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Chapter 1 - Coming Undone

I was outside the school waiting for Rose and Alice, when I saw him. He was talking with Jasper, and running his hand through his marvelous bronze colored hair. I was trying not to stare like I always did whenever I saw him, but as usual I couldn't get my brain to make my eyes move.

He looked at me and smiled the most beautiful crooked smile. I immediately wondered who was standing behind me because he couldn't have been smiling at me. I turned and looked behind me. There was no one there. I turned back around to find Edward freaking Masen right in front of me. I must have looked ridiculous just gawking at him. I couldn't help staring into those astonishing green eyes. I looked away blushing; my cheeks were on fire.

"Hi," he said with what sounded like amusement.

Still looking at the wall, I said, "Hey." My voice was so soft; I didn't think he could hear me.

"Bella, what are you doing Friday night?"

I looked back at him in complete shock.

"Me!" I squeaked, a little too loudly.

"Yes. You." He was smiling that damn smile again. The one that makes my insides turn to goo, not to mention what it did to other parts of my anatomy. I just stood there staring at him for what felt like forever trying not to say something ridiculous in my incoherent state.

"Um... I...Ah...don't know yet?" It came out like a question. I mentally slapped myself for sounding like an idiot.

"Well…" He was rubbing the back of his neck and he looked… nervous? No, he couldn't have been nervous talking to me? "Maybe you could… only if you want to of course… umm, you could go to Jasper's party with me."

Oh my gosh! He was nervous, and he'd just asked me out!

"Well…" I had begun formulating my answer but I couldn't concentrate because of the loud music I was hearing. Just then I was blasted awake by Korn's Coming Undone.

Wait, I'm coming undone.

Irate, I'm coming undone.

Too late, I'm coming undone.

What looks so strong so delicate?

I shot up and look around. Yep, I'm in my room. "Shit! It was a damn dream again," I muttered, hitting the snooze button on my alarm. I lie back down staring at the ceiling.

Of course it was a dream. Again. There was no way that Edward, with his deep green eyes and prefect smile and hair would even think of asking me to go to a party with him. I should have known. I had been having a variation of the same dream for weeks. The setting was always different, but the conversation was the same, and I never get to tell him my answer, which would have been yes, of course.

I have had what one could only have had classified as a crush for a very long time. Maybe it should rather be classified as crush on steroids, perhaps? It was more like an obsession with Edward Masen. He was always there in some part of my mind. I had thought that I was done with obsessing when we'd moved back though.

About four years ago Mom and Dad told Emmett, my big brother by one minute, and me that they were getting divorced. It really wasn't that big of a shock. We'd both known that they weren't happy anymore. What was a shock though was that Mom was moving and taking Em and me with her to Chicago. To say that I was a little pissed would've been the understatement of the year, and Emmett was even angrier about it than I was.

We both tried to argue our way into staying in Forks. We had lived here our entire lives up until then. Everything we'd known and loved was here. We tried but it was a no go. We moved a couple weeks later. Apparently, Mom was in a damn hurry to get out of, as she put it, 'this god damn hell hole'.

Em and I had to say hasty goodbyes to Dad and everyone we'd ever cared about. Rosalie and Alice were the hardest for me after to Dad. There were also Edward and Jasper who had to be hard for Emmett to part with. We'd all grown up together. I was just grateful my brother was coming with me. If I hadn't had Emmett, I don't know what I would have done.

A little over a year ago, Mom met and married Phil. He was too young for her, but he was nice enough. It all happened so fast. Emmett and I decided that we were going to tell her we were going back to Forks. It was just too weird being around them all the time with their ridiculous kissing and fondling. I mean, did they have to do that shit on the kitchen table. Gross

I also really missed my dad. What can I say? I'm a Daddy's girl.

To our surprise she didn't put up a fight, which made everything much easier.

Shortly after we got back I started constantly thinking about Edward. I just couldn't get him out of my mind. I had stopped obsessing while in Chicago, but now I couldn't stop thinking about him and the things I wanted to do to him…

My alarm went off again, shaking me out of my less than angelic thoughts. I got up and went into my bathroom and turned on the shower letting the steam fill the room while I put my iPod in the base and turning it up as loud as it would go. I got in and let Muse and the hot water wake me up.

I think I'm drowning


I want to break the spell

That you've created

You're something beautiful

A contradiction

I wanna play the game

I want the friction

I started thinking about Edward again. His deep green eyes. His wonderful lips with that sexy viper bite on the left side of his mouth. Once the water ran cold, I got out, and I went through my normal routine, which wasn't much. My style was simple. I pulled on an old pair of jeans, a T-shirt and my Chucks, and dried my hair. Doing anything else would have been pointless because as soon as Rose and Alice got here they would attack me.

It happened every morning. Rose would come in and tell me to sit down and start on my makeup. Then Alice would start on my hair. Resistance was futile. It wasn't as if I couldn't do it myself but I really didn't want to. I'm a simple girl. A ponytail and some mascara worked fine for me.

As usual they came in and started. Alice was curling my hair and started to complain about my outfit, but I put my hand up to stop her.

"No, you know the deal. You guys can do whatever you like with my face and hair, but I pick the clothes." I tried to add authority to my voice, but I don't think it worked. There was no way they were going to dress me though. I would have ended up in a dress and heels and that would've been way too hazardous, not only for me but everyone around me. She didn't push.

"Fine," she conceded. Once they were done, I checked the mirror. My dark brown hair was curled at the ends, and I had just the right amount of make-up on. I had to give it to them. They knew what they were doing. Miracle workers, that's what they were.

We were getting into Alice's car when Rose asked me, "So Bella, are you every going to grow a pair and just ask him out for coffee or something?"

"Who?" I tried to play dumb, but I knew who. It didn't work. My face was an open book.

"Bella, you know damn well who I'm talking about," she said in a slight snarl.

"Maybe I will, as soon as YOUgrow a pair and ask Emmett out." I said in a nonchalant tone.

"Whatever Bella." Rose sighed. I knew that would get her off my back for at least a little while.

Rose has had a thing for my brother for as long as I can remember. She refuses to ask him out and she refuses to explain why, I think she's waiting for him to ask her. My brother is just too blind; he can't see what is right in front of him. Rose is beautiful, long dark brown hair and bright blue eyes and a prefect body. She is not shy at all; to say she's blunt would be an understatement

Rose could also be rather intimidating if she needed to be. Just ask Mike Newton. He came up behind her in freshmen year and grabbed her ass. He said something like 'Hey Baby'. Rose turned around and leaned really close and kneed him right in his junk. Then she added "I'm no body's fucking baby." It was fucking priceless. No one really ever approached her after that. That is how she prefers it. She says that if she wanted a man she'd get one. I think she is holding out for Em.

"Rose it's just not that simple. He thinks of me as Emmett's sister, nothing more." I sighed "And besides that isn't Edward dating Lauren." I shuddered. Lauren Mallory, blonde, big boobs, fake ass tan, and on top of that she was dumber than a box of rocks.

"Bella…" she trailed off sounding frustrated.

"You know, Bella, I don't see why you're making such a big deal about this. Edward is really easy to talk to," Alice said, sounding irritated.

I knew she was right but he was her brother. It wasn't that easy for me. Actually, Edward wasn't technically her brother. He was her cousin. His parents died when his was a baby, so Alice's parents adopted him. Alice's mom, Esme, was Edward's dad's sister.

"Alice, he is your brother. Of course it is easy for you to talk to him. I can't ever just talk to him without looking stupid," I said exasperated. "And besides he's dating Lauren."

I couldn't even get past "Hey" without stuttering. The strange thing was that it only happened with him. I could talk to any other guy without any problems. With Edward though, my mind started to go to places it really shouldn't and then I had to start thinking harder so those things wouldn't come out of my mouth.

Oh the things I want to do to that boy.

Damn it! There I go again.

"Bella, are you listening?" Alice asked, shaking me out of my wayward thoughts.

We were at school already. Alice drove incredibility to fast.

"Umm… sorry what were you saying?"

Rose started laughing. She saw right through me. "Having one of those day dreams again, Bells?"

"No!" I replied too defensively and a little too fast.

"Yeah ok… So, what Ali was saying is that she is dragging us to Port Angeles after school to force us into prom dress shopping."

I sighed. I knew this was coming. Prom was only a few weeks away, and Alice was forcing the whole group to go to prom. None of us really wanted to go, especially me. She had said something about it being a rite of passage or some shit like that.

It was easy for Alice to be excited, she had Jasper. I'm pretty sure Edward was taking the bimbo. Rose and I didn't have anyone to go with so we were going with each other. Fun. Neither one of us were particularly keyed up about it. What we'd learnt quickly was when Alice wanted something, she got it.

"I was thinking we could have the guys meet us for dinner after," she said off hand.

I knew what she was doing; she was always trying to get me in situations where I would be forced to talk to Edward.

"Alice!" I whined "Why are you doing this to me?"

"I'm not doing anything to you, Bella. It is just dinner with friends."

"Fine." I sighed. I knew there would be no getting out of it. Now I was just going to be freaking out all day about how not to act like an idiot during dinner.

By lunch I was so frustrated. I could hardly think straight. I was sitting at our regular table listening to my iPod trying to forget about the coming events when I felt someone sit next to me. I just sat there hoping they would realize that I wasn't in a mood to chat. The song was almost finished when the ear bud was taken out of my ear.

"What are listening to?" His velvet voice washed over me and set my body on fire. If just his voice did that to me, I wondered what other parts of him could do… I couldn't help but shudder slightly, thinking about it. He cleared his throat. I had forgotten he was waiting for an answer.

"Oh….. Umm... I… it's Muse." I stumbled over my thoughts; a blush crept up my neck and onto my cheeks.

"Good choice. I like their new stuff," he said smiling.

"Yeah, I enjoy it too," I agreed trying to sound more confident. I hoped it worked. I was going to attempt to make an effort to speak as if I had a brain.

There was one of those awkward pauses where you both have no idea what to say. I just sat there starring at the table praying I could think of something to say. Thankfully he spoke first.

"So I hear Alice is dragging you off to shop for the dreaded prom. I bet you're excited." He laughed. He knew damn well that I had no choice but to be put through hell.

"Oh yes, I'm just so fucking excited!" I said sarcastically. "I get to be dragged through countless shops trying on outrageously ugly and uncomfortable dresses. Oh and not to mention the heels. You know how that will go. By the time we meet you guys for dinner I should be in the best mood." I stopped myself after I realized I was ranting.

"Well, tell me how you really feel, Bella. Don't hold back," he chuckled.

"Sorry I didn't mean to get so pissed. It's just I really hate shopping in general, let alone for dresses and heels. I will probably be black and blue after the heels. You know I'm not the biggest klutz around, but putting me in a pair of heels is just dangerous." I said with a huff. "Alice knows this and still she persists," I finished, shaking my head.

He was laughing. It was the most beautiful sound I'd ever heard. I stopped to think… I was actually talking to him and I didn't sound totally brain dead. Although I was ranting but still I was talking. This was progress.

"Of course, I know heels are the worst," he was trying to hide his smile and look serious, but I could see it. Just then Emmett and the rest of the group came and sat down.

"Eddie you're not getting handsy with Isa are you?" Emmett asked laughing.

Edward shifted in his seat looking uncomfortable.

"Why do you have to call me that, Em? You know I hate it," I growled.

Emmett was the only person who got away with calling me Isa. When we were little he couldn't say Isabella or Bella. So I have been Isa ever since. It doesn't mean I have to like it though.

"Yeah I know. That's why I do it," he said matter-of-factly. Of course that's why.

After that, Alice started going on and on about some dress she thought would be perfect for me or something else equally as girly. I tended to drown her out when she got to talking about clothes.

The rest of the day flew by and before I knew it we were on our way to Port Angeles. For most of the ride I was in my own world thinking of him, obviously, but more about how I had had an actual conversation with him. It's not like I'd never spoken with him before. We have known each other for almost our entire lives. He was always over at the house with Em. Emmett and Edward have been best friends since kindergarten. He had always been just another brother to me. That is until we reached like eighth grade something changed.

Okay, not something, everything changed.

He had grown up overnight it seemed. Edward was taller and more muscular. His face seemed more defined. His jaw seemed more angular and masculine. I became really self-conscious around him, so I tried to stop hanging out around him. I was stupid to think I could get away with that though.

Alice would not let that happen and neither would Em. So I sucked it up and just had to deal with it. It was okay for a while mostly because we moved and I never saw him. When we moved back there still weren't any problems really, until he got that damn tattoo last year. I couldn't help it. Ink was my weakness. He got his last name with music notes on either side in between his shoulder blades.

God I wanted to jump him the first time I saw it. Alice told me it was in memory of his parents. Needless to say I tried to stay away more. I didn't trust myself around him.

"Bella, we're here. Stop thinking about fucking Eddie and come on!" Rose shouted from outside my door. I didn't even notice that we had stopped.

"Fuck. You. Rosie!" She hated that nickname. Alice stopped the argument from really starting by dragging us to the first shop. She started throwing dresses at us left, right and centre. I did as I was told but I really didn't like anything. They were really ugly.

It went on like that through all the stores until the last one when I actually saw the perfect dress. Dresses were my worst nightmare but this dress was perfect. It was… me. The dress was a deep purple with a shear layer of black lace. It was a floor length strapless mermaid style dress with a black satin bow around the waist. I was in love, with a dress.

"Oh, Bella! It is absolutely perfect!" Alice said in awe once I had it on.

"I know." I was kind of in a daze. It was wonderful.

"Oh wait. Here, put these on with it," Rose said, bending down putting these pretty black heels in front of me. When I lifted my foot she stopped and stared.

"Rose, would you put the damn shoe on already!"

"Bells, what is this on your foot?" She sounded concerned. I sat down and looked at my foot. There were little deep red dots covering the top of my foot. They weren't raised or anything and they didn't itch or burn so I just brushed it off.

"I don't know. It's probably nothing." I waved my hand. She didn't press and we soon finished shopping.

I got the dress and the shoes. Rose got this beautiful floor length halter dress; it was blue and showed all of her curves. Alice being Alice got the grandest one of us all; a red strapless dress with a full skirt that went to the floor. It looked great with her long deep brown hair and eyes. I was kind of looking forward to prom but there was no way in hell I would let them know.

We met the guys at the Italian restaurant down the block. Alice made sure I sat beside Edward. And of course Rose sat next to Emmett. Alice was sneaky like that. At least I wasn't the only uncomfortable one.

The restaurant happened to have the best linguini ever. Rose had me try it. At first I was skeptical. Usually when someone says linguini with chicken livers, it makes me want to run the other way, but she explained that you ordered it without them. Oh. My. God. Heaven.

After we ordered Alice was talking about the dresses and how excited she was. I just sat there thinking about how I now actually wanted to go to prom. It boggled my mind.

"What are you thinking about?" His breath washed over face. He smelled wonderful, like mint and chocolate.

"Oh just happy I didn't break my ankle or anything." I wasn't going to tell him I was excited.

"That's good to hear." He laughed that musical laugh and my insides turn to mush. Focus, Bella!

"So how was your day?" I asked. I was going to see if I could go for a record speaking to him twice in one day without making a fool of myself.

"Pretty good, I guess. I started drawing up a design for my next tattoo. It is looking pretty good so far." I swear that this guy was trying to fucking kill me. Another tattoo. Something else to fantasize about. Just what I needed. I had to snap out of it before he noticed.

"Oh you're getting another one? Where?" I asked trying not to drool as I thought of all the places I'd like to see a tattoo on his body.

"I think I want it on my left arm, but I'm still thinking about it," he said thoughtfully, flicking his tongue ring against his viper bites. I couldn't help staring at his mouth.

God kill me now before I attack him and have my wicked way with him right here on the table. Ugh! Bella say something!

"I have always wanted one but I don't even know what I would get, and I really, really hate needles and blood." I shuddered. It was true. I did want one, but my irrational fear of blood and needles kept me from getting one, not to mention my dad.

"Yeah well that would be a problem since needles are a big part of it." He was chuckling. I nodded with a smirk.

"So where is Lauren" I asked. Not that I really gave a shit, but I just thought it would be nice to act like I did.

"Not really sure I think she said something about going out with Jessica." He said running his hand through his hair.

When the food came, we all ate and talked about everything and nothing at all. We went home shortly after that. I was really worn out. When I got home I changed and got in bed. I guess shopping and putting so much effort into not looking like a moron really took their toll on me because as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out.

The next week and a half breezed by. Finals were in a couple weeks so we were mainly working on our study guides. I didn't get a chance to talk to Edward again. I did see him a couple times at lunch but he was either with the bimbo or talking with the guys.

I was walking out of the cafeteria on Thursday talking with Alice and Jasper about how fast prom was coming, when I got really light headed. It had been happening a lot recently.

I stopped in front of my World Lit Class. I swayed and leaned against the wall closing my eyes trying to get my bearings. The next thing I knew, I was falling. It felt like I was falling in slow motion. Everything blurred around me. I prepared myself for falling on my face, but then I felt someone's arms around my waist. They were saying my name and shaking me slightly. "Bella, Bella, can you hear me?" Their voice sounded so worried. That was the last thing I remembered.

Then it all went black.

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