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Chapter 1, Goodbye Old Friend, and Thank You

- Konohagakure Hokage Tower -

It was getting late one peaceful night in Konoha, that is until s squad of ANBU told the 4th Hokage that the Kyuubi is on its way to destroy the village. They told their leader it would be arriving within the next 30 to 45 minutes, and just then Jiraiya walked through the door to the Hokage office.

"Hey Minato, what do you plan to do about this? Just remember you have me with you." said Jiraiya.

Just then Minato dismissed his ANBU and told him "I will use the forbidden seal to seal the fox in Naruto and the evil half inside myself, can you promise me one thing Jiraiya-sensei?"

"What's that Minato?"

"Watch over him and make sure the people see him as the hero he is meant to be instead of a reincarnation of the fox like I know they will see him for" he replied while looking out of the window towards the village he swore to protect.

While telling his plan Jiraiya snuck up behind Minato and knocked him out while saying "I'm sorry Minato but he already lost his mom, I be damned if I'll let him lose you to, he needs at least one parent to be there for him in his life."

And with that he picked up Naruto out of his crib where he has been sleeping and headed to the front gate where the fox would be arriving any minute now.

About 3 minutes passed until the giant fox was in view of Konoha, when Jiraiya was able to see it he summoned his old pal, the giant toad Gamabunta.


"Change of plans, Minato is taking a quick nap in the Hokage office, hehe, the kid needs him in his life so I decided to be the one to go out with a bang."


And with that the giant toad and fox battled it out with the leaf shinobi doing as much as they could to help while the toad sage prepared his seal. But while during this the 4th Hokage was waking up from his 'little nap' where his sensei left him.

"Damn it Jiraiya! Why! Why didn't you let me go, damn it!" he kept repeating while using his famous yellow flash where the fight was going on.

However when he got there it was to late, he was just in time to see Gamabunta disappear in a puff of smoke and Jiraiya falling to the ground with a bundle in his arms. Minato jumped up and grabbed the two of them before they could hit the ground and gently laid hhis sensei down while he held his newborn child in his arms. 5 minutes later Hiruzen and Hiashi showed up.

"Minato! You're alive, did the Shinigami spare you?" Hiruzen asked.

"I'm afraid not, sensei knocked me out while we were in the Hokage office and preformed the sealing instead of letting me do it." he stated while freely letting the tears stream down his face not caring who saw him crying and soon Hiruzen joined him.

"We should hold a special funeral for Lord Jiraiya after we honor the other fallen shinobi when everything calms down." Hiashi suggested.

The former and current Hokage both silently nod in agreement while continuing to weep for their fallen friend.

- 4 Days Later at the Funeral -

It has been 4 days since Minato's wife Kushina Uzumaki died, 4 days since his sensei Jiraiya gave his life for the village, 4 days since the fox was defeated, and 4 days since Naruto was born who helped save Konoha. But now is not the time for celebration, or any time in the near future for today is the ceremony of Jiraiya's funeral, a day when even the heavens weep for a great shinobi but an even greater friend and teacher. The past few days have been relatively quiet since everyone is still in a state of depression over their recent loss and helping rebuild the sections of the village that got damaged during the assult on Konoha.

However, today the Hokage declared a day where everyone stops what they are doing and attends the funeral of the Legendary Sannin Jiraiya where they all stand in silence for at least an hour, some more than others, for the brave men and women of the Leaf, every able man and woman attended along with their children and grand children. Out of everyone there no one was more depressed as the Legendary Slug Sannin Tsunade Senju, after treating the hospital to make sure everyone attended she decided to not drink a drop of sake for awhile, at least a month, or maybe a few weeks since Jiraiya always told her to stop relying on that, and to go out with her. She also decided that from this day forward each year she would go up to his grave and just sit and talk to him for a few hours if not the whole day.

After everyone left, there were a few who stayed, Hiruzen, Minato with Naruto in his arms, Kakashi, and Hiashi who after a few minutes broke the silence and said "If you want Minato, my wife and I will help you take care of your son since you will most likely be busy for the next few weeks if not months."

At that Minato just sadly said "Thank you old friend, that would be best for now. I'm no were near ready to raise him in my state let alone all by myself, I will be sure to stop by as often as I can to help you." And with that Kakashi along with Hiruzen said there goodbyes and walked away soon followed by Hiashi and Naruto. The 4th just stood there for another good hour before returing to his office, pulling out some sake, and starting his duty as the Hokage.

- 6 Years later -

The village was finally back where it was for the most part, sure every now and then there would be trouble like a year ago with the Hyuga incident with Hinata almost being kidnapped, who could forget that mess.

- Flashback -

It was getting late at the Hyuga compound where everyone was attending young Hinata's 5th birthday, her and Naruto have gotten very close over the last few years since it seems he is over there almost everyday. The two young kids usually trained together when they could and occasionally Neiji and his father Hizashi would join them. But today was also the celebration of the treaty the had just formed with Kumo.

After the party it was just Naruto that remained since his dad was busy with the Kumo delegates and ninja. But before it got to late Naruto started to say "Hey Hiashi can I stay the night since my dad's busy with his Hokage work? I'm sure he wouldn't mind, please?"

"Please father, we promise we will be good and go to bed on time and will be quiet like always." Hinata said with puppy dog eyes next to Naruto.

As Hiashi was making up his mind his wife Hikani made up his mind for him by saying "Of course you can Naruto-kun, you're always welcomed here." while giving a big smile to the two of them.

Just a few hours later they were tucked into Hinata's bed by her mother and fell asleep with each other in there arms while Hikani stood there with her husband with a huge grin and said "Just look at them, if it wasn't for them being so young I'd say the were married, what about you dear? Hehe."

"Why I think it's a bit to early to be planning that far ahead I couldn't agree more, come, let them have there rest, it's time we got some sleep ourselves." replied Hiashi with a grin just as big.

In the dead of night a lone figure crept into the room which help the young kids, at first he was only supposed to take the girl but he couldn't pass up the offer that was with her, the young Namikaze, Yellow Flash's son, he would definitely get a bonus for this one he thought.

As the kidnapper was running out of the village Naruto suddenly woke up "huh, where am I? Wait! What are you doing with me and Hinata-chan!" he yelled.

After a few seconds of struggling a weird kunai fell from Naruto's pants pocket and the Kumo ninja picked it up then began to have a look on his face that resembled true fear, one might think he just saw Shinigami himself, but then a flash of Yellow appeared and then not a second later the man was dead on the ground without a head and Hinata and Naruto were safely in the hands of Minato.

"Dad, why are you here and how did you know where to find us?" stated a confused Naruto.

"Well, I've known for awhile along with Hiashi that Kumo wanted the Byakugan and we realized tonight would be there best chance so after you fell asleep I put one of my special kunai in your pants because I knew he would take you as well and I'm really sorry I put you in danger like that son." Minato replied.

"It's ok dad, after all, if it wasn't for you then I would of never seen you and possibly Hinata-chan again, I forgive you." Naruto said with his famous foxy grin on his face.

"Good, now while I get rid of the evidence I will send a clone to take the two of you back, hopefully Hinata stays asleep and she won't have to know what happened here. I'll see you again tomorrow ok son?"


After that no evidence was found of the ninja ever being there and he also made it look as if he disappeared outside the Land of Fire's border.

- End Flashback -

Along with the recovered prosperity no one picked on Naruto for being having the fox in him, everyone knew this, even he knew it. Granted some of the villagers were afraid of him and never talked to him thinking the fox could get out anytime, but never showed it towards the 4th for fear of their lives.

This year for Hinata's birthday Naruto took her to his favorite spot in the whole village, Ichiraku's Ramen, food for the Gods as Naruto likes to say it.

"Thank you Naruto-kun, for taking me out to eat for my birthday, this is the happiest moment of my life right now." said Hinata.

"Of course Hinata-chan, and after we are done eating I want to show you your gift that I got you, ok?" replied Naruto.


And with that the two ate there Ramen then Naruto dragged Hinata to a part of the village by the Hokage tower then preceded to blind fold her.

"What, what are you doing Naruto-kun?" a very confused Hinata asked.

"Trust me, it would spoil the surprise if you knew where we were going, ok.'

"If you say so then I guess it's ok."

After a few minutes of walking forever as it seemed to Hinata they finally reached there destination, as Naruto took off her blind fold, he yelled surprise as she took in the wonderful and beautiful site of Konoha in the orange light of the setting sun on the horizon.

"Amazing!" was all she could say as the two sat together and talked about there future plans and what they wanted to do once and after they entered the academy in the two years to come. And during this moment Hinata realized her feelings for Naruto were more than a crush and wondered how he felt about her.

- End Chapter -

Thank you for taking the time to read this, as I said, I appreciate pointers and reviews, I know it seems early for Hinata to be in love but you have to remember that they mature faster for being in the ninja life. Next chapter will be the start of the ninja academy and I will probably have there teams in that chapter as well. Again thanks for reading.