The Sad Sloth's meloncholy fears

Chapter 1

''Flashbacks and Depression''

''As Sid wakes up one morining, he stretches out his stiff, Fungus smelling back out as he gathered his bearings and yawned. ''Looks like today's going to be a good day!'' he told himshelf as he looked up at the great blue morining sky. Indeed the weather was looking rather spectaculer as the rains have cleared up from the other day, Sid mused his surroundings as he thought about the other day, he did have a rather embrassing day yesterday.

First thing he did was at breakfest time, Manny suggest that Peaches should have the first taste and sid still half asleep at that time, though he was referring to a fruit, but Manny bonks him on the head and said he was referring to his daughter not a piece of fruit like Sid was.

then later on, as Sid tries to climb up a tree he made some achons drop aupon Diego who was furrious and chased sid up a tree that made Sid climb faster then he ever climb beforehand. Crash and Eddie who were watching this laughed so furiously, that they made faces and were very rude to Sid.

''Hey, now come on guys, that's not funny!'' Sid shouted loudly at them who was clanging on furiously. Then he actently ruined diego's nap by trying to get some berrys from a nearby goosetree but ended up disturbing some pre-historic mice that bumped into diego's face. Diego was barking mad at sid afterwards that he chased him up a tall tree, where poor sid had to climb up for safety!

Sid shook his head at the mishalps he causes to his friends that he doesn't mean to happen, they try not to mind him too much about it, but can't help but get a little or in this case really frustrated with him!

At the end of the day, his friends were so furious that they cast him out, saying that he should not come back tell he has learnt how to control his actions, Sid always tries his best but just can't help it sometimes. He had to admit the truth himshelf, he was a klutz, a simpleton, a bumbler and a very good one at that!

The sloth grew sad as he sat down on the ground outside his small cave, his melancholy thoughts echoed though his small, innocent head. His accidents were never on purpose, but he just didn't have any self control over himshelf or made any 'proper' attempt to improve his coordination, for that matter.

Manny is always very easly angry by him and will stop at nothing to seize the oppertuntie to shut him up.

Diego is almost as bad as Manny, but does go easy on Sid at times,

Crash and Eddie, treat him as a laughing stock, a clown in fact.

Tears ran down his cheek, as he sniffs and looks down on the stony mountains. All He ever wanted was to belong, to fit in with a family who cared about him, but somehow it was limited to him.

Even after his parents died, Ungle Fungus or his brothers didn't like Sid, they thought he was a spoiled brat, a joke a failure, because he always fooled around, having fun and never paying much attention to his sloth traditions and morals that his whole family have followed for generations. Finally they grew tired of Sid's irrsponsible ways and decide to abandon him by leaving him,

Sid remembered the discussion that took place before the day of the migration...''Ungle fungus, what are we going to do about Sid?'' asked Earnie as the sloth family gathered round the tree for a meeting.

''Yeah, he just keeps eating all the remaining berries that are left at the gooseberry bushes, before we have a chance to stuff up for the mirgration season!'' agreed Frank nodding with his arms folded looking cross.

''Something has to be done Uncle!'' Marshall told his elderly uncle who has thinking very heavly.

''Hummm...despite our previous attempts to shoo him away,

he has always miraculously,manage to track us down, without giving up or relizing that we plan to dump him,

he is a very clever and loyal sloth...''

''No He isn't uncle, he's stupid! he's pathectic! he's a laughing stock of the whole community!

I'm tired of having to hide my face in shame of my useless brother from the crowd'' Earnie argued hesitantly.

''Yeah and I'm losing popularty, due to my challengly mental brother, of my sloth friends!'' Frank insisted as well tapping his foot.

''I see, well I guess the only thing left to do is to...leave him!'' ''LEAVE HIM!'' they sloth family cried out in surprize and disbelief. they have tried to leave him many times in the past, but failed due to him constantly tracking them down.

''If, Sid is really clever if we thought he was, he will realize that we don't need him and he will leave us alone!'' Uncle Fungus answered wisely to his nephews.

Sid privately heard about this from his sleeping spot on the tree, where he pretended to be asleep. He made up his mind to get up as soon as he can, just to show his family that he isn't just a klutlz.