Written for the To-Do list Challenge

Character: Ernie Macmillan

Task: Find out what a parlour game actually is.

Ernie McMillan promised himself that this time, when he will go the Muggle London, he will find out what a Parlour game is. Justin, Hannah and Susan discussed it for hours and hours, talking about games such as charades, twenty questions, Mafia and collectively calling them "Parlour games" but Ernie never understood what they were talking about. They had, of course tried to explain it to him, giving descriptions such as "games which are played indoors" yet when Ernie asked if chess was a parlour game, they said no.

This time Ernie decided that he is going to find out himself. He went to a Muggle shopping place in London, which they called "Hall" for reasons Ernie could not understand, and went to the "Game parlour". He was sure he would find what a parlour game is now. But all he saw was a bunch teenage muggleborns playing games on some kind of muggle "computer" and using some red and green buttons.

When he later asked Hannah if they were the "parlour games", she just laughed and said they were "video games". He wondered why they had then called the room in which they were played "Game parlour." Stupid muggles.

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