"You need to stop meddling, Alice." Edward's fist tightened around the phone.

"You already missed his wedding. Do you want to miss the birth of your nephew, too?"

"They're having a baby?" His eyes closed and he swallowed. His head started to hurt.

"Yes. A boy, due in December. Edward, you have to talk to him."

"I've tried."

"When was the last time?"

Edward hung his head, his fingers nervously tapping along the window. He honestly couldn't remember the last time he'd tried reaching out to Emmett. It'd been years.

"You two are ridiculous. Time moves on, people change, things change. He loves Rose and you love Bella. Everything has worked out for the best. Can't we just try to be be together as a family? I miss Christmas." She took a shaky breath and Edward knew she was crying. "What about Taylor? Don't you think your niece deserves to have both of her uncles present?"

Edward sighed. She was right. They had distanced themselves from each other and his family was paying the price. "What do you want me to do?"

"Come home for Thanksgiving. Bring Bella. I'll invite Emmett and Rose, too."

"I don't know, Alice..."

"Just be here. Please."

He'd do it. It scared the shit out of him, but he'd try



Tony Alex Cullen giggled and ran across the snow that covered his front yard. Behind him, a tall man with red hair and green eyes, grinned as he patted the snow in his hands, forming a small ball.

He gave chase, surprised how fast the young boy was. The snowball was faster and caught Tony right in the behind. Screaming in delight, Tony turned and grabbed his own snow, tossing it back at his uncle.

Preoccupied with the child in front of him, Edward missed the sneaky little miss now covertly creeping up behind him. Rosy cheeks, and a bright smile, pink stocking cap and mittens, Taylor Whitlock grabbed the back of her Uncles jacket as he knelt down. Edward gasped as cold snow melted down his back.

Standing, Edward shook himself, much like a wet dog, trying to displace the freezing water. "Taylor!" He yelled, spinning to catch the girl in his arms. More giggles ensued as Edward hung her upside down.

A green vintage mustang pulled into the driveway, it's motor roaring and load. Tony jumped up and down, his hands over his ears. "Daddy, Daddy!"

"Hey, buddy." Emmett called as he stepped out of the car. Little arms wrapped around his leg, and Emmett bent to lift Tony up in the air. "Are you having a snowball fight?"

"Uncle Ewad make a fort and we made snow ball." Tony snuggled against his daddy, his tousled red hair standing on end, his blue eyes round and adoring.

"Sounds like fun." Emmett said, his eyes flicking over towards his brother who was just putting down their niece.

"Hello, Emmett."

"Edward." With a small smile and a nod, he walked past Edward and into the house.

Edward followed Emmett in, his hand warmed by pink mitten covered fingers.

Taylor stopped next to Tony. Both children rid themselves of gloves, coats and boots.

Edward followed the smell of baking cookies. Finding a tray of chocolate chips he grabbed one, still hot and proceeded to gulp it down. Next to him Emmett did exactly the same thing. Grinning like boys they ate another and another until a shrill shriek sounded behind them. "Boys!"

Two guilty faces turned to face their mother. Emmett licked the corner of his lip, afraid there may be crumbs there for evidence. Edward swallowed quickly, the last crumb getting caught in his throat. Coughing loudly, he sputtered while his mom stood there glaring. "That's what you get and don't think I don't see that chocolate smudged across your face, Emmett. You're just as guilty as Edward. These are my Christmas cookies and if you boys eat them all now we won't have any for later..."

Edward cleared his throat and made for a glass of water, his mother's complaints ringing in his ears. Rolling his eyes behind her, he looked at Emmett and flapped his hand about. His mother was really on a tangent now.

Emmett grinned and mom whipped around to glare at Edward. Lifting his arms in innocence Edward drank his water. While his mom's attention was on him, Tony came into the kitchen. Eying the cookies hungrily he turned huge puppy dog eyes to his dad. Emmett grabbed a couple more cookies off the tray and handed one to Tony.

Grinning madly, Tony took a big bite, chocolate smearing on his chin. He walked around his grandmother, a happy look on his face, half a cookie in his hand. Emmett tried to grab his arm, but it was too late. "Can I have some milk, Mema?" Cocking an eyebrow at her grandson and giving an exasperated look to her sons, Esme turned and stalked out of the kitchen.



"I can't believe you guys are finally getting married." A small smile, played on Bella's lips as she adjusted her dress. "I mean, you've been together for years."

"We just weren't in any hurry. We're happy and we had a lot going on." She stood still as her best friend Kate buttoned up the back of the dress. The last eight years with Edward had been busy. There had been law school and interning and multiple moves. Now, finally things seemed to have settled down.

"Bella, you look beautiful." Kate grinned, appraising her.

Bella felt beautiful.



"Holy shit. Holy shit... really?" Edward couldn't stop grinning. He reached out and grabbed his wife, pulling her close and staring down at her.

"Mmmm, Hmmm..." Bella laughed, nodded and pulled the stick from her back pocket. Right there, plain as day was a pink plus sign. It was positive. She was pregnant.



The Christmas tree was huge, ornaments hung from every limb. Some were homemade, some store bought, but all handled with care and love.

The family that sat around the tree was happy. Every face bore a smile. The children sat on the floor, ripping paper and pulling apart packages. There was Taylor and Sam two sisters, but both so different. Taylor wore pink sparkly shoes and a pretty dress, Sam wore a black shirt, denim skirt, and black chucks. Next were Tony, Amy, Madeline, and Alex. The four siblings were loud and boisterous. All but one had red hair, the youngest, Alex, was a blond. Then there was Rebecca. Small, not a yet a year old, she enjoyed being passed around the room. On her head a shock of dark brown hair, long for an infant, messy and soft. Right now she sat on the knee of her favorite uncle as he pressed a teddy bear against her stomach making her giggle. Her grey eyes stared up at him in adoration.

Bella sat next to her husband, but her attention was on Rose as she whispered a secret. Baby number five was on the way. Edward opened a box for Sam, rising an eyebrow at the assembly instructions inside. Emmett enjoyed time with his niece and wondered what Rose would think if he told her he wanted another. He was afraid to ask. Alice smiled, holding Jasper's hand and watching all the gifts erupt.

Grandma and Grandpa Cullen, settled back, smiling and content with their family around them.

**Cheesy? Maybe. But I love a happy ending.

**Thanks everyone for following me on this journey.