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Chapter One: Mornings

"Hiyaaa!" A voice echoed in the silent night in East City.

Edward fought against the four alchemists that he had been ordered to arrest a few days ago. He had investigated and eventually it led him to their base. Al was currently inside a large sand trap that had been set up incase their hide out was found.

Being trapped in sand Al couldn't make any circles, so Ed was fighting the alchemists alone. All the alchemists were once state alchemists but turned rouge after the war. However none of them were a match against Ed's instant transmutations.

Eventually Ed had caught three of the alchemist. One of the alchemists quickly retreated while Ed was busy fighting off the other three and was nowhere to be found. After binding the other three alchemists, Ed transmuted Al out of the sand and waited for the military to pick up their prisoners. As soon as they were taken to prison the two brothers headed back to their dorms to write their report.

On the way back Edward was clearly exhausted since he had to take on three well trained alchemists by himself. As they were walking back to their dorms it began raining.

"Lovely. Were in the fucking east and we still get hit by rain!" mutter Ed as they ran their back to their dorm.

When they finally got inside Ed was drenched. He quickly took off his coat and changed into his sleeping clothes. He immediately went to the desk in his room and began writing his "stupid report" that Mustang requested.

After writing his report Ed made his way to his bed, and lay down. He fell asleep in a matter of seconds. Al looked over his book to hear his brother's soft snoring. He inwardly smiled to himself. He tucked his tired brother into the sheets and took out his braid. He cleaned up the mess his brother had created and went back to his book.

It wasn't until 12:30pm the next day that Al decided to finally wake up Ed. Usually he let Ed sleep in but they had meeting with the Colonel soon.

Sigh. I hate waking him up. It was a long night last night; brother is always pushing himself too hard…

Al walked toward his brother who was curled up in his bed, sleeping. He looked a bit different from usual but Al couldn't tell what it was.

"Brother? Brother wake up, we have a report to give in, "said Al as he gently shook Ed.

No response.

This didn't bother Al; his brother was never a morning person. After countless times of trying to get Ed out of bed, Al became a little bit more annoyed. He didn't like scaring his brother…but he had no other choice.

"BROTHER!" Al burst out in Ed's ear.

The tired teen shot out of bed alarmed.

"What? What happened? Al?" Ed's head spun side to side looking for danger.

Bad idea.

All the moving suddenly made the world spin and blur. Ed held his temple in hope to get rid of this headache, he groaned out loud. Al immediately went to his side and asked if he was okay.

"I'm fine… just got up too fast I think. Not my fault though. You're the one who nearly gave me a heart attack." Ed said as he slowly got out of bed.

Al was at his side making sure his brother didn't fall. Once he thought Ed look stable enough he let him get ready to meet with the Colonel. Al went off to prepare some breakfast. Ed was in the bathroom taking a shower to wake himself up.

After finishing he got dressed in his normal wardrobe: his back tank top, black jacket, black pants, and his famous red coat. When he got to the kitchen Al was already setting down his breakfast. It was a normal breakfast; it had egg, toast, and bacon. However, it was double of what a normal person would eat at breakfast.

"Afternoon brother! Al greeted Ed cheerfully.

Ed was still looking at his breakfast and wondering why there was so much food on the plate.

My head is still spinning; I don't think I can even eat half of what is on that plate. But…I don't want to worry Al. Shit. What do I do?

"What's the problem brother?" Ed looked up at Al.

He replied, "Just wondering why there is so much food on the plate. Do I have to eat this all? I'm not that hungry."

Al examined his brother; he usually ate a lot whenever he sleeps past breakfast. He looked okay.

"Um… just eat what you can brother, you can finish it later if you get hungry. You better hurry as well, our meeting with the Colonel starts at 1:30."

Ed sighed a breath of relief, knowing that he won't have to worry Al anytime soon.

This headache won't last that long. I'll just keep acting so that Al doesn't notice anything.

Ed ate his food slowly so he wouldn't risk the urge to spew out all the food that he had already swallowed. He got through a quarter of the plate until they decided it was time to leave. The two brothers left at 1:15, bringing everything they needed for the meeting with them. The headquarters was only 10 minutes away so they wouldn't be late. Or so they thought.

Coming up on next chapter more sick Ed… of course.