128. Through the Looking-Glass

The secluded subterranean chamber was as dark as the crypt, and the air was thick and foul. Uchiha Sasuke's unnaturally pale features were faintly illuminated by a sickly phosphorescent glow that only served to highlight the madness in his kohl-blackened eyes.

His hands moved faster and faster, fingers blurring as he focused all of his concentration on his task.

'Hinata cowered in fear. She knew that there was no escape. But the most agonizing aspect of her predicament? She didn't even know what she should be hoping for - the quick release of death by Chidori or Jyuuken, or the mockery of her fairytale daydream as Kumo's blind Byakugan brood sow. Her only regret-'

"Sasuke!" Kabuto called down into the basement. "It's time for dinner! Orochimaru-sama says to turn off the computer and come upstairs."

"I'll eat later!" Sasuke shouted back, his attention never straying from his keyboard. "I'm working right now - I'm in the zone!"

"Oh? So you're finally ready to start looking for a job?" Kabuto snarked, frankly fed up with the little poser's prima donna attitude. It had been like this ever since he'd moved in with them.

"Shut up! I hate you! You don't understand anything!"

"Now, Sasuke!" Kabuto frowned, his hand on his hip, before storming off to the kitchen. "I don't know why I bother," he muttered. "Ungrateful little…"

Sasuke stubbed out the clove cigarette he'd been smoking and scowled angrily at the monitor.

Fucking buzz-kill. That bitch Kabuto wasn't the boss of him!

Damn. And he had been so close to finishing that story. But there was no helping it now - the mood was completely spoiled.

So, what's it going to be then, eh? Porn, game, or anime?

Ah, what the hell - why not a little bit of each?

Sasuke pulled on his headphones and double-clicked the file labeled, 'Bible_Black'.

Once again, his hands moved faster and faster, fingers blurring as he focused all of his concentration on his... task.

Just wait 'til he saw Itachi again. Live life in an unsightly manner, eh?

Sasuke would sure show him.


I was saving this as a 'bonus' (i.e., 'filler') chapter, but then I realized that I hadn't prepared anything special to commemorate 200,000 hits. It seemed appropriate for the occasion, in any case.


"Bible Black is an eroge video game for Microsoft Windows… Milky Studio has since adapted the game into several hentai original video animations." - Wikipedia