Ryu sheathed his sword. It had been five long days, and he had finally finished with this infestation of the fiends. The people of the village would be glad to hear that their farmlands were secure once more. It was a bit of a mediocre mission, and the only reason Ryu had been sent was because there was the possibility of the presence of a greater fiend.

The lesser fiends that plagued the area were all standard, low grade pawns who could be dispatched with a few quick slices, and two or three higher-ranking fiends who seemed to at least know a little about what they were doing, and so were a little trickier, but nothing strong enough to cause Ryu to worry, or even break a sweat.

The fields were clear, and there was no sign of any other fiends, aside from those that lay in pieces around his feet. He turned to leave, and heard a sound from behind him. Immediately, he sensed the presence of another fiend. This was, however, was different. It had a lower Kii output, but now that Ryu had sensed it, he could tell it was very powerful. He kept walking slowly forward, as if he hadn't sensed its presence.

It slinked closer, emboldened by Ryu's apparent obliviousness. Ryu began to walk slower, letting the fiend catch up. When it was almost right behind him, Ryu spun, drawing his sword and slicing it through the air, and the fiend, in a single, swift motion, slicing through the thing's stomach. He redirected the force of the swing, to curve it around for a brutal uppercut. Now sliced into quarters, the remains of the demon kept moving, stayed alive, always trying to get a grasp on the source of life they craved.

Dismayed, Ryu began to concentrate, feeling the energy in the earth around him. He drew the energy towards himself, collecting it into his arms and his sword, which was itself, carved from the fang of a dragon, and imbued with much spiritual energy. As the power in his sword grew, time slowed for Ryu. He saw the fiends around him, saw them moving towards him, but he knew he had plenty of time. There would be more than enough Ki in his sword now to finish them.

All four quarters of the fiend suddenly attacked at once, leaping from four different directions. Ryu was prepared for this, however, and released his built-up energy in one massive burst, swinging his sword in a one thousand four hundred a forty degree arc, four full rotations, unleashing the power he had gathered upon all four of his enemies at once. They fell, turning to ash as they touched the ground, destroyed completely by the power of the Dragon sword, and its wielder, Ryu Hayabusa.