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Prompt 166: "I need to let you go"

When He Drinks

When he drinks,he keeps telling himself that the full glass of Scotch in front of the empty bar stool, sitting beside him, has nothing to with the fact that he's lonely.

When he drinks, he imagines that everything that has gone away will come back to him. His innocence. His best friend. His Elizabeth...

When he drinks, Madame Christmas always takes care of him. She always stops him, when he's had too much, calls him a ride, or arranges a room for him when he's far too gone to get home himself.

When he drinks, she sets an extra glass next to him and demands that he leaves it full until his friend shows up. He never understands why. Anymore, Roy Mustang finds himself three sheets to the wind by the time his friend finally shows up, and that's usually when the Madame sends him on his way.

When he's drunk, the same friendly smile shows up on the barstool next to him and Maes doesn't touch the Scotch but to have something to hold.

When he's drunk, the same words leave his mouth, as a greeting, before he reaches for his final drink and his illusion leaves for the night.

"I really need to let you go."