ride on the back of his speeding bicycle just moments after the school bell announced the end of classes.

"Depends whether or not you have the stomach to beat me!" Ryoma responded with a well-developed smirk. "If you win, then I'll pay for next week's contest. But if you lose, well… there won't be some debt to pay from my part."

"Oh, getting cheeky with me, are you?"

It wasn't long before they stumbled into their destination, demanding twenty burgers each from the cashier who was, thankfully, long used to their frighteningly eccentric contests. Then they sat themselves at a corner, eagerly awaiting their meals with their order plate.

After a few minutes, an impatient Momo began tapping the tabletop with his fingertips.

"Nervous, senpai?" Ryoma mocked jokingly.

He raised an eyebrow amusedly, glad for the small talk to pass the time. "Nah, I'd say I'm pretty confident with my chances. Since we're waitin' and all, wanna call Inui-senpai and ask the probabilities that you're gonna have to pay up pretty dang soon?"

"Don't need to. I'd make it at about three percent."

As they tormented one another, a young couple, around university age or so, seized the table next to theirs. It wouldn't have made much difference, until one of them suddenly materialized a boombox and began playing the latest rap tunes at full blast. Normally a restaurant would kick them out immediately, but in a generally public and 'hip' fast food eatery, anything was more or less acceptable as long as it wasn't illegal. The two Seigaku Regulars were powerless.

Momo's eye twitched. "It's not that I don't 'preciate that kind of music and all," he grumbled, purposely turning the opposite direction to face the window. Ryoma could just barely make out what he was saying. "But they've got it on so loud… bound to disrupt the competition somehow…"

"At least they're not flashdancing," Ryoma reasoned sarcastically, obviously not very pleased either.

This paused their conversation for the meantime, and they resorted to staring off to the distance through the glass window next to them. It was around a full minute later that the song ended, and one of the students decided to take a break by switching to a radio station.

"… won't believe what I just saw on my way here."

"What? What was it?"

"A blimp! Floating right over the city! Look outside and check for yourself – bet everyone's raving about it on the streets. Hey listen up, you listeners, if you haven't looked up at the sky lately, you'd better now, 'cause that was the biggest blimp you're probably ever going to see in…"

Momo scoffed. The music earlier and his stomach's rumbling yearning had gotten him into quite a rotten temper. "Getting all hyped up just because of a single balloon? Man, that has gotta be the weirdest…"

Yet as he turned to face his underclassman, he found his face pressed to the window, supported by palms on the glass at either side of his head, and his eyes glued upward with a most concentrated appearance. He quickly pulled himself away, and stood up without seeming to notice anything around him anymore. "I've… got to go."

And with that he started sprinting to the exit of the restaurant, his thoughts a complete mystery to his bewildered senpai.

"Hey!" Momo called just before Ryoma reached the door. "Does this mean I win!"

But he was gone.

Momo sighed and leaned back on his chair. Since he was the one paying for all it either way, there was currently no need to chase after Ryoma and his sudden interest in remote-controlled balloons. And besides, this meant he could have his burgers, right?

Nevertheless, he couldn't help glancing upwards out the window as well. A great shadow had overthrown the street, and a massive silver aircraft hovered magnificently and precariously close right above Tokyo's buildings. Now he could understand why the DJs were so hyped up about it. The sight was incredible.

But he wondered what about that blimp could have alarmed Ryoma to such a great extent. He was just the average schoolkid with an uncontrollable love for tennis, right? There was no way that blimp could have played a significant role in any time of his young life…

And then the burgers arrived.

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