Buffy was standing in the kitchen when the bane of her Sunnydale existence started banging on her back door. Frowning, she set down her cup of coffee and pulled the back door open. "Spike what are you doing here? And in the middle of the day! Do you want to become a burnt hunk of meat?"

Spike breathed harshly as the heat of the sun burned through the blanket to his back. "Bugger it off Slayer! Let me in!"

"Say your magic word and I'll say mine."

They glared at each other in silence.

"Bloody hell. Fine. Please?"

Buffy smiled. "Now was that so hard?"

"SLAYER!" Buffy rolled her eyes. "Fine. You can come in Spike."

Spike charged past her, heading towards the cellar. The stench of smoke and moldy blanket followed him. Buffy followed him down the stairs, rolling her eyes at his muttering.

"Now, what is this all about?" Buffy stood on the stairs and watched as he flung the blanket across the cellar. Running his hands through his hair, he continued to mumble. "Spike!" She was really getting sick of him.

Spike rolled his eyes at her. "Give a bloke the chance to get situated first. You bint. And what the bloody hell was I barred for? Think I'm going to bite Niblet in her sleep or something? Or one of the other groupies?" Glaring at her, he pulled his cigarettes out of his duster pocket.

Buffy threw him a disgusted look. "You were stealing my underwear! You perv! How would it have looked it Dawn came in to your place and spotted them? Or my friends? Don't you see how sick that is?"

Spike shrugged. "Seemed like a good idea at the time. You know I have feelings for you. You just don't choose not to notice it. So I got my kicks any way I could. Bite me." Looking her up and down, he smiled. She was wearing low-rise jeans, black boots, and a silk top. Her hair was pulled back and looked like honey. Bloody marvelous in his opinion. Giving her a little wink, he took a drag off his cigarette.

Buffy curled up her nose at his look. "Okay, eww on the biting. You'd just like it too much. And stop looking at me like that. Gives me the creeps." Shuddering, she crossed her arms and glared at him.

"Okay, down to business then. I have information about this Bad running around. Some of the lowlifes have been running scared and burrowing underground. Figuratively and literally. Says he's gunning for you."

Buffy shook her head. They always seemed to be gunning for her. Why couldn't they just give her some rest? It's not like she poked her head in their business. She might as well put a billboard up in town. 'Slayer here! Come get me! No appointment needed!' She should seriously move. The rainforest sounded nice. "So tell me Spike...why are you telling me this? Wanting to get back in my good graces? Stalk me some more?"

Glaring at her, he stomped out his cigarette and grabbed his blanket. "You know Slayer, you really push it sometimes. I've got half a mind not even help save your bloody cursed hide. I'll just let the bloke break you in half, and bring the flowers." Mounting the steps, he got in her face. "But you know what? I have my own reasons for doing this and we both know what they are. So...you want anymore information out of me...you'll have to make it worth my while." Throwing the blanket over his shoulder, he stomped up the stairs. "And I don't mean money."

Buffy flinched as he slammed the door. Damn it! Going back into the kitchen, Buffy sighed as Dawn sat at the counter eating lunch. "Hey Dawnie, what are you up to today?"

Dawn shrugged. "Don't know. Thinking of heading over to the 'Magic Box' and helping out Anya...or going to the mall. I'm juggling."

Buffy smiled. "Let's go to the mall. I'm not sure I'm in the mood to deal with Anya's stories about Xander."

Dawn laughed. "Like how one time they did it on their balconey! Anya told me about how she could bend-"

Putting her hand over her sister's mouth, she squeezed her eyes shut. "Please God don't finish that sentence!" Looking disgusted, she sighed. "I'm going to have to explain to Anya was is appropriate in front of you."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Oh please! I'm fifteen! I know what sex is!"

Grabbing her purse off the counter, Buffy cringed. "Yeah, I know. That's what scares me." Grabbing her arm, she pulled her towards the door. "C'mon Ms. Sex Bunny. Let's go."

Arriving at the mall, they gravitated towards the shoe departments. "So tell me Dawn, how's school been going?"

Dawn shrugged and picked up a pair of black stilleto boots. "It's been going okay. My friend Janice is helping me pass history. Her boyfriend Robbie got his nose peirced. It's so cool!"

Cringing, Buffy grabbed the boots out of her hands and set them back down. "How nice. How about lets look for you some sneakers?"

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Oh c'mon! I can wear boots!"

"Not those boots you can't! Those boots just scream "Skanks-R-Me" so unless there's something you're not telling me, no!" Buffy pulled her down the aisle.

"Yeah, right. I'm running an escort service out of my room! Anya taught me all her tricks!" Rolling her eyes, she picked up a pair of Keds and inspected them.

Looking on the other side, Buffy sighed. This is just what she needed. A day of piece and quiet. Normal life. Normal person. Screams echoed from the food court outside. Glaring upwards, Buffy grimaced. "You hate me!"

Pointing at Dawn to stay back, she ran out the door. A green demon, tall and horny was grabbing at a woman, tearing her clothes. It had already knocked out two men. They were unconsious and bloody. Grabbing a link of chain off a mark-off post, Buffy threw it around the monster's neck. The demon really had some weight to it because it started throwing her like a rag doll. The woman was no help, seeing as how she was cowering under the table. Buffy let it throw her around once more.

Dropping her weight, she jerked the demon towards her, throwing it over her back. The audible crunch told her that it's neck had broken. Dropping the chain, she panted and helped the woman up. The sound of siren's in the distance added to the drama.

Oh yeah. It's was just another normal day.