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The staccato of her heels on the cold tiles of the Hoover building floor announced her presence long before the determined sway of her hips and the hard line of her lips. Purpose radiated from every pore of her body, sweeping out and creating a divide in the typically crowded hallways.

"Hey, Dr. Brennan! How's it going?" One new, energetic agent called after her. He received no answer.

One more turn around a corner, and she had arrived at Deputy Director Cullen's office. His secretary looked up in surprise as she stalked to the office door. "Dr. Brennan, you cannot go in there right now…"

She opened the office door and inserted herself into the silent room with one loud clearing of her throat and the announcement, "I need to speak with you."

Cullen's eyes widened, taking in her offensive body language, and his hand covered the mouthpiece of the phone. "Dr. Brennan, I am on a…"

"It cannot wait."

"This is very important…"

In three long strides, she was beside his desk and she reached over, ending his call with one light press of her finger. "It cannot wait."

Enraged, Cullen stood, slamming his phone down at the same time. "Dr. Brennan that was a conference call with a number of very important people! What is it that gives you the right to force your way into my office and act like you own the place? Do I need to remind you that, despite your many doctorates, you have a place here and it is below me? There are regulations…"

"I am aware of your regulations." She cut him off, her chin jutting out, her hands resting on her hips. "In fact, that is precisely what I have come to discuss."

"Well if you think I am discussing anything with you right now…"

"You severed my partnership with Booth based on those same regulations you speak of." Brennan cut him off once again, causing the weathered skin on his face to flush with anger. "I find that unacceptable."

Eyebrows raised, Cullen placed his hands on his hips as well. "I don't really care what you find acceptable."

Brennan continued as though he hadn't spoken. "Furthermore, your decision to partner me with Agent Wright is intolerable. As a respected professional I deserve to be consulted and at the very least notified of changes in my work environment. Not to mention that one brief encounter with Agent Wright demonstrated his ineptitude and complete lack of decorum."

"Agent Wright is a highly recommended, highly skilled agent." Cullen glared at her as he spoke. "And one encounter with you, however brief, could easily drive a man to behave in ways he isn't proud of."

"Your excuses are pointless." Brennan shook her head. "I will not work with Agent Wright under any circumstances."

"You will if that is who the bureau assigns to you." Cullen moved around his desk , walking up to the edge of her personal space and hovering over the line. "You are not in charge of this situation, Dr. Brennan, I am."

Brennan took a step towards him, not backing down. "I disagree. Obviously I am in charge since I have decided that if you uphold your decision to sever my partnership with Booth, I will no longer work with the FBI and I suspect that would be inconvenient for you."


Booth muttered curses under his breath as he navigated his SUV through the sudden onslaught of DC traffic. She wasn't answering her phone. Ignoring him. He hated it when she ignored him.

The woman was infuriating. In the span of a few hours she'd attacked an Agent, blamed Booth for something that wasn't his fault, driven him wild with insecurity, driven him just as wild with desire, and then run out on him so that she could pick a fight with his boss.

If he didn't love her so much, he'd strangle her.

He pressed his hand against his horn, letting the loud sound continue far past the one necessary blast required to catch the offending driver's attention. He was rewarded with a rude gesture for his efforts and let out an exasperated sigh.

Ten minutes later he whipped into his usual parking spot at the Hoover building and leaped from the car. Then he was through the front doors, down the hall, past his office, around a corner and blowing by Cullen's secretary.

"Agent Booth, I'm sorry but you cannot go in there…."

He could see them through the window and dread filled him. Standing toe to toe, his boss and his partner faced each other down. Cullen's red face was inches from Brennan's stubborn one. Brennan's hands were on her curvy hips, her torso leaning forward aggressively. He knew exactly what her body language meant. She was all in. She had committed.

Taking a deep breath, he opened the office door and stepped inside.




Brennan turned at the sound of her partner's voice. "Booth. You didn't need to come. I told you, I will handle this."

"It looks like you're doing a little more antagonizing and a little less handling." Booth's voice was low, as though he hoped only she could hear him as he approached. He slid his arm around her shoulders and tugged her a step back from Cullen's imposing figure. "This isn't how this needs to be done, Bones."


Booth's eyes moved to Cullen's. "I apologize sir. Bones likes to handle things head on. I'm just going to take her home now."

"Booth!" Brennan pushed on his chest.

"Bones, look…" His voice lowered again, "We will take care of this, ok? I promise you. But yelling at him is only going to make him more determined to keep us apart. Can you just trust me?" Booth sent her a pleading look.

"Sit down, Agent Booth." Cullen voice was resigned.


"I said sit down." Cullen said loudly. "Someone around her had better listen to me!"

"Right…" Booth took a seat in one of the oversized chairs and gestured for Brennan to do the same. To his relief, she complied.

"Now, before you came bursting into my office without an invitation, Dr. Brennan delivered an ultimatum." Cullen's hard gaze rested on the scientist. "I don't appreciate being given ultimatums, Dr. Brennan. They give me ulcers. However… I assume that I have no choice to deal with the problem you have created for all of us."

"I will only work with Booth." Brennan said calmly as she crossed her legs in a decidedly stubborn fashion.

"You must understand that I cannot allow the bureau to be held hostage by your personal feelings." Cullen leaned back in his chair. "We have protocols for a reason. Protocols that prohibit sexual relationships between partners."

Booth cleared his throat. "To be fair, sir, they do not prohibit. The advise against." He offered a weak smile. "I looked it up."

Brennan grinned at Booth triumphantly. "Aha!" She said, starting to stand up.

"Sit down." Cullen ordered. "That loophole exists for special circumstances that have been approved by the agents' superiors." He paused for affect. "I am your superior and I am completely convinced that the nature of your relationship is detrimental to this agency."

"Based on what?" Booth demanded, suddenly feeling less reasonable in the face of his boss' dogmatic approach.

Cullen sent him a look. "I am not required to explain myself to you, Agent Booth."

Booth's reasonability slipped further. "I've worked for you for a long time, sir, and I've done good work. The least you can do is treat us with a little respect here."

"Respect? Like when you each burst in to my office making demands and interrupting my phone calls?"


"Agent Booth, the decision has been made."

Booth glanced over at Brennan, watching has her eyes fell to her hands. His protective instincts flared up and he reached over, resting his hand on her arm, rubbing his thumb along her soft skin. The instant he touched her, his mind was made up.

"Then you should know, sir, that I'm with Bones." Booth said, shifting his gaze to Cullen. "Split us up and you lose me too."


Dr. Lance Sweets was with a patient when he received the phone call from his boss telling him to appear in his office immediately. Feeling like a little boy being called to the principal's office, Sweets excused himself from the emotionally distraught agent with many comforting words and hasty promises before making his way down the hall and to Cullen's office.

Looking through the window, everything fell into place for Sweets as he observed Dr. Brennan's confrontational posture as she stood beside her ex-partner's chair, her hand on his shoulder. Agent Booth appeared to be deep in thought and Cullen paced. It didn't require years of his many years of training to sense the tension in the room.

He opened the door and stepped inside. "You wanted to see me, sir?"


"Dr. Sweets, so glad you could join us." Cullen stopped his pacing and glared at the young man. "Can you please explain to me why two of your patients are standing here in front of me threatening to quit unless I comply with their demands?"

Sweets stared. "Uh… I'm gonna guess that this is about them being split up." He glanced at the ex-partners. "Guys, I just found a few hours ago. I swear as soon as my schedule opened up I was going totally going to stick up for you."

Cullen moved to stand directly in front of Sweets. "This is the kind of thing you're supposed to prevent. It is your job to ensure that people do not lose their minds, which you have obviously failed to do here."

Brennan frowned. "It's not Sweets fault. He attempted to bring Booth and me together last year but failed. This year Booth and I decided to be together on our own."

With a glance at Cullen's firmly clenched jaw, Sweets let out a nervous laugh. "Uh, Dr. Brennan, I'll just… speak for myself if it's all the same."

"You encouraged this?" Cullen asked dangerously.

"That's a… strong word." Sweets said, licking his lips.

"He wrote a whole book about it." Booth offered, standing up and joining Brennan. "Sweets thinks we belong together. Tell him, Sweets."

"Again…I'll just speak for myself." Sweets sent Booth a pointed look. Turning back to Cullen, he cleared his throat. "Sir, it is my professional opinion that Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan are subconsciously connected and emotionally dependent on one another."

"Meaning that they should not work together." Cullen said triumphantly.

"Sweets!" Brennan protested.

"No!" Sweets clarified. "… No, sir. Actually, their connection is what makes them such an awesomely fantastic team."

"Awesomely fantastic?" Cullen raised his eyebrows.

"Uh… what I mean is, their symbiotic relationship provides an environment that stimulates successful interaction because of their deep, abiding regard for one another and their complete commitment to each other and the work they do." Sweets said in his most professional tone.

"Uh-huh." Cullen glanced back at the ex-partners. "What is he talking about?"

Booth stepped in. "Sweets means that Bones and I are good together. The best. Our feelings for each other won't stop us from doing our jobs. They'll make us do our jobs better."

Sweets' jaw dropped. "I have been saying that to you for years and you always act like you don't know what I'm talking about."

Booth shrugged. "We like to give you a hard time, don't we Bones?"

"You make it quite enjoyable." Brennan agreed.

"Of course." Sweets said, pinching his lips together and nodding. "You know…"

"Enough." Cullen interrupted, dragging his hand over his face. "Have any of you stopped to think about the position that this puts me in? Here I have my bester partnership threatening to quit, my star psychologist telling me to keep them together and I'm just supposed to give in and let you two stay partners so that the three of you can all live on love together."

Brennan shook her head. "It is physically impossible to live on love. It provides none of the sustenance required…"

"Seriously?" Cullen said sharply.

"Too literal, Bones." Booth said, resting his hand on her back. "That was sarcasm. It was funny."

"Not really." Bones said in a slightly hushed voice.

"As I was saying," Cullen interjected. "There are standards in place. Protocols. Regulations!"

"Sir…" Booth began.

"Not to mention the trouble you've already caused for the bureau with your…" He gestured lamely between the ex-partners. "Whatever it is."

"What trouble?" Brennan asked, glancing at Booth.

"The trouble that came in the form of a hour long phone call with the Deputy Director of the North Carolina Branch after Agent Lyndon filed a complaint stating that the relationship between you two was hindering the investigation and making her uncomfortable." Cullen jabbed his finger at Booth. "You should know better than to bring your personal drama to work, Agent Booth."

"Wait a second, Lyndon complained?" Booth demanded, his hands going to his hips. "Sir, I can assure you that her complaint is invalid."

"So then you and Dr. Brennan did not abandon the case to maul each other in the parking lot and then disappear." Cullen crossed his arms and glared at Booth.

In the background, Sweets sat down and pulled out a pad of paper and pen.

"Yes, we did that." Brennan volunteered.

"Bones!" Booth's hand smacked against his forehead. "A little less help, ok?" He turned back to Cullen. "Lyndon asked me on a date which Bones insisted I go on. Then Bones ran after me and…" He cleared his throat, "… kissed me. We decided to go talk and left, but it was well after work hours and the case wasn't delayed."

"You insisted he go on a date?" Sweets looked up, puzzled.

"That was before I realized that Booth was simply waiting for me to give something to the relationship. Like he had last year." Brennan explained, sending Booth a smile.

"Last year?" Cullen frowned.

"Nevermind." Booth held up his hands. "The point is, Lyndon got jilted so she told on us to the principal. That's all. Nothing unprofessional happened, sir. I can promise you."

Sweets cleared his throat. "For what it's worth, I believe Agent Booth. Both he and Dr. Brennan have shown an incredible aptitude to focus on their work and maintain their professionalism in spite of their personal feelings. Dr. Brennan, in particular, would never jeopardize the integrity of her work."

Cullen let out a long sigh and went to sit back down behind his desk, resting his forehead on the palm of his hand. Booth, Brennan and Sweets looked on as the older man struggled to process the conversation. Touching Brennan's arm, Booth guided her back to the chairs they had formerly occupied and they sat down.

Suddenly Cullen reached for his phone and dialed, not looking at either of the ex-partners as he waited.

"Agent Lyndon, this is Deputy Director Cullen. Are you in the building?"

Brennan glanced at Booth.

"Please come to my office immediately."


Lyndon came and went quickly. Her explanation of her complaint fell apart under Brennan's blunt accusations that she was merely jealous and Booth's well-seasoned interrogation techniques. She retreated with an apology to the ex-partners that Booth ignored and Brennan reacted poorly to.

"The only person who has acted unprofessionally in this situation seems to be you." Brennan observed as Lyndon began to go. "Not to mention your retaliatory behavior is exceedingly childish and indicative of an inability to cope with your own status in society. Also, in the future, you should give some thought to altering your interpersonal behaviors when working with your colleagues. Your personality can be quite irritating."

Lyndon stared at the anthropologist for a long moment, observing Booth's hand reaching out to her and squeezing her arm in a gesture of both intimacy and reprimand.

Then she was gone and the room fell silent for a long moment before Sweets spoke up.

"Well, I guess that's all cleared up. Lyndon had the hots for Booth but Brennan totally burned her." The younger man chuckled. "No wonder she made a complaint."

"I'm glad you're amused, Dr. Sweets." Cullen snapped, effectively shutting him up. Cullen's gaze shifted to Booth. "Perhaps, Agent Booth, you should attempt to control your apparently excessive charm. It seems to be causing a great number of problems for my employees."

"It's not Booth's fault that he's physically stimulating and extraordinarily charming. Much of that is genetic and out of his control." Brennan defended the man who was idly drumming his fingers on her arm and bouncing his leg impatiently.

"Bones…" He flashed her a grin. "You said something nice about me."

She grinned back. "I'll be glad to say complimentary things about you later as well." She promised.

"Enough." Cullen snapped again. "This entire situation has become ridiculous. I've spent the past hour entertaining this discussion, when really it all comes back to one thing. We have regulations against sexual relationships between partners. With your high profile it simply isn't possible for the bureau to allow you to continue working together without serious internal and external ramifications." He pointed his finger at both of them. "And you two are going to have to learn to deal with that. You're both reasonable people and you need to make the reasonable choice. Date all you want, get married for all I care, but you'll be working with different people."

Booth's demeanor had remained relatively calm throughout the discussion. Someone had to keep a cool head to balance out Brennan's heated, blunt statements of bald truths. But hearing his boss' dogmatic statement after all of the evidence they had compiled for him, made him snap.

Nearly leaping to his feet, he curled his hands at his hips to keep them from balling into fists as he took a step closer to Cullen. "This is stupid." He spat out. "You've already made up your mind and you're not willing to listen to once shred of reason. You're willing to throw away your best team just because it wasn't your idea to keep us together. That is the most obvious power trip I have ever seen from anyone. You don't deserve to be the one making these decisions."

His rant came to an abrupt stop and his chest heaved with pent up rage and frustration over the fact that apparently nothing could ever just work out for him.


He felt her hand on his back, trying to soothe him.

"You are crossing a line, Agent Booth." Cullen said coldly, standing up and glaring at Booth.

Booth laughed. "Crossing a line?"

Impulsively he turned to Brennan, catching her in his arms and jerking her against him, capturing her lips with his own for a long, hard kiss. When he broke away, he kept his hands on her arms, rubbing up and down her warm skin.

"Yeah, I'm crossing a line." He told Cullen. "And it's a line I intend to cross every chance I get. It's a line I've wanted to cross for seven years and there is no way I'm going back now. So let me make this easy for you." Booth pressed another light kiss to Brennan's lips before drawing away from her.

"I quit, sir. I can't work for you this way."

"Booth!" Brennan touched his arm.

"It's ok, Bones." He smiled at her. "Sometimes you gotta move on. I'm gonna go. You do what you need to do. Whatever that is, I'll support it." He lifted her hand and kissed her fingers. "I love you."


He shook his head and walked towards the door, clapping a stunned Sweets on the shoulder as he walked out, letting the door slam behind him.

Brennan stared after him for a moment before turning to Cullen. "You made a very bad decision."

Cullen had to tear his shocked gaze away from the door to look at her. "Did he just quit?"

"Of course he quit." Brennan crossed her arms. "Didn't you hear him? He was standing right there."

"Wow…" Sweets murmured. "This is very interesting."

"He just quit." Cullen said, still in shock.

Brennan glared at him. "Intelligence is largely determined by genetics and therefore unintelligence cannot technically be considered a character flaw. However, stupidity is a very dangerous character flaw and one that you are demonstrating quite well today."

"Uh, Dr. Brennan, I'm not sure that you should…" Sweets piped up half-heartedly.

"Your decision was based on pride and stubbornness. Not evidence or logic. Booth is right. You are not qualified to be making decisions that ultimately affect society as a whole." Brennan continued unfazed. "My loyalties lie with Booth. He said that he cannot work with you and so I cannot either."

Brennan moved towards the door, resting her hand on the knob. "I will no longer be providing my invaluable services to the FBI." She stated calmly as she opened the door. "The decrease in justice that will undoubtedly arise from the termination of my partnership with Booth, those people who want answers, those victims who need help, their pain is on your hands."

The door closed swiftly behind her, blocking her off from her old world and stretching her new one out in front of her.


Booth was in his office, standing in the middle of it, staring at his desk, his nameplate, his pictures on the wall. She tapped lightly on the doorframe, just loud enough to catch his attention. He didn't turn. Moving slowly, she slipped up behind him, placing a hand on his back and rubbing gently.


He turned to her and surprised her with a smile. "Hi." His arms moved around her and he drew her to him, stroking the length of her spine with his hand. "You ok?"

"I'm fine." She assured him, pressing her lips to his shoulder. "Are you ok?"

"Sure." He turned his face into her hair, breathing her in. "You gotta do what you gotta do. We weren't getting anywhere with him. He wasn't going to change his mind."

"Booth, I…" She pulled back to look up at him, but he cut her off with a kiss.

"I don't want your apologies, Bones, and I don't want to hear that you have any regrets. You told me earlier today that you were in this for the long haul. That means everything to me and I want you to know I am too. You're the most important thing to me, ok?" He pressed his lips to her forehead, lingering.

"But your job…"

"Not as important as you." He said again. "I love you, Bones. I have for so long. There's no way I'm risking this now."

"I'm scared."

"Yeah." He nodded, resting his forehead on her shoulder. "Me too."

"What are you going to do now?" She leaned into him, taking comfort from his warmth.

He chuckled. "Live off of my insanely rich girlfriend and her tax shelters."

She laughed too, but quickly grew serious. "Booth, you don't have to worry about finances. I will be more than happy to…"

He cut her off again. "Bones, don't go there. Please? I was just kidding, really. I've got some money and all kinds of extraordinary skills. I'll have a job in no time."

She nodded, biting her lip and looking into his eyes. She started to speak, but stopped, watching him nervously.

"What, baby?" He tucked her hair behind her ear.

She gave him a smile that was decidedly sheepish. "It's illogical, but I believe my pre-existing feelings of love for you have only been strengthened by your rash decision to throw away your entire life in order to be with me. It is completely illogical."

His laugh was loud and genuine. "It may be illogical, but it's totally normal. Grand gestures tend to stir up those lovin' feelings."

"I don't know what that means."

"I know you don't, Bones." He said with an affectionate kiss on her nose. "Hey, why don't you help me pack some of this stuff up? It's kind of pointless for you to go in to the lab at this point and if I were you I'd want to delay having to tell Cam she's going to have to deal with a few very unhappy FBI administrators."

Brennan nodded thoughtfully. "I suppose she will be unhappy."

Booth walked over to the large, framed hockey picture above his desk and lifted it down. "This feels surreal…" He mused.

A loud clearing of someone's throat made them both turn around.

"Agent Booth, put that back where you had it. This is no time to be redecorating your office" Cullen's sharp voice delivered the order.

"What?" Booth frowned. "Sir… uh, Cullen…"

"I mean it, Agent Booth. You have a case to handle." Cullen stepped into the office, glancing at Brennan who watched him closely.

"The serial case?" Booth guessed, his brow wrinkling in confusion. "Don't worry, I'll pass that on to another agent before I go. I have the files here…"

"Try to keep up." Cullen held up his hand, showing the manila folder he held. "There's a new case. Just came across my desk seconds ago. Figured you'd want to get a jump on it." He cleared his throat again. "Both of you."

Booth looked at Brennan. "I think you're confused." He told Cullen. "Bones and I, we quit. We're not working here anymore."

"Nonsense." Cullen huffed. "I just spoke with Dr. Sweets and he believes that by increasing your therapy sessions to twice a week and putting in to practice a few techniques, your partnership will remain effective. There's no need to overreact here." He tossed the file on to Booth's desk. "Unless you don't think you can handle two cases at once." He raised his eyebrows in a definitive challenge.

Booth looked at Bones again, asking her a question with his eyes. She smiled at him and stepped forward.

"Booth and I can certainly handle more than one case. We will begin immediately."

"Good." Cullen grunted. "Then lets have no more of this blasted talking. Get to work."

With another huff, Cullen turned and left Booth's office, leaving the stunned partners staring at each other.

"That son of a…" Booth shook his head.

"I believe he moved to his senses." Bones mused, a smile blooming on her face.

"That's came to his senses, Bones." Booth said, laughing with relief and amazment. "We're partners. We're really partners again." He strode over to her, picking her up and clutching her to him as he spun her around. "Can you believe it?"

"Booth, your lower lumbar region!" Brennan protested, letting out a laugh of her own. "Be careful!"

He set her down and cupped her face in his hands. "Bones?"


"Shut up." He pressed a kiss to her lips. "We won. Bones, baby, we won. We're partners and I love you and everything is fine."

Her wide smile matched his. "I'm very happy, Booth. Despite being quite confused at Cullen's behavior, I'm very, very happy."

"I'll explain the male ego to you later, Bones." He laughed again, pressing kisses along her neck. "We have a case. A case! Because I'm an FBI agent and we're partners.

"I enjoy seeing you so excited." She chuckled as he grabbed up the file and quickly wrapped his arm around her again. "It makes me excited as well. I assume my empathetic reactions are another symptom of love."

"You bet it is." He held her close while he flipped through the file. "Wow, this is a bit of a drive." He mused. "Hey, what do you say we drive out to the scene, do some of the initial stuff and then grab a hotel room up there for the night?"

"In celebration?" She slid her hand over his chest and up around his neck.

"Definitely." He kissed her soundly. "We have a lot to celebrate."

"I love you, Booth."

"Tell me again." He whispered, his mood suddenly shifting from buoyant to urgent.

She smiled at him even as confusion lit her features. "But… why?"

"Bones, tell me again."

"I love you, Booth."

"I love you too, baby."


Brennan picked her way through the rocky terrain where the forest had been burnt by the fire. The same fire that had destroyed the identity of the person whose remains she had been called to look at. Booth was just behind her, his hand on her elbow as she stumbled over one of the larger rocks.

"Be careful, Bones!" He instructed, fussing over her.

"I'm fine, Booth. I know how to navigate crime scenes." She shot back, evading his hands.

"Yeah? So then that wasn't you stumbling right there?" His eyebrows shot up as she sent him a glare.

"You're crowding me."

"You're blocking me."

"Booth, get your hand off of my back."

"I like my hand on your back."

The local officer that had brought them to the scene laughed and shook his head. "You two been together long?"

Brennan stood up straight and Booth's offending hand dropped as their gazes met and became more tender. Booth smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Three days." Brennan said softly.

Booth shook his head. "Seven years."

The officer gave them both strange looks. "That's a pretty big difference there."

Booth shrugged. "Yeah, turns out differences don't really matter though."

He reached for her hand and she gave it to him, allowing him to guide her the last few steps to the remains. She crouched over them, touching them lightly, while he observed from above, awaiting her insight, ready to meet it with his own.

"This one is quite complicated." Brennan observed.

"That's ok, Bones." Booth assured her. "We'll give the victim a face, an identity and we'll catch whoever took it from her."

His partner looked up at him and he smiled at her. "It's what we do best, right?"

~The End~

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