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Chapter 7

''All's well, that end's well''

''After the others found Sid and got out of the waterfall charven, they went by the river to cool down and have a little drink as travelling though the secret charen was very thristy work and very frustrating too.

Then the animals finally made it back to snow valley, were elle and peaches were in the cave waiting for the others to come back, as they did come back, Peaches was the very first animal to see the group come back, she rushed out of the cave as soon as she saw her father coming back with the group, as she ran out she was eager to see that her beloved uncle sid had returned with them.

''Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,'' Uncle Sid, Uncle Sid, Uncle Sid, your back, your back!'' she cried in an extrembly happy tone of voice in which she cannot withhold her inner joy at the sight of her beloved father and uncle sid.

Both Manny and Sid were happy to see Peaches, as she ran up to them and Manny happliy sized her by the trunk and hugged her tightly as she embraced in his warmth and love. ''Daddy...'' she whispered quietly in his trunk as he rocked her, while holding her in his strong, yet gentle trunk. ''Peaches, my little princess, daddy's home again'' he said gently to her as they embraced in a trunkknot. ''Did you miss me?'' he asked her.

''Yes daddy, I missed you and the others for a long time.'' she said looking at him with beady eyes. ''I wondered if you would ever come back home to mummy and me.'' she told him.

''I'm sorry sweetheart, daddy's home now and he won't let you, out of his sight for a second as he gave her a playful shake with his trunk as he pretended to be an automobile. (which manny didn't know about). ''Hahaha hahaha'' she laughed as it tickled her fur uncontrollably.

Sid smiled as he saw the two embraced each other, they obvilously have a huge tight bond which makes it impossible to break. Then Crash and Eddie say to peaches. ''Hey, little lady, what about us?'' they asked as they walked up to manny.

'Crash, Eddie!'' another familer voice appeared as Elle ran up to them, and hugged them vigeriously in her soft, gentle trunk. ''Hey Sis, Miss us?'' crash said to Elle, as she hugged them.

''Like alot'' Elle said as she put Crash and Eddie down. ''I see that you guys found Sid'' she said as she looked at the happy little sloth. '

'Yeah, we thought we never find him, until we found a secret waterfall and a charaven, it was fantastic!'' Eddie said shaking his arms in the air giving a sign of trimphant.

''Fantastic?'' asked Crash surpisiously eyeing his brother, with a huge smile on his face.

''Well...err...except for the part were the jagged rocks were, and that wind was noisy.'' he said blushing a bit. Crash nodded understandably and gave him an arm and shoulder embrace, as they stood side by side looking at Elle.

''But apart from that, we fond sid and had a hear to heart talk with some problems and he is alright now.'' Diego said as he walked up to Elle as she listen in intent.

''Well, it sounds like you guys had quite an adventure today!'' she said looking at all of them.

''And one thng that is for certain, sid is back with us safe and sound and everything is forgiven and forgotten.'' she concluded as she smiled at each of them.

Peaches smiled also as she looked at Sid, and leaped on his body as she sended him falling down to the ground, nuzzing him with her sweet face and trunk, as she giggled and jumped around him. Happy to see him smile and been happy again, sid got up and hugged peaches as he exclaims ''I missed you too, Peaches''. and the others laughed and smiled as they saw the Sid hugging Peaches.

No matter how clumsy or how low Sid can go, he will always be a special part of the herd, because he is a special sloth to all of them and to the world in fact.

The End