Oh No He Didn't

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"This." is talking.

"This." is thinking.

"This." is Porunga and Shenron talking.

Chapter 17: Last

Last Chapter

Videl fell to the floor crying her eyes out. She felt Gohan die to save all the people of this world. She knew she wasn't the only one. Chi-chi his mom was crying hard enough, but knew the reasons behind it. She felt a hand on her shoulder and it was Goten that was crying too, but he held it in.

"Don't cry, Videl we can still bring him back to life." he said. Videl looked at him and hugged him close. Goku got close to them and smiled.

"Goten, Videl we won't be able to bring Gohan to life soon." he said. "The dragon balls were used and we need to wait, a year to bring him back." he felt sad to tell them that but Goku knew he had too.

So even though everyone down there were having fun and celebrating, in the lookout like seven years ago were in pain and crying.

In The Lookout

Everyone were waiting, well Goku and Vegeta were for anything to happen for Cell to return. It wasn't until King Kai talked to them and told them that Cell had already been sent to the otherworld. But he still didn't know anything about Gohan, yet. So everyone even though sad for Gohan's dead were happy. Dende walked to Goku and the rest to talk to them.

"Guys, we can go to Namek and ask to borrow their dragon balls so we can bring Gohan back." everyone looked at him. Goku nodded got everyone who wanted to go, which was basically everyone, except for the girls except for Videl who wanted to go, and Instant Transported to New Namek.

New Namek

The namekians were surprise to see so many people there but when they saw it was Goku and their friends they let it go. Dende went to talk to them and they agreed to help considering it was Gohan. Videl was in shock to see everything and the people that looked a lot like Piccolo. But she didn't say anything. The sky darkened and Porunga came out.

Dende made the wish to bring everyone back that were killed by Cell and Frieza. Porunga told them it was done but he couldn't bring back Hercule for some politics in the otherworld. Videl understood that.

"Dende wish him to take Gohan to the earth checking station." Goku him. Dende did it and then asked to bring Gohan back to life. Porunga than said.

"That wish cannot bring granted, the one named Gohan doesn't want to be brought back to life." he said. Everyone looked at each other.

"Why?" Dende asked.

"He says he wants to train in the other world." he said. With that they let him go.

When they got back to earth well Videl was pretty pissed off, she couldn't understand why Gohan didn't want to come back yet. To fight, what the heck was his problem? She saw that the others understood very well that. She just didn't know the reason behind it.

A Few Days Later

Everyone was surprised to see the people that got killed back but didn't say anything. Since they were celebrating the Killing of Cell and Frieza. The weird thing was that some in a delusion still were happy for Hercule, since they claimed that if it wasn't for him Cell wouldn't have been killed. It was something that Videl didn't get at all.

Videl on the other hand had been invited by Chi-chi and Goku to stay with them now since she didn't have a home to go to. Sure she could go back to the mansion but decided not to she didn't like it.

The weird thing was that when they all arrived they were welcome with a huge home; it was almost as big a Capsule Corp. It was than that Goten explain that Gohan would come there with him and got to building the house and adding things to it. They had enough rooms that had different things. Gohan even had a GR for their home and a bigger dinning room for Chi-chi. All the photos from before Chi-chi and Goku were their plus some more of Gohan and Goten.

She was given her own room which she got to decorate and got to train with Goku and Goten.

Back At Capsule Corps.

Bulma was in her office and wondered if Goku and Chi-chi were happy with their new house. Gohan had told her about it and the plans he had with it. It had been something he wanted so when he and Goten could move in, once he turned eighteen would have somewhere to go. He had explained that it wasn't to be rude to her but he wanted to have some independence and wanted to give Goten a safe home. That and he did miss Mount Pouz. She understood and helped him even with some adds, like a girl touch.

"I am going to Miss them." she whispered. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard the voice of Vegeta.

"I'm not Kakarot's youngest brat comes to visit every damn day." he grunted. It was true Goten did come to play with Trunks everyday and Goku came to spar with Vegeta and Mirai. The son family and Videl came there almost everyday to talk to her, caught up- in Chi-chi' place- and other stuff.

In School

Videl couldn't shake some students off since they kept asking where she had been. She was this close to blurting out that she didn't run away but didn't dare too, it was a way to cope with her dad's loss. Now she didn't have any parents sure she had enough money but didn't have parents. She was rather thankful to Goku and Chi-chi for letting her stay in their home. She felt real safe there. The only think that bothered her still, and she hadn't gotten over was the reason Gohan stayed in the other world. She had to wait a year for him to be back. It worried her that he wouldn't be here to graduate with her, Mirai and Lime.

Even though Mirai had told her that Gohan could make up for it online and already had a job in Capsule Corps. In other words he already had a fortune accumulated for some of the work he did. Still she just wanted him back.

"Come on Videl, tell us where you were?" Sharpner demanded. Videl threw him a glare.

"None of your business." she replied.

"Okay, so where are you staying now." he demanded again. Videl got too pissed off already and threw a punch straight at his face.

"I will make it clear one more time, if you or anyone else ask me about the stuff I don't want to talk about I will punch your daylights out." she growled.

After that well it was clear that they weren't going to get anything out of Videl and they didn't try either. It freaked them out, something they did notice was that she stayed around Mirai and Lime more.

So their lives were going that way for the next twelve months.

A Year Later

All the Z-fighters had gathered in the Lookout to summon Shenron and bring Gohan back to life. The most expectant was Videl-of course- and his family. With the seven dragon balls gathered. Goku called him.

"Shenron, I summon you." the sky went dark and the dragon came out.

"Speak, I will grant any two wishes that are in my power." Shenron's voice boomed.

"I wish for Gohan to be brought back to life." Goku said. Shenron's eyes glowed red.

"Your wish has been granted." everyone looked around to see where Gohan was, he was behind Videl but she hadn't seen him and told them to be quiet. Goku told Shenron, that would be the only wish they would make. Since King Kai had told him that Hercule could not be brought back since the Kai's had choose that.

Gohan grabbed Videl's shoulder and she turned seeing a different Gohan. He still looked the same but more matured and stronger. The first thing that came were the tears and anger.

"Gohan, you jerk, why didn't you come back when they told you too." she cried and Gohan just held her there. Not saying anything at all. "You could have you know, ask that blue guy your dad told me and Goten about, so he could let you talk to us."

"I couldn't do that." he told her, by this time they were alone since everyone had left to Capsule Corps.

"Why not?" she asked.

"I was training with another Kai, and didn't see King Kai much." he replied. Than out of nowhere he just grabbed Videl and kissed her. Once they stopped he smiled. 'I missed you." he said. He grabbed her waist and went down to Capsule Corps.

Capsule Corps.

They arrived to see all the fighters having fun. "Hey, Gohan is good to see you." Goku came to tell him. Something Videl was noticing was that, the Z-fighters were treating Gohan as if he just came back from a trip instead of being dead. Gohan left her so he could go with his friends and the boys.

"What's wrong Videl?" Bulma asked her.

"Why are you guys acting so happy as if, Gohan had not been dead for a year?" Videl asked. Bulma smiled and winked at Chi-chi from the other side. Chi-chi walked over and they stood together looking at the boys play fighting.

"Well besides being something all of us are use to seeing people dying and coming to life." Bulma stated.

"Why should we be miserable?" Chi-chi asked her. "It was something I learned in the otherworld, see I was given another chance sure I still worry crazy about my boys, but understand is something they do and they wont stop doing it." Chi-chi explain.

"So we treat each fight as something they will come back from." Bulma let out. Videl kind of understood and they went to the boys. Goten and Trunks were playing with Mirai and Gohan catching up. Videl was happy she could see it. The Z-fighter's proved to be something fascinating and normal in a weird sense of the word. Not that she minded it was nice.

"You know thinking to much might be dangerous." Gohan joked from her side.

"Not, funny Gohan and you still have a lot of explaining to do." she told him.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Who were you training with?" she asked.

"I can't tell you that but he was good, so don't worry." Gohan replied. "How is the crime fighting?'

"Fine, Mirai, Goten and sometimes Trunks got o help me." she replied.

"So how do you like your new home?" he asked.

"Its fine even better now." she replied. Gohan smiled and it was the huge Son smile that made Videl's stomach have butterflies. "You should smile like that more often." she commented and they just stood there watching everything and everyone.

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