AN: Welcome, all, to the third installment in the 'A Picture's Worth A Hundred Words' series! Y'all know the drill: leave me love (in the form of reviews and ideas) and I shall love you in return (with drabbles inspired by your prompts).

Prompt: London, baby, here I come! I'm off, folks, to a 10-day long vacation in London! :D My main fear (aside from losing all my luggage at the airport) is that I won't understand a word of what's spoken to me, since I'm so used to American accents XD

ETA: silly me, I haven't seen Gravitation in far too long. I totally forgot that Shuichi had already been to the US when he followed Yuki there at the end of the series! So I've edited it a bit, hope no-one minds :)

Bad Luck's first time touring abroad was an interesting experience. K had secured them a concert in London, and Shuichi had been relieved that they were going to a country where he'd understand the language. His English wasn't perfect, but he was sure he'd manage.

He couldn't have been more wrong. The people in England didn't speak English! – or at least, not any form he could understand. Hiro laughed and explained to him that British English was entirely different from American English.

Throughout the tour, Shuichi merely smiled and nodded silently at the fans, resolutely signing his autograph in Japanese.

End note: See ya when I get back, hopefully with a few drabbles... and a newly acquired British accent! :D