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Lioness002 :) –I Own Nothing! –The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

... When I first walked into my boyfriends house I expected to see him working on his 1970 Camaro, eating, or sleeping, but instead he was staring intently at the TV.

"Hey Kevin, watcha doin'?" I said as I walked over to him sitting on the couch. All I got as a reply was a grunt. Figures, he's probably watching some movie or graphic tv show.

Well I was wrong, "Kevin are you playing video games?" I asked in an astonished tone, I had never seen him playing anything. But it really doesn't surprise me, I mean he still a guy and they LOVE video games. Or at least I think they do, my only source is from my brother Ken and cousin Ben.

"I'm playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and this boss is kicking my ass." I stared at him with and odd expression and lots of questions.

"What's a BOSS?" I asked.

He quickly looked at me and answered, "They're the big bad guy at the end of a temple. And right now this giant fire monkey is crushing me." He was shaking his arms with the Wii remote like a mad man, it was pretty funny.

I jumped when he started yelling, "Ah! Stupid damn monkey! Why won't you die!" When he lost his last life he looked like he wanted to crush his TV.

"Okay." I said as I ran up and grabbed the remote out of his hand before he could destroy it.

I then asked him, "Do you want to try again and see if I can help you beat the...um...what was it?"

"Giant fire monkey." He scoffed. I wanted to laugh at his mood, he was acting like a little kid that just had gotten his toy taken away, but I knew it wouldn't help the situation.

"Yes that, do you want me to help you beat it?" I gave him a sweet smile and his expression softened a little.

"I guess, but your not going to be much help beating it, if I can't figure it out I doubt you will." I smirked at him and how he doubted of my skills.

"Try me, I've beaten Ben at video games hundreds of times." He laughed.

"Don't be so proud of that, an infant could beat him at video games." I snorted at his comment, "We'll just see." I thought.

As Kevin got the game set up again I read the back of the game cover/box. It doesn't look that graphic and that's a little surprising.

As Kevin walked into the bosses chamber I looked at the room's surroundings. It was tall with long thin pillars in a circle most likely holding up the roof. And in the center was the giant fire monkey chained to two of the pillars.

"Hum." Was my first thought but when the monkey started to attack I told Kevin to dodge.

"Kevin, what was your first plan of beating this...monkey?" He gave me a look like I should know.

"Head on attack , it always works." I cocked an eyebrow. He sighed. "Okay most of the time it works." I smirked.

"You need to dodge so I can see what to look for." He did as I told and went from pillar to pillar. When the giant monkey turned and looked at Kevin I saw the monkey's undoing. "Kevin, do you see the monkey's head where the shiny part is?" He took a long look at the monkey and then replied.

"Yeah, why?" I went and sat next to him as he kept the virtual Link character moving out of the path of the fire monkey.

"That's it's weak spot, you can see the eye watching you." I pointed at the screen at the crown of the monkey's head.

"That may be Gwen, but how do I attack it from down here? There's no way I can get up there." I thought for a moment and then asked him a question.

"You have weapons, so why don't you show me them?" After Kevin dodged once more he brought up his weapons screen, I scanned it and then found what I was looking for. "Bow and Arrow." He gave me an odd look.

"What?" He asked. I sighed and pointed at the screen.

"Use the Bow and Arrow to hit the crystal with the eye in it." He looked from the screen to me and back to the screen.

"Oh..." He said. I laughed as he smiled and paused the game.

"Why did you pause it?" I asked as he put down the remote and smiled at me.

"I like the sound of your laugh, and I don't get how you know how to beat the fire monkey."

I blushed and smiled when he said he liked the sound of my laugh.

"Well it's a good thing you like my laugh, because when I'm around you, I laugh a lot." He grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

"That's fine with me." He was getting so cute, but he needed to finished the level.

"Before we do anything, why don't you finish beating the boss?" He sighed and turned off the pause and continued the repetitive action of shooting the crystal eye. After a while of shooting and dodging Kevin shot his last arrow and that was it. There was a howl from the monster in the game and it came crashing down.

With a poof of black and green confetti looking pieces, the monster was gone and a normal monkey was passed out on the floor. I giggled at the look of triumph on Kevin's face afterward. Then the Twili Midna appeared and started talking to the Link character. She then floated away and opened a portal, Kevin moved and grabbed the new heart piece. His total health went up and he went to the portal.

When Midna teleported them away a new screen came up to save. Kevin saved and turned of the Wii. He turned to me and smirked.

"Wow it looks like we have a video game nerd." I turned and gapped at him.

"I am not a nerd!" I said as I playfully swatted at him in the arm.

"If your not a nerd then how did you know how to beat it with out playing the beforehand part of the game?" I sighed and was about to tell him when a thought struck me.

"...I'm not gonna tell you." He gave me a look of confusion.

"Why not!" He said in an almost whiny voice. I giggled and closed my mouth tight and laid down on the couch.

"What do I have to do to get you to tell me."

"One simple thing...kiss me." His eyes widened and then glinted with happiness. As me leaned in to kiss me he said one thing.

"My pleasure." When our lips meet I wrapped my arms around his neck and inwardly sighed. Bliss, extreme bliss. When we finally parted he asked me again as he kissed my neck.

"So...are you going...to tell me...how you...knew?" Kissing me in between almost each word.

"Fine." I huffed. I bit my lip and came out with it. "I beat the game already, I'm a fan of Zelda games. I have every single game." I laughed when he stopped kissing me and then looked up at my smiling face.

"Really?" He gave me a devilish smile. "Well then, we'll just have to see who's better won't we." I slyly smiled at him.

"Oh defiantly, oh and by the way," I grabbed his hand, "I'll beat you." He shook his head and kissed me again.

"We'll see." And with that we continued to play Zelda the rest of the day, with me beating him at it each time. We also made a deal, whenever I beat him, we kissed. There was a lot of kissing that day.


Well here is my new story with Video Games. I just thought about how Kevin would play video games and Gwen would have to prove she could kick his butt. So I decided to make it fun and add some fluff! Plus since I love Zelda games I thought I'd add `it in to one of my Fanfiction's some time. So if you liked it or even hated it let me know. Hope you liked it! Please Review! :)

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