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It was almost like a game of hide and seek how we meet.

Both of us hiding from our families, wanting to escape the madness of 50th birthday parties and golden wedding anniversaries.

His long frame standing in the moonlight made my body tingle with anticipation, though I had no idea if he was gay or straight.

"You escaping too?" Was muttered from red pouty lips as he gazed at me hungrily.

That's all it took for us to begin talking, for our relationship to begin.

The day of my grandparent's golden anniversary gave me Edward


A whirlwind romance blossomed that both tore us apart and pulled us closer together.

Everything we did was filled with complete passion, whether we were fighting or loving each other.

We almost lost everything, the love, the passion, almost left us.

That phone call changed everything, changed the way we were with one another, changed the way we lived.

He had a passion for extreme sports, something that almost cost him his life, cost me him.

Promises of no more came as he slowly got better.

Tears of happiness were wept as he took his first steps towards my arms.


The prognosis had been poor. The fall, smashing into the rocks as he fell from the sky, broke his back. Breaking that meant he may never walk again.

A spinal surgeon had looked over his case. He was pretty sure Edward could be fixed.

I paced the floor for hours waiting, thinking, until I was told it had been a success.

It was unexplainable pride that rushed me. Pain and determination were embedded on his face as he stood, filling me with so much pride, I couldn't even begin to explain it.

Those few steps will forever be in my mind.


I babied him. It drove him insane, yet I couldn't help it. I wanted nothing to hurt him when he came home so I wrapped him up in cotton wool.

He wanted it, wanted us. I was scared, scared to hurt him. He was still tender from his operation.

"Jazz, please. I need you, I need your tender love." He pleaded. I couldn't say no.

Slowly lowering myself down onto his big, thick, hard cock, I moaned out in a gentle whisper.

Connecting, loving, being one. We both moaned and cried, both scared that we could have lost this. Us. Forever.


It was late November.

The night sky was clear showing the stars twinkling up above us as we sat in the back garden curled up together enjoying a glass of wine.

I shivered feeling the temperature begin to drop.

"Go to bed. I'll be up in a minute." He murmured in my ear.

The bedroom light went off, and arms pulled me off the bed walking me towards the window.

'Will you marry me' was written by candle light in the garden.

Tears sprang into my eyes as "Yes" came out in just a whisper.

I saw stars again that night.

So there you go, a little gift Kira.

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