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Chapter One - The Weapon Awakens

In a village called Konoha, in the heart of Hi no Kuni, there live several clans of powerful shinobi. Among these clans certain techniques are passed down from one generation to the next. In some cases the techniques are taught to the next generation and the secrets behind the techniques are never spoken of outside of the clan. While in other cases these techniques are inherited through the blood as a genetic trait that awakens in certain members of the clan. These are called Kekkei Genkai, or Bloodline Limits; abilities and traits passed down through the generations from parent to child that gives the shinobi wielding them incredible advantages in combat. As would be expected, most clans never let their techniques or bloodline spread outside of the clan from which they were created or born. But, that is not always the case, in the history of the Elemental Countries there was one clan of warriors that cared not for family or clan names, they couldn't care less where their bloodline spread or who obtained it, all this clan cared about was one thing; battle. Combat was their way of life and the only thing that brought them excitement. It was from this lust for battle that the clan gave up its' name and each individual left to seek battle for themselves. Throughout the ages these warriors have become everything from samurai to shinobi to berserkers, forever seeking endless combat.

One of these battle lusting warriors made his way to Uzu no Kuni roughly forty years ago, during the beginnings of the Third Great Shinobi War. He challenged the Uzumaki ninja clan and their legendary swordsmanship to battle and was met with the current clan head, a woman by the name of Uzumaki Kushiko. The two battled for hours, neither of them giving in, until at last both were exhausted and could battle no more. The man and woman collapsed on their battlefield and were taken into the Uzumaki compound to be healed. What happened afterward eventually lead to the two warriors falling in love and having a child of their own, a daughter they named Kushina. At an early age Kushina showed prodigious skill with her father's bloodline limit, which he told the Uzumaki clan was named Tetsuheikihada (Literally; Iron Weapons Body). Shortly after Kushina's tenth birthday the Third Great Shinobi War had finally spilled into Uzu no Kuni and left the Uzumaki clan with no choice but to fight the invading shinobi forces. The clan fought greatly but in the end fell to the continuous onslaught of Iwa, Kumo, and Kiri shinobi. When Kushiko and the male warrior realized they would all be wiped out they each made preparations to send Kushina somewhere far safer than Uzu no Kuni. Kushiko gathered the Uzumaki clan scrolls which detailed their Kenjutsu style, family history, and contained the family's entire treasury. While Kushina's father wrote down his families beliefs on life, battle, and death in hopes that the warrior spirit he'd helped raise in her would never die out.

With only a few days left before Uzu no Kuni fell, Kushiko and her husband sent Kushina away to Konoha by a merchant ship bound for Hi no Kuni's Southern shores. Kushiko and the male warrior returned to the Uzumaki compound and slaughtered several hundred of the invading shinobi each before finally being over run and meeting their end as true warriors. Kushina would spend the next month making her way to Konoha. Upon her arrival she presented the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen the scroll her mother had given her to explain the situation. After the Hokage had read the scroll and practically interrogated the young girl for close to an hour she was allowed to become a citizen of Konoha and was given a small apartment free of charge. It would be almost eleven years later that the Third Great Shinobi War ended. In that time Kushina had become a kunoichi of near legendary status. It was also during this time that she'd met a man by the name of Namikaze Minato. Minato had initially been attracted to Kushina's beauty and her tomboyish attitude and later fell in love with her personality and skill as a ninja. The two had eventually formed a loving relationship and been married in secret by the Sandaime.

When it was discovered that Kushina had become pregnant with Minato's child the couple couldn't have been happier and even Minato's sensei, Jiraiya the Toad Sannin, had come by to congratulate the happy couple on their soon to be bundle of joy. Sadly, it was not meant to be, shortly after Kushina had gone into labor on the tenth of October the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the strongest of the Bijuu had suddenly appeared a few miles outside of Konoha. The beast was enraged and began decimating everything within its' sight. With no time to evacuate the village or fortify a defense Minato, given the title of Yondaime Hokage several months ago, had no choice but to use a forbidden sealing method in conjunction with his own Fuuinjutsu techniques to seal the Kyuubi away into his newborn son, Naruto.

Kushina, exhausted from giving birth and suffering from the effects of the Kyuubi's god-like killing intent that had civilians in the streets dropping like flies, managed to hold her son for several minutes while telling Sarutobi her final instructions regarding Naruto's upbringing. Sarutobi agreed to give Naruto the scroll written by his grandfather regarding the Tetsuheikihada when it inevitably activated sometime in the boys' life. Sarutobi reassured Kushina that he would keep Naruto's heritage a secret so that Iwa would not demand the child's' death and send assassins to kill the boy. With Sarutobi's promise to tell Naruto his full heritage when the boy reached Chuunin rank, Kushina kissed baby Naruto's forehead one last time before her eyes closed forever and she passed on from the world of the living. Shortly afterwards the reinstated Sandaime Hokage presented baby Naruto as Konohagakure no Sato's savior for imprisoning the Kyuubi. The villagers however, rose up in anger and sadness demanding the child be killed to destroy the Kyuubi for good. Sarutobi, disappointed in the village for the first time in his life, created a law stating that if anyone spoke of the Kyuubi's true fate to anyone who didn't already know about it the person who spoke of it would be put to death for treason. With a tired sigh the old Hokage took a sleeping baby Naruto to his office to find someone to care for the young boy.

The person the Sandaime found was one of the few retired kunoichi that his own teammate, Utatane Koharu, had hired as part of a program to raise orphaned children of shinobi that had died on a mission or in a war. Her name was Yachiru and due to a battle during the later part of the war she'd been injured severely and had to retire from active duty. Yachiru would go on to raise Naruto for the duration of his childhood without incident, until the boy was eight and something awoke inside of him.

-Present Day ~ Naruto-Eight Years Old-

Uzumaki Naruto wasn't having the greatest of days, first he slept in late and was late for his class at the Academy, then Mizuki-sensei had been asking him questions about stuff they hadn't even gone over yet in class, and now he was walking out of school early because he was sick off the crap he was getting from a bunch of his classmates.

"Uzumaki-san, where do you think you're going?" Suzume Namida asked as she pushed up her glasses slightly.

"Well, Principal-san, I'm heading home because I'm ticked off at my stupid class and I'm ticked off at Mizuki-sensei asking me questions about crap we haven't even gone over yet." Naruto answered the woman who was also the Principal and Kunoichi Classes teacher.

"I see, I'm sure we could discuss this more in my office." Namida replied while motioning for him to head back towards the Academy.

"Or I could just leave." Naruto said as he started walking off with a wave. Only to be grabbed by the back of his black T-Shirt and dragged back to the academy and towards the principal's office.

Once he was sitting in front of Namida-sensei's desk Naruto sighed before trying to make himself comfortable. Namida quickly walked around her desk and sat behind it before she asked her first question.

"So, Uzumaki-san, what is it that made you want to leave school so early today?" Namida asked as she folded her arms across her chest while looking at the boy in front of her.

"My classmates are being stupid and Mizuki-sensei keeps asking me questions about stuff we haven't even gone over in class yet. That guy has hated me since the first day I came here when I was six." Naruto said while glaring at the top of the desk.

"Well now, that's not quite fair is it? Mizuki shouldn't expect you to know material he hasn't covered in class yet. I'll have to have a few words with him after school." Namida replied with a frown marring her features. Nobody messed up her school while she was in charge. She and Mizuki were going to be having a very long talk, with a chance of him losing his job as a teacher.

"Do whatever you want Namida-sensei, I doubt he'll change anytime soon." Naruto grumbled while looking out the window.

"I intend to do just that, Uzumaki-san. I'm afraid I can't do much when it comes to your classmates though. You'll have to learn to ignore them." Namida told him as she stood up from her chair. "Alright, classes are almost over for the day so you're free to go home. Remember what we've talked about today." she told him.

"Sure, Namida-sensei." Naruto mumbled out before standing up and giving her a slight bow of respect before leaving the room.

Several minutes later and Naruto was walking down the street to the apartment he lived in with Yachiru. As he was passing a construction site he saw a small boy, no more than four years old playing with a ball directly beside the site.

"Hey kid, don't you know it's dangerous to play around construction sites. You should take your ball and play somewhere safer." Naruto said as he pointed down the street towards a small neighborhood park. The young boy simply nodded before kicking his ball down the road towards the park. "Clueless little guy." Naruto mumbled before walking across the street to a vending machine to get a drink with some of the change Yachiru gave him as an allowance. After Naruto had gotten a can of tea and taken a few sips he looked back across the street to see the same kid from before chasing after his ball. When the kid finally caught it he was sitting right beside the construction site again. "What the heck is that kid doing?" Naruto muttered as he took another sip of his tea.

"Watch out it's going to fall!" Naruto heard from inside the construction site before he saw a scaffolding start heading for the ground. The only problem was it was falling towards the small boy ho had just stood up with his ball.

"Oh crap!" Naruto yelled before dropping his can of tea and running towards the small boy. "Get out of the way stupid!" He yelled towards the young boy who only stared upwards in terror. "Damn it!" Naruto yelled before reaching the boy and shoving him several feet back. Only to look up and realize he was about to be crushed. With a large crash of metal hitting concrete and dirt Naruto was buried under the scaffoldings' debris.

"What happened?" one villager yelled as everyone on the street turned towards the sound.

"Something from the construction site fell." another villager said as the dust cloud was dispersing.

"Is anyone hurt?" a woman asked aloud while everyone looked each other over for any type of injury.

"Oh my kami. That boy, the fox kid, he saved that little kids life." an elderly store owner said while pointing towards the shocked four year old who was crying his eyes out.

"What? Are you sure?" one villager asked the shaking old man.

"Why would the fox do that?" a woman asked as the four year olds mother was scooping up her son and had tears streaming down her face.

"Did anyone see who saved my son?" the mother asked as she tried to calm down her frightened child.

"It was the fox boy; he pushed your son out of the way without thinking about what would happen to himself. Oh kami-sama, he saved that boy at the cost of his own life." the elderly store owner said while a lone tear ran down his face.

"Well don't just stand there, we've got to try and save him. He saved my sons' life." the mother said before several village men and construction workers from the site began moving the debris trying to locate the boy that may not have been the fox they all thought he was.

'So what, am I dead?' Naruto asked himself mentally as he stared into darkness. 'This sucks; I got killed by construction equipment. That's a crappy way to die, no awesome ninja battle, no fighting until I drop, no taking a huge number of enemies with me. No I went and got killed buy construction equipment! That's so stupid. I hope the little kid got out of the way alright. No point in both of us getting knocked off by construction garbage.' Naruto mentally ranted while trying to see if he could move, only to find that he was being held down by something heavy. 'What? Did I end up in hell? That's just freaking great! What did I ever do that I'd go to hell for?' Naruto questioned in his mind while still trying to wriggle his way out. 'Wait, did this thing just get lighter?' he asked himself as he started hearing voices above him. Suddenly light filled his vision and he shut his eyes trying to block it out.

"I found him!" a construction worker yelled as he moved another piece of debris before reaching down and pulling Naruto out. Several villagers and construction workers were surrounding the boy to see if he was still alive. Naruto's eyes slowly opened as his sight adjusted to the sunlight. "He's alive." the construction worker that pulled Naruto out said as everyone looked toward Naruto.

"I'm still alive? How? I was crushed flat wasn't I?" Naruto questioned as everyone else was at a loss for words as the boy looked perfectly fine. Not so much as a bruise or scratch on him.

"I believe I can explain, Naruto." said an old voice as everyone turned to look down the street at the newly arrived Sandaime Hokage.

"Jiji? What are you doing here?" Naruto asked while the Sandaime walked up to the boy and helped him to his feet.

"I'd received a report of a construction accident and rushed over here when I heard you were involved." Sarutobi answered as Naruto started looking around.

"Speaking of which, where's that kid I was trying to get out of the way? Is he alright?" Naruto questioned as he scanned the crowd for the boy.

"He's just fine, thanks to you." The boys' mother stated as she walked up to Naruto with her son in her arms. "Thank you so much for saving my son." the mother said with a bow towards Naruto.

"Oh, no, it's fine. I just didn't want him to get hurt." Naruto said while waving his hands in front of himself slowly.

"Come along Naruto, we have quite a bit to discuss." Sarutobi said as he started walking towards his office.

"Right behind you, Jiji." Naruto replied before hurrying to catch up to the old Hokage.

Upon arriving at Sarutobi's office both Naruto and the Sandaime sat in their respective chairs, Naruto in front of the desk and Sarutobi behind. Once they were both comfortable Sarutobi began the conversation.

"Naruto, the reason you're still alive and without injury is because you've activated your Kekkei Genkai, the Tetsuheikihada. At the moment you were about to be crushed what was the last thought in your mind?" Sarutobi asked as he looked at the young boy in front of him.

"I don't know something like 'I don't want to die.' or something like that?" Naruto mumbled out as he tried to digest the fact that he had a Kekkei Genkai.

"I believe that single instinctual thought, your will to survive itself is what activated your bloodline. I have a scroll that was written by your grandfather. It explains your bloodline in detail as well as your ancestor's thoughts on the subjects of life, battle, and death. It was agreed that you'd receive this scroll when your bloodline activated." Sarutobi stated as he handed Naruto the scroll that was written many years ago.

"Jiji, will this scroll tell me about my family?" Naruto questioned as he held the metallic gray scroll in both hands.

"Yes, to some extent. You'll learn the names of your grandparents as well as your mother. But I'm afraid your father's name can't be told to you until you're at least Chuunin rank. Your father made far too many enemies for you to be known as his son. I'm sorry about that." Sarutobi told the boy who was starting to tear up.

"That's ok, *sniff*, Jiji. At least I'll finally know I had a family and who they were." Naruto said as he tried to hold back his tears of joy.

"You've had a rough day Naruto, why don't you head home and read up on your new abilities and family history?" Sarutobi suggested as he smiled at the boy. Naruto simply nodded before standing up and heading out of the office.

Thirty minutes later Naruto walked into the apartment he shared with Yachiru. He had just gotten his sandals off when he was picked up and hugged by his guardian, Yachiru.

"Oh Naruto! I heard what happened! Are you hurt? Do you need to go to the hospital? Are you ok?" Yachiru questioned him as she kept him in the hug. Yachiru was a thirty six year old woman with brown hair down to her shoulders and typically wore long beige pants and a forest green t-shirt.

"I'm fine Yachiru-neesan. The Hokage gave me this scroll from my grandfather and said it'll explain most of what's going on." Naruto told her as she stopped hugging him and lead him to the couch in the living room. The two sat on the couch and Yachiru told him to start reading and she'd help him with any words he didn't know.

-Naruto's Bloodline Scroll-

To my family, both present and future, I write this scroll in hopes that it will assist you in your journey to use, control, and understand our bloodline, the Tetsuheikihada. Our bloodline gives us armor-like bodies that we can harden, sharpen, or produce metal from any part of our body at will. This makes our clan very adept at Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, and combat in general. The density of your Koutetsu (Literally: Armor/Steel Plate) is determined by your chakra capacity. Luckily for us high chakra reserves are normal for our family. Know this, however; with the activation of our bloodline you'll undergo a slight shift in your mentality. You'll enjoy combat more, fighting strong opponents will be something you seek to do, and you'll become more aggressive to those that show hostility towards you. In regards to our ability to produce metal from our bodies; it is limited to how much chakra we have and how much metal we have inside our bodies at the time. Metal cannot be produced from nothing; therefore our bodies naturally have a higher iron content than others. Most people have enough iron in their blood to make a single nail. We, however; have enough iron in our blood to produce up to eight full length sword blades.

Below you'll find several techniques I perfected over the years to make myself stronger. I hope you find them useful in your battles.

Kyorioomata (Literally; Distance Stride) - A high speed technique I developed to get close to my opponents. By sending chakra into the legs and out the bottom of the foot you can launch yourself in any direction you push off from with your step. With enough practice you can appear to vanish to your opponent's eyes.

Tetsuhaiki (Literally; Iron Blade Breath) - A technique I created to take out multiple opponents at once. By gathering small scraps of iron in your mouth and applying chakra to your lungs you can launch the irons scraps at high speed towards a group of opponents by exhaling. This can cause damage ranging from small lacerations to death.

Kusarinokogiri (Literally; Chain Saw) - A technique I made to tear apart even the thickest armor. By protruding small jagged blades in a single file line along your arm or leg and moving them at high speed in a single direction you can get a tearing effect that has immense cutting power.

Konbouteashi (Literally; Club Limb) - A technique that I created to break both things and people. Draw iron out of your body and coat a limb, or limbs, in it and harden your Koutetsu to its' maximum. After that simply swing the limb and hit whatever you want broken. The smashing and breaking power increases as the strength of your Koutetsu rises.

Now that you have an idea of what you can do with our bloodline it's time to learn the ways of our warrior family. In regards to life a Tetsuheikihada warrior must choose a strong mate to ensure the strength of the next generation. A warrior will live by his own code of honor and must protect it from anyone that challenges it. Lastly a warrior must spend his life in combat, for there is no other profession for a warrior of our family.

In regards to battle a Tetsuheikihada warrior will fight any life and death battle to the end, regardless of the outcome. A warrior will only fight at full strength against an opponent that has proven themselves worthy. For help following this rule I'd suggest finding some way to limit your strength, chakra, or remove, in part or in whole, the ability of one of your senses. Lastly a warrior that deems a person worthy of fighting at full strength will thank them for the fight at the end of the battle, even if the opponent is already dead.

In regards to death a Tetsuheikihada warrior should either die in battle or of old age; no other end is fitting for a warrior. A warrior who falls in battle should have no wounds of retreat upon his back. Lastly a warrior that falls in battle must take as many opponents with him as possible, for there is no greater way to die in battle than to take your final opponent with you.

Those are the ways of our warrior family; use them to spread the warrior's spirit throughout your own branch of the family. Just as I did with my wife Uzumaki Kushiko and our daughter Uzumaki Kushina.

-End Naruto's Bloodline Scroll-

After Naruto had finished reading through the scroll, with Yachiru's help, he smiled happily at her while she grinned back at him. Yachiru quickly pulled Naruto into a hug where he buried his face into her arm and cried tears of joy at the discovery of his mother's name. Naruto fell asleep in his bed that night with a smile on his face for the first time in years as Yachiru looked on happily.

The next morning Naruto woke up on time and took a shower before grabbing breakfast with Yachiru and then walking off towards the academy dressed in his usual outfit of baggy black shinobi pants, a white obi, black sandals, and a black t-shirt. Naruto arrived several minutes early to class and sat in his usual seat in the middle row of the classroom.

"Hey Naruto, I thought you quit yesterday? Why did you come back, aren't you tired of being a failure?" Haruno Sakura asked while smirking at her own joke and shooting glances at Sasuke to see if he noticed her.

"Haruno, shut up. I'm in no mood to deal with you or your voice." Naruto told her coldly which got almost everyone's attention. Naruto never talked to anyone in that kind of tone.

"Naruto you jerk!" Sakura screeched before punching Naruto in the face. Everyone expected Naruto to fly out of his seat and hit the ground with a bloody nose. "Ahhhhhhh! What the heck! Ahhhhhh! It hurts!" Sakura cried out much to everyone's shock. When all the kids in the class looked back at Naruto he hadn't moved an inch even though they'd all seen him get punched directly in the face.

"Yeah, that's not gonna do much good anymore Haruno. My bloodline activated yesterday, your weak little punches aren't gonna do crap any more. I believe my Koutetsu as it is right now could block kunai and shuriken and things like clubs will break when they hit me. Unless you'd like your hand broken again I'd refrain from hitting me anymore." Naruto told her with a dismissive sigh as Mizuki and another teacher walked into the room.

"Good morning class, my name is Umino Iruka and I'll be your new secondary sensei." Iruka stated as he and Mizuki stood in front of the class. Both sensei noticed Sakura crying and holding her hand next to Naruto's seat and asked what happened.

"Haruno-san tried to punch me a few moments ago. She found out it isn't smart to punch me since my Kekkei Genkai activated yesterday." Naruto answered as Iruka lead Sakura to Mizuki and told him to take her to the school nurse.

"Now Naruto, what bloodline have you activated and why did you break Sakura's hand?" Iruka questioned as everyone looked towards the blonde.

"First off, I didn't break her hand. She did. Secondly, my bloodline is known as Tetsuheikihada. It grants me an ability called Koutetsu that is always active. She basically punched a block of metal at full strength which broke the bones in her hand." Naruto explained as he sat in his seat with everyone staring at him.

"Well, thank you for sharing that with us Naruto. Now I believe it's time we all start today's lesson." Iruka stated as he went back to the front of the classroom to start the day. By the time lunch rolled around everyone in Naruto's class was anxious to tell everyone they knew about Naruto's new bloodline. Naruto simply sat under the tree he always did at lunch time and took out the bento Yachiru made for him. Suddenly a shadow fell across Naruto's lap and he looked up to meet the eyes of one Yamanaka Ino.

"Um, hey Naruto. I'm sorry about what Sakura did to you." Ino stated as Naruto looked up at her.

"It wasn't your fault Ino-san. Besides I think she came out of that worse than I did." Naruto replied with a small grin. To which Ino let out a slight giggle.

"Naruto, um, would you mind if I ate lunch here with you?" Ino asked with a small blush as she held up her own bento.

"Feel free Ino-san." Naruto replied while motioning to his left. Ino sat beside him, opened her bento and started eating. Within five minutes of Ino joining him a girl that Naruto had seen in the class for third years approached the duo and stood in front of both of them.

"Are you the boy all the second years are talking about?" the girl asked with a raised eyebrow as she looked down at the two eating lunch.

"That depends, what are they saying and what's the name of the person you're looking for?" Naruto asked the girl.

"They're saying that a boy in the second year has a bloodline that turns him into metal or something, they call him Naruto I think." the girl said as she tried to remember what the second years were talking about.

"Well I'm Naruto but I'm afraid my Kekkei Genkai doesn't allow me to turn into metal. I can produce it from what I understand but the quantity is limited. My bloodline is called Tetsuheikihada and the whole turning into metal thing isn't accurate. My bloodline has a constantly active ability called Koutetsu that makes my body as hard as metal and can be hardened even further when I apply more chakra to it, but I can't turn into metal." Naruto explained to the bun-haired girl who was wearing a pink Chinese top and dark green shinobi pants.

"What's your name anyway?" Ino questioned the other girl.

"Oh right, my name is Tenten, I'm in the third year class." The newly introduced Tenten said as she looked at the two under the tree. "So what're your names?" she asked.

"My name's Yamanaka Ino, it's nice to meet you Tenten-san." Ino replied with a smile which Tenten returned.

"Uzumaki Naruto, a pleasure to meet you Tenten-san." Naruto said with a nod which Tenten returned with another smile.

"Would you two mind if I joined you? I sort of ran off to find the person everyone was talking about instead of going to my usual spot for lunch." Tenten admitted while rubbing her arm nervously.

"I don't mind at all. Feel free to take a seat anywhere." Naruto answered as he resumed eating his bento.

"I don't mind either, Tenten-san." Ino replied with a smile which Tenten returned before sitting on Naruto's right side and opening her own lunch. The three enjoyed a nice lunch with some light conversation and agreed to meet again tomorrow for lunch. All in all Naruto thought the day had gone well and was looking forward to getting to know his two new friends better.

-End Chapter-

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