Chapter 21 - The End

Author's Note: Thank you all for coming with me on this wonderful journey together. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have! Without further ado, I present you the conclusion of "History."

The door swung open almost violently.

"Elena!" Jeremy greeted, looking at her in surprise. "What are you doing here? Stefan and Katherine went out about an hour ago. I thought they were meeting you."

She smiled at her brother, who had one arm wrapped firmly around Anna, who had both of her arms wrapped tightly around his waist. She briefly wondered if she was upset about Stefan going out with Katherine, and then realized, with a bit of sadness at herself, that she wasn't.

She only wanted one thing.

"Is Damon here?" she asked.

Jeremy pulled back, his eyes widening. "Damon?" he repeated, looking down at Anna for confirmation. She nodded up at him hesitantly. "I think so. I think he's still sleeping. I haven't seen him all day."

She nodded once at him and then made her way past the two cuddly... well, she couldn't really call them teens… but she couldn't think of her brother as a vampire. The cuddly couple? She guessed that worked.

She slowly made her way up the stairs to the second floor, her heart skipping in her chest as she approached Damon's room. She knocked once, waited, and knocked again. "Damon?" she called. "It's Elena. Can I come in?"


Slowly, she turned the doorknob, pushing the door open. Her eyes took a moment to adjust to the darkness of the room, so she took the time to shut the door behind her. She turned back, spying the figure curled up on the right side of the bed, wearing only a pair of jeans.

And it was a damn beautiful figure.

She felt a blush creep up on her cheeks as she approached the left side of the bed, slowly sinking down on it. Damon didn't shift as she curled up facing him, laying the way they had so long ago, in Alaric's guest bedroom.

He looked better today. He had clearly fed. His skin wasn't ashen anymore, and he looked steadier—healthier. As if nothing had been wrong the night before.

She smiled to herself as she studied his chiseled features. His long black eyelashes rested against his cheeks, and his dark wavy hair curled boyishly on his forehead. He was adorable when he slept.

The eyes slowly opened. Her heart picked up speed again as blue eyes looked over at her across the pillows, focused on her, and then focused on her again, as if he weren't quite sure what he were seeing.

"Am I dreaming?" he asked, then, eyeing her.

She almost felt tears in her eyes. "No," she answered, surprised at how soft her voice was.

He wiggled his eyebrows at her. "Are you dreaming?" he teased.

She had to laugh. "No," she told him.

"Can I check for a pulse?"

She smiled and held out her hand to him. He took it with gentle, tender, cool fingers that lightly probed at her pulse. Clearly deciding she had a beating heart, his fingers intertwined with hers, holding her hand on the bed as he stared at her.

"Does my saintly brother know you're here?"

"No." She wondered if he could see the lack of guilt on her face. "Jeremy said he and Katherine went out about an hour ago."

"An hour, hmm?" Damon mused. Her eyes widened in surprise when he suddenly yanked her to him on the bed, pulling her flush up against him with a teasing smile. "Guess we don't have much time, then."

She watched the confusion and surprise flicker across his face as she reached up and hesitantly brushed her fingers lightly through his hair. "We have time," she said softly, searching his eyes for a sign he understood… A sign that he wanted this.

Wanted her.

And there it was… The confusion and surprise slid into warmth and comprehension, the love flooding his eyes impossible to miss—even for her.

Damon smiled boyishly. "Time is such a nasty thing to waste," he teased lightly. She could feel the change come over him; could feel him draw her closer, into an embrace instead of a hold. And this time she didn't fight it… didn't fight the overwhelming love that swirled up inside of her as she stared into his blue eyes.

"Let's not waste it, then," she returned, smiling back at him.

He flashed a grin, and then his lips were on hers.