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Olivia had been waiting, she hadn't told anyone, she didn't know if she could, or ever would. None the less what happened in the basement had happened, and like it or not; She didn't, she wanted to tell the only person she had ever loved. Thoughts racing with flashbacks, vivid flashes of him, the way his face looked as she looked from the mattress to him. she had asked "What do you want?" her face panic stricken, eyes wide as he grabbed her head squeezing her face. Leaning in as close as he could whispering, "What every man wants, and your going to give it to me." She had a glazed look in her eyes, one that was as if she was somewhere else, somewhere far away. She was wearing long sleeves and sweats, but was shivering as if she was still down in the dampened basement. Next flash was her hitting him and running off, she tried to get away to hide, to find a way out, if only she prayed in her head, if only she was here to save her. All she had thought about as she wanted to get away from him with no way out was Alex, Alex would make it better, would save her. "Come out, come out where ever you are." she heard, she held her breath praying he wouldn't find her, praying for a way out. she heard the rattle of fence and bars as he moved his night stick on them, then as he kicked a stack of empty white bins over she jumped.

She jumped as she heard her cell ring, it had taken a few rings before it registered, and she was brought back to reality. shakily she picked it up willing herself to breath before answering. "Benson." she said unsure of her own voice, still pulling her self back from the basement. Her face went pale as she jumped up from her couch, she had almost thrown her phone across the room when she heard the familiar blonds voice. Her blue eyed love, the one she had loved for so long, the one she never thought she might see again was now on the phone.

"Liv." Alex said from the other side of the door to her place.

"Alex, Oh god, is that you?" Olivia asked not having any idea her love was just on the other side of the door.

"I'm back, really back, for good." she said with a long pause, she had said it so fast, she hadn't stopped to think of what it would mean, would her brown hared, chocolate eyed love even still feel the same.

Olivia looked around her apartment, not sure if maybe this was some sick twisted dream her mind had cooked up to only further torment her. What if her love wasn't back and she would wake up to find it all a sad dream?

"Liv?" Alex said again, she was growing more worried when she heard nothing on the other end, "Liv, please talk to me, is everything ok?" she waited, she didn't want to say she was right outside until she knew if she was ok and welcomed.

"Alex..." Olivia said still not quit sure she believed it was her. "Your really back? for good?" it had taken her like three minutes to even say anything, and another two or so to say that.

"Yeah, I am." taking a long deep breath to steady herself, she then added "I'm outside."

Olivia looked around again then stared at her phone. Outside? outside where? here maybe? her mind was now whirling, she took a long breath herself, talking once again into her phone, "Outside? where?" it hit her as she asked, dropping her phone she ran to her door unlocking it and almost ripping it off it's hinges with force to see the face she had longed for all these years, and even more so since going undercover.

"Hi." Alex said, nervous grin on her face, not sure what else to say or do, nervously she ran her fingers though her hair.

Olivia moved her self on shaky legs to allow her love in after what seamed like an eternity of staring, "Oh sorry, come in." she said very short on words, she never said a lot to begin with and now these days all she found herself saying was 'I'm fine' or 'don't, stop, just drop it El, nothing happened'.

Alex had noticed she looked pale almost if she was seeing a ghost, not this time though, Alex knew she was back, and back for good, she also noticed how almost broken Olivia had looked, her eyes had seamed so sad and she didn't know if it was her returning, or if it was something else, for now she would take it slow and work the rest out later. She felt so good to be back in her loves apartment, she couldn't think of much else, as she walked in and shut the door behind her.

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