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Prologue - Need is a Powerful Emotion

She held the phone tightly in her hand, staring at the blank screen, fighting against her urge to call him. She promised she wouldn't. She swore to him and to herself that she wouldn't call, but her resolve was weakening with every minute that passed. It was a quarter after one in the morning and he was probably sleeping, curled up in his bed, snoring the night away.

On the other hand, she was pacing the living room. The lone hall light was the only bright spot in the otherwise dark apartment. The darkness consumed her, like the blackness of her heart - he was her light, but she couldn't let him shine there. Although she couldn't stop thinking about him, she knew it needed to stop, but she couldn't and she wondered if it was possible that he was awake and thinking of her as well. Her heart pounded in her chest while her brain screamed at her to put the phone down.

She stopped in front of the television- it was at eye level. She could reach the top without bending over or reaching high up. All she had to do was raise her arm just a little and lay the phone on top of it. Her hand trembled as she placed it there, and she turned away, running down the hall to her bedroom. Tears trailed down her cheeks. She threw herself on the bed as her heart pounded in her chest, her brain screamed and her body trembled. Her shoulders shuddered and large gasping sobs emitted from her mouth.

She was out of control. All she could think of was him. She wanted to beg God to forgive her so she could go to him. She pictured him when he stood before her and she told him goodbye- the heartbreak on his face, the understanding and acceptance that this was what they had to do.

The ringing of her phone stopped her dead in the middle of a sob. Hope sprang alive in her chest as she sat up, her skin tingling, and her ears perked to hear the sound. She jumped off the bed when she heard it again and made the mad dash into the living room, grabbing the phone off the television and pushing the green button.

"Hello," she answered, a little breathless from the dash, still crying from all the raging emotions pulling her down.

It was quiet, but she could hear his breathing. She knew it was him - his name had come across the screen - and she dropped down to the floor, crouching there, breathless and waiting for him to speak.

On the other end of the phone he sat, desperately trying to convince himself to hang up. But he was selfish and his body trembled at the thought of not hearing her voice or seeing her face. He couldn't let her go. He spent hours that night, drowning himself in whiskey, praying for the emptiness of sleep. It had not come and the alcohol only made him feel more desperate.

"I need you." His voice cracked as he took a shuddering breath. "I need you and I shouldn't, but it doesn't matter. It should matter… I shouldn't do this, but I can't help it. Please. Come… I need you here with me." He clutched the phone, his eyes closed, head bowed. If she denied him, he would die.

It was impossible for her to say no. His words echoed every emotion she had been feeling. "I'm on my way." She kept the phone to her ear, listening to his breathing as she tore around her apartment, stopping once to slip on her shoes and throw on a jacket. Her keys made a loud noise as she yanked them off the hook they hung on by the door. Her eyes scanned over the pictures in the hallway, and her heart lurched into her throat.

She turned away from them. She wouldn't think about that- she couldn't.

He sighed on the other end and it only made her more anxious to get to him. "Hurry," he pleaded. "I feel like I'm coming apart. God… Why cant I just let you go?"

The same thought was running through her mind as she stepped outside. The cold wind was like a slap in the face, forcing her to stop and think about what she was doing. She was not this person. She was not a liar or a cheater. She was the good girl, the one everyone went to when they needed help or advice and here she was - possibly about to make the biggest mistake of her life. Her hands shook and she almost dropped the phone.

Sensing her hesitancy, his frantic voice broke through to her. "No, don't think about it. I know… just, please… don't… " He was afraid she would change her mind, not come to him. Nothing had ever made him feel as desperate as the thought of her not coming to him. He shuddered under the weight of the strain on his emotions. The ache was overwhelming, and he whispered her name.

At the tortured whisper her heart clenched and she ran to her car, hopping inside and racing the few blocks to his apartment.

He was there, standing in the hall, looking destitute and broken. She wound her arms tightly around him, burying her nose into his chest, breathing him in. His scent usually calmed her, but not now - she was still trembling. Her hands found their way to his chest, where her fingers stroked. Small gasps of air were being pushed from her lips as she stared at his chest, afraid to look up into his eyes. Once there she knew she would never again be able to find her way home.

His hands grasped the sides of her face and forced her to look up at him. "I'm so sorry."

His eyes moved over her, taking in her appearance. Her eyes were puffy and red from crying. He could read the panic in them, the guilt and the love. Her cheeks flushed as he stared at her. He swallowed as his own guilt stirred in his chest, but he pushed it down, wanting to feel only her.

She nodded, looking up at him. He was just inches from her lips- just a small press forward and they would be kissing. Heat radiated from him, as if his entire self was in flames, and her body vibrated from the feel of him under her hands.

Finally, no longer able to help herself, she raised up and her lips touched his. A tormented sigh broke from his lips as he again whispered her name and his mouth moved over hers, urgent and needy.

Her back hit the wall as he pushed her against it. His hands greedily moved across her body, and he sucked on her lips and moved along her chin. He wanted to taste all of her; she was intoxicating. She moaned and moved against him, her fingers gently winding through his hair.

Months of denial, of repression and withheld need, came down to this one moment and it wasn't pretty or full of love and beautiful words. It was hard and fast and full of desperation and guilt and sorrow. They never made it past the hallway, and their clothes didn't come all the way off. It wasn't what either had imagined it would be.

She cried when he entered her, burying her face in his shoulder, trying to hide her tears from him. Her unforgivable body reacted to each move he made, coming alive beneath his touch, his mouth.

He groaned and swore and apologized, over and over, her name pouring from his lips. She moved against him as everything around her exploded and time stopped, and for just a minute all she could think of was him… all else was forgotten.

He grabbed her hard as he came, his words muffled against her throat, his open mouth breathing warmth against her. His mind was full of her- her scent, her taste… everything.

Without looking at her, he dropped to his knees, leaning his head against her stomach and taking deep breaths in. His hand ran down her leg to cup her foot, raising it and removing her shoe. He repeated the process on the other foot, his hands gliding up her hips and pulling her pants the rest of the way down and off. He caressed back up her legs and moved up her thighs and waist. Her skin was soft and supple, and he allowed his hands to linger, taking their time, loving each inch of her. He pulled gently on her shirt, lifting it up and over her head. Deftly, he unsnapped her bra, freeing her breasts. His breath caught as he stared, his fingers twitching to touch them.

A soft moan escaped her as she watched him look her over, the desire apparent in his eyes. He stepped back and slid off his own pants, tossing his shirt onto the pile of clothing on the floor.

Gathering her to him again, he lifted her up into his arms, his eyes locking on hers, his expression soft and worried. He carried her to his room and laid her down on his bed. Pulling the covers over both of them, he snuggled against her. His arms wound around her waist and pulled her close to him.

"I couldn't do without you. I needed to feel something other than the loneliness." His voice caressed against her, and she turned in his arms so she was facing him. He gazed into her eyes, and found peace. At least now, in this moment, they could relax. His breathing slowed and his heart calmed.

Her fingers drew imaginary lines across his chest and she breathed in his scent, her body finally relaxing, her mind quiet. Sighing heavily, she burrowed closer to him, her lips kissing along his collarbone, and her leg tangling in between his.

She felt him stir against her, and she pushed against his chest so his back was to the bed. Straddling him, she bent down, kissing every detail, memorizing every curve. His breathing quickened as she rose over him to slide him inside.

He grasped her hand, squeezing it tightly, his eyes wide and wondering, his mouth slightly parted. He was amazed at the riot of emotions and sensations pulsing within him. His fingers dug into her hips and he rose off the bed, pushing himself deeper inside her.

She watched him as they came together, setting to her mind every breath he took, every noise he made, and every way he moved. She took a mental picture when he threw his head back, his eyes closed, face flushed, mouth open and yelling that he loved her.

They collapsed together, satiated, and slowly their breathing returned to normal, but his grip on her did not lessen, even after he fell asleep. He was afraid she would leave him during the night, and he thought if he held her tight enough she wouldn't be able to go.

She was glad for the tight hold, because she didn't even want to contemplate leaving yet. Not yet. Right now they felt so right together, fit so perfectly.

But she knew it wasn't right. It was so very wrong.


On the other side of town a lone figure lay in his bed, staring at the ceiling. He was thinking about her again. He missed her. His heart was aching and he turned on his side to gaze balefully out the window. A large gust of air pushed out from his lips, followed by a small moan of discomfort.

He couldn't sleep. Would he ever be able to sleep again?

Giving up on the idea of getting any rest, he finally stood and went into the kitchen. He wondered where she was. Why didn't she answer her phone when he called? Was she just sleeping or was she out somewhere?

Two days ago she had left him. Two days ago his world had stopped.

As dawn broke through his window he stood, deciding he needed to talk to her again. After showering and dressing, he made his way over to her place. She wasn't there. It was like a slap in the face. That didn't take long, he thought angrily, slamming his fist into the door, before turning and walking quickly away.

He went back home and stood on the middle of his living room, his arms shaking as anger surged through him- anger and hurt. He didn't know what to do with himself.

He was lost.

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