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In was a sunny, beautiful, summer afternoon at the nearby park of Bellwood. Ben, Julie, Kevin, and I had decided to have a picnic celebrating the wonderful summer before it ended and we had to go back to school.

"Kevin!" I exclaimed watching Kevin leaning over Ben's plate. "What are you doing to Ben's burger?" I asked raising an eyebrow. He stopped and turned to look at me innocently.

"Nooothiiiing." He said drawing out the word. I rolled my eyes and walked up to him.

"Why don't I believe you then?" I asked standing next to him leaning up against the table. He smiled and pulled away from the table slowly, I saw he had something cupped in his hand.

"I don't know why you don't believe me, I'm kinda insulted you don't trust me though." He said putting on his fake hurt face. I shook my head and grabbed his wrist.

"What's in your hand?" I inquired trying to pry his hand open, but lets face it, that's like trying to rip steel in half with your bare hands. He just smiled at my futile attempt of trying to see what he was holding.

"Do you want to know? Really know?" He mocked. I nodded.

"Kevin, stop playing with me." I scolded. He shrugged and slowly opened his hand. I looked inside and screamed.

"Eww! Keep it away from me!" I yelped jumping away from him. Kevin held up a spider between his pointer and forefinger and started to walk toward me.

"Why? It's just a little spider." I glared at him and collected mana around my hands.

"One more step Kevin and I swear you will wish you were never born." I hissed. He just laughed and shook his head.

"Fine, fine." He said leaning down and placing the spider on the ground. "I was gonna put it in Ben's burger, but you saw me." He mumbled. I rolled my eyes and stepped up to him.

"You are so stupid sometimes." I said giving him a peck and then walking by him and placing more plates and glasses on the table. I could hear Kevin's steps on the dry and burnt summer grass as he walked up behind me.

"Am not." He protested in his own defense. I turned around and cocked an eyebrow.

"So you're saying you've never once been stupid?" I asked in a mock tone. He opened his mouth and then closed it.

"Well, maybe once or twice." He joked as he wrapped his arms around me. I giggled and placed my hands on his that were on my stomach.

"Hey...have you seen Ben and Julie? They said they were going to go get soda. They should have been back hours ago." Kevin shrugged with me still in his embrace.

"They probably got held up and are making out or something."

"Right." I said walking out of his embrace and grabbing chips, salsa, lemonade, sandwiches, candy, and salad. Kevin looked at the salad and started poking it.

"What's that?" He asked in a teasing tone.

"Sal-ad." I said breaking the word into two syllables. He smiled and laughed.

"Really? Is that what that is? I always wondered." I snorted and bumped him lightly.

"Ha, ha, Kevin." He chuckled.

"I know, I'm hilarious." He joked. From behind us were heard laughing and two voices.

"...I'm just saying, I think Sumo Slammer's is..." Ben continued on telling Julie about Sumo Slammer's as they walked up the hill. I tuned him out and placed some hot dogs on the grill.

"Kevin!" I called over my shoulder letting him know he was needed at the grill.

"Got it!" Kevin said walking over. I turned to see Ben and Julie each holding two litters of soda; Coca Cola, Sprite, Root Beer, and Pepsi. One for each of us apparently.

"Thanks guys." I said as they placed them on the picnic table. Julie sighed and sat down as Ben continued his monolog on Sumo Slammer's.

"Julie? Can you help me with the salad?" I called so she could get away from Ben. She mouthed 'thank you' and rushed over to where I stood.

"You are a life saver." She breathed placing salad on the four set out plates.

"I know what it's like." I laughed from beside her as I poured some Pepsi for myself into a plastic cup.

"Don't get me wrong," Julie paused pouring herself some Root Beer, "I love Ben, but sometimes he obsesses way to much."

"Oh well, that's just Ben." I said just as Kevin came up with some steaming hot dogs.

"Cooked to perfection." He announced proudly. I smiled and took the plate from his hands and placed it on the table.

"Good job, Kevin." I praised. I called Ben over he happily grabbed a couple of hotdogs and his burger which Kevin had been trying to tamper with.

"Food!" He exclaimed happily as he sat down to munch. I laughed when Ben threw his salad over his shoulder and continued to munch away.

"Ben." I sighed shaking my head. "That boy." I thought sitting down to eat.

We all sat, ate, and chatted away for over a hour and gorged on food. We laughed and ate some more, finally even Kevin and Ben burned out.

"I. Am. Stuffed." Ben said laying on the ground rubbing his distended belly. Julie sat on the grass next to Ben laughing while Kevin sat next to me on the bench. The wind was slightly blowing and my hair moved along with the breeze.

"It's been a nice day." I said leaning into Kevin's shoulder watching the somewhat darkening sky.

"Yeah." Murmured Kevin from next to me.

"Hey guys!" Chirped Ben from the ground. "Why don't we play a game!" He said sitting up and stretching slightly.

"Like what?" Kevin asked doubtfully. Ben put a hand on his chin and was silent for s few moments.

"How 'bout hide-and-seek?" He said hopefully. We all looked around as saw the same thing, one big tree, two big rocks, a parking lot, and open grassy field. We all turned our gazes back to Ben skeptically.

"Ben," Julie ventured, "where would we hide?" Ben opened his mouth and then looked around the area like Julie, Kevin, and I had.

"Uh...maybe we could...no...how about...no that wouldn't work." As Ben talked to himself Kevin and I continued to watch the sun sink lower in the sky.

"Summer's at a close." I murmured.

"Yep." Kevin replied. We sat silently for a few more minutes before Ben broke the silence.

"I got it!" Ben exclaimed jumping up from the ground. "We can play hide-and-seek on our DS's." We all sat in silence staring at Ben.

"How?" I finally ventured a little confused on how a DS would have anything to do with hide-and-seek.

"It's simple, we all have Animal Crossing: Wild World, if we all go to one persons town, we can play hide-and-seek there." Ben sat proudly on the ground happy with his oddball idea. I looked from Julie to Kevin.

"Did we all bring Animal Crossing?" I asked. Kevin sighed and nodded. Julie pulled out her DS from her pocket and looked at the game inside.

"Yes." I nodded.

"I did too." I said. Then I turned to Ben. "Ben?" He smiled happily and nodded enthusiastically.

"Of corse, I wouldn't suggest it if I couldn't participate." I stood up and so did everyone else.

"Lets go get our DS's from the car, and Julie, can you watch the food so no random stranger comes and takes it?" I said. She nodded and then Ben's eyes widened and he hugged Julie.

"Protect the food!" He said before heading for his car. My mouth dropped as I watched Ben run off. Kevin snorted and walked to the car.

"I'll grab your DS, Gwen." Kevin called over his shoulder. I walked over to Julie and shook my head.

"Wow, Ben must love his food." I laughed. Julie nodded and laughed with me.

"Oh well. Ben is, Ben. Nothing I can do." Julie said as she shrugged. About five minutes later both Kevin and Ben came back with Ben's green DS, Kevin's black DS, and my blue DS.

"Thanks." I said when Kevin handed me my DS lite. "Lets get this over with." I said walking up to the tree by the picnic table and sitting down, as usual Kevin followed me and Ben and Julie sat together.

"Lets go to my town, I've got all the fruit, a big house, huge shop, and..." I turned to Kevin, "lots of free money."

"Awesome." Kevin said.

"Sweet!" Ben laughed.

"Let me get everything set up." I said when I started my file. I picked my character, picked some weeds, and then ran to the gate to tell the guard to invite friends. Kevin looked over my shoulder and watched me talk to the fat overweight dog.

"Ready yet?" Ben asked impatiently. Julie rolled her eyes and nudged him.

"Give her a few minutes, Ben." She said tousling his hair. He smiled and nodded.

"Kay, ready." I said opening the gate. Everyone nodded and moved their characters to my city, Bellwood. I left the gate and waited outside. Before long there was a notice on my screen that said I had visitors. The first person to come through was Julie, then Kevin, then Ben.

"What first?" Asked Julie running around and collecting pears, oranges, apples, and coconuts.

"Let's do competitions." Said Kevin. And we did, we did bug catching and fishing contests for a few hours. Finally we got bored and we all turned to Ben.

"What now?" Julie asked Ben.

"Hide-and-seek!" Ben said as we all watched his character run around in circles and run into tree after tree.

"You're it Tennyson, this was your idea." Kevin said waiting impatiently.

"Fine." Said Ben. "What do I have to do?"

"Close your eyes and count to 100 and let us all run around Gwen's town and find hiding places." Julie said as we saw her character edging away. "To keep it fair, we should all separate, Kevin and Gwen can stay here, I'll go by the rocks and Ben can sit in the middle of the field."

"Kay." We all said together. Julie and Ben then left and went to their spots.

"When we hide, follow me." I said to Kevin.

"Why?" I rolled my eyes.

"Just do it." I said a little annoyed.

"Fine." He sighed. On top of both of our screens came Ben's message, "1...2...3...4...5..." and so on.

"Come on." I said running from the clearing all of our characters stood with Kevin's person on my trail. I ran until we reached my persons extremely large mansion house. I ran inside and Kevin followed.

"Wouldn't this be the most obvious place in the world?" Asked Kevin. I shook my head.

"It's Ben remember, he's gonna go for the hardest places. It'll take him forever." I laughed.

"So what now?" Kevin asked pulling me into his lap and watching the sun begin to touch the western horizon. I shrugged and laid into his chest.

"There's not much to do." I said sighing and breathing in his scent. We watched our screens flash from thirty, to sixty, to ninety, to one-hundred. Finally Ben began his search. Twenty minutes later our screen said, "Ha, ha! I found Julie! Kevin, Gwen, you're next!" We laughed and waited.

"Gwen?" Kevin asked me awhile later as he stroked my hair.

"Hmm?" I mumbled sleepily. I could feel Kevin's lips pressing lightly against my hair.

"Nothing, just wondering if you were still awake." I stretched a little and looked up at Kevin with a smile.

"Corse. I'm with you, how could I fall asleep?" I joke tapping him on the arm. After a short while I was doodling over Kevin's arms and chest. "Kevin," I started biting my lip, "I love you." I said looking up at him again. I could see his face pull into a heart melting smile.

"That's all I ask." He whispered in my ear. We stopped for a second and just stared lovingly into each others eyes. Slowly, millimeter by millimeter, our lips got closer and closer. I could feel Kevin's gentle and warm breath on my face.

I slowly swivelled around in his grip to keep this moment from shattering and faced him. I put a gentle hand on his cheek and stared. We were almost in a trance, one when feeling and emotion means more than words.

We softly touched lips in a gentle kiss. I ran my hand down his cheek all the way to his chest just needing to feel and be close to him. He lightly pulled me closer and wrapped strong comforting arms around my waist.

We pulled apart only a few centimeters for air. Kevin smiled and nuzzled into my neck kissing me in the process. I lightly laced my fingers through his hair and pulled his face up to mine again. We pressed our foreheads together and rubbed our noses together softly, a few bumps every now and again.

"Promise me something, Kevin." I breathed.

"What?" He asked almost silently.

"Forever." I said looking into his eyes. "Forever you and me." I could see Kevin's eyes, earthy and warm, lighten with delight.

"Of corse." He whispered. "Forever." I nodded and pressed my lips to his again deepening the kiss.

"Good." I laughed taking his hand in mine. We both watched as the setting sun slid closer and closer to ending the light of day and starting the darkness of twilight.

I sat on his lap and together we sat in the dark, drawing in the scenery and beauty of the night. Some say night is only shadows, darkness, and sadness. But it isn't, night is another world of life, love, and light. There is never any true darkness, the moon and stars light the sky, shining their light on the world below.

We sat there watching the sky for a few more minutes, silently, together. I squeezed Kevin's hand and scooted closer to him. Then finally, our long ago forgotten DS's lit up with new life, with a message. "Ha! I finally found you." It said. We looked and saw Ben's character standing in front of our characters.

"Games over. Time to go." I whispered quietly to Kevin. He nodded.

"Yeah, but lets stay a little longer." I smiled and grabbed my DS and wrote Ben, "You found us, go home, sleep. See you tomorrow." I sent in and relaxed into Kevin's embrace again.

"Forever?" I asked again.

"Forever." Kevin reassured before leaning in and giving me a kiss in the moonlight.


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