A/N: Will be updated each night, some "entries" might be long, others might be short. Leah is a spectrum of emotion. Especially now.
Also, Mattie is Paul and Rachel Black's son.

Day 1:

I really am pregnant. Paul also found this ovulation journal. Hit him over the head with it then decided to turn it into a pregnancy journal. It's a good day.

Been so hungry all this time. Don't know how we're gonna afford food. Especially with all the other stuff we need to get. We can probably get most stuff from when Mattie was small. But if this kid needs this much food now, he or she will need plenty of food (and diapers, fuck me) later.

Jake seems so happy. So is Paul. And Mattie, of course. Everyone is excited. But I want one fucking minute alone with Jake. It's our baby dammit.

Jeez, looking back over that, hormones fuck you up. Gotta get the info Dr. Acula, scratch that, Carlisle told me down before I forget.


Due date: approx. July 13th

Don't worry about food intake – baby has wolf appetite (fucking awesome)

Should start showing at the end of next week (another plus –insert eyeroll here–)

BONUS! – should feel the baby kick at that time too

BONUS #2 – should hear heartbeat in a few days

Need weekly ultrasounds, might get to learn gender around the 19th. (Happy Father's Day Jakey-Poo)

Well, that all seems so fucking normal. I just wish I could be normal. Not for my comfort but for this baby's. He or she is just another victim of this freak of nature bullshit fate served me. Whatever.